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24 / F / vampire land
Posted 4/16/09

anne_nicole wrote:

Username: anne_nicole
Name: naomi
Age: 14
Personality: a kind hearted person,friendly,cheerful and helpful. but inside her lives a very different personality.(which zero her shinigami took interest in)
her parents always hit her and they really hate her saying that ever since she was born bad luck always come to them. so she was abandoned at an early age by her parents. as she was wandering around the street she saw a notebook laying on the ground and pick it up. which she met her shinigami. the shinigami was the one that took care of her and raised her. she was so loyal to her shinigami and always follow/listen to what ever he said.
have you made an pact with a shinigammi: yes
Do you have a death Note: yes

my shinigami(his name zero):

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23 / F / My Safe Haven
Posted 4/16/09

thank you!

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21 / F / Im at Howls Castle!!
Posted 6/11/10
Name:JAzzmin Lawliet
Personality:Shes kind and sweet but a bit eccentric.
Bio:She is L's little sister and likes helping him on cases though the two don't get along alot.
have you made an pact with a shinigammi:No.
Do you have a death Note:Yes. (One she found when she was younge rbut never used.)
Pic:(you,your shinigami)

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