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Posted 4/15/09
Since there isn't a fanfiction section on CR I thought it fitting to start a thread on here for the fanfics of our favorite duo.

Rules: When posting a story you must include:

And a LINK to the story, do not post the actual chapters in the thread, it's a waste of space. Post the link, and then if you do read a story, we request that you at least give a small review to the author when you are done. It's the polite thing to do.

Here we go, first one:

Title: Hands of Time
Author: Tenoko
Rating: T
Summary: Dying was painless; disorienting, but painless. It wasn't what he'd been expecting. Waking up to find a girl standing over him wasn't what he'd been expecting either, neither was the knowledge that he was still alive.

V This is all one story the author broke up into seperate stories rather than attaching all the chapters together.

Title: A Conversation at Midnight
Author: Bookkbaby
Rating: K+
Summary: Yaoi SebastianxCiel implied. --"What happens to my soul once it belongs to you?"-- Part 1 of 6

Title: A Theif at Morning
Author: Bookkbaby
Rating: K+
Summary: Yaoi SebastianxCiel implied, sequel to 'A Conversation at Midnight'. Sebastian has his own little ritual when he comes in to wake up his young master. Part 2 of 6

Title: A Question at Midday
Author: Bookkbaby
Rating: K+
Summary: SebastianxCiel implied, sequel to 'Conversation' and 'Thief'. --"Is the young master thinking about his wedding tomorrow, rather than doing his work?"-- Part 3 of 6.

Title: An Interlude at Midafternoon
Author: Bookkbaby
Rating: K+
Summary: Yaoi, SebastianxCiel implied, onesided ElizabethxCiel. Sequel to 'Question'. Elizabeth has a suggestion for her husband. --"I think we should get rid of Sebastian and hire a new butler!"-- Part 4 of 6.
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Posted 7/30/09 , edited 7/30/09
All wonderful fics, thanks for posting! :D

Title: Tenere
Author: GoodbyeMyHeart
Rating: M (not really smutty so far, though)
Summary: This time, something dwindles between us; a silent, invisible thread, the first inklings of a closeness, an intimacy.

It's updated frequently (three new chapters today!) and while it does explore a relationship, as the summary suggests, it's largely plot-driven in the style of the anime series. It's really quite good.
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