dragonball evolution or street fighter legend of chun li?
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Street Fighter Legend of chun li or Dragonball Evolution?

which movie fared worse? and why? what are some improvements that could be made?

lets just be real for a moment- we know they both failed epicly, and there was no excuse.It is natural for animes, manga,books,video games, ect. to fail at the big screen. Getting a 150 plus volume manga into an hour or so long movie is impossible, it never has and will never work out.Video games fare far worse on the big screen. they have no real plot, and what ever plot is created trys to fit in 50 chracters or so in some random movie with some random plot.doombed to fail.But both of these movies failed beyond reason.

Lets start with Dragonball. Lets just say for a moment i wasnt a fan of Db,lets pretend i have never heard of it and never played a video game.Lets pretend i dont even like Db.Now after finishing watching the movie heres my view.

Plot- confusing, didnt know what was going on, nothing was explained

characters- unappealing, bad acting, some where 100% useless to the entire story (Yamcha)

dialog- cheesy, boring, not comical in a funny way, unapathetic

senery- just ugly.

fight scenes- cheesy, not enough, only 2 memorable ones.

Reviewing the movie as it is, it fails on every account. I wont even go into how the "adaptation" of the story failed. the list is too long.Even expert critiques ( both fans and non fans) agree this movie was terrible.
not one good review on there, it doesnt exists.Im not sure who the target audience was, but it appealed to noone.Not the fans, not regular movie goers, not even the 10 year old kid with nothing to do.

The improvement list is too long as well, but heres what they could have done for thier "adaptation". At least try to keep the heros personality similiar to thier manga counter parts. the main hero (goku), played a wimpy highschool bullied loser.That may work for Spiderman, but not Dragonball.If u kept Goku naive and stupid, the show would have at least had comedy in it.Add in about 7 more fight scenes worth remembering, a real plot, and interesting characters, you would have at least earned perhaps 2 good reviews.
And im well aware of the counter arguement- DB is a kid's show, so the movie was meant to be non logical/sensicle/ect.That may be true, but at the very least stick with the anime's main theme- a somewhat corny adventure with an oversimplified plot and light hearted comedy with good fight scences.But the movie failed to do even that.It wasnt funny in the right way, corny cheesy fight scences, over complicated plot, and a 100% completely random adventure with useless guys along for the ride.

Dragonball was originally based off of a Journey to the West. so was Forbbiden Kingdom. forbidden kingdom did better then DB evolution mainly because of the fight scenes.Both had the exact same theme.If DBE had half of the acting skills and half of the good fight scenes of Forbidden Kingdom, it would have faired better even if only for non-Db fans. An "adaptation" is not a bad idea in itself, like i said before, you have to adapt a 140 or more volume manga in order to fit it in an hour or so long movie.But they didnt have to adapt it in the most clique way possible, there were simply better options available.

Now on to the legend Of chun li...trufully speaking,i couldnt sit back and watch the entire thing.I stopped watching right after the "lesbian dance off" with chun li- as some critques call it.This movie was worse the DB evolution. I dont even know where to begin.
In 1994 there was an earlier street fighter movie out.It did terrible to- it was random, bad acting, and pointless fights.But that movie did better then this one.The very name itself "StreetFighter" should say what the whole point of the movie should be about- random street fights.But with the drawn out plot of chunli, there were hardly any fight scenes, and non worth remembering.If your going to make a movie called street fighter, then u kinda need to make it about street fights.there is no real way around that, sure, it will do pretty bad, but not this bad
http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/street_fighter_the_legend_of_chun_li/these reviews r noticibly worse then DB evolutions.and one critique even walked out on the movie, it was the first movie he walked out on his life.this movie would have faired better with just random street fights. a plot really drove it down to the ground.

your criques? your thoughts? and yes, im a big fan of both street fighter and dragonball series, mainly because they both have fighting in it, but i tried to be as non bias as possible. what are some of your improvements that should be made on both movies? which movie did worse in your opinion? peace over war
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30 / F / Paradise⌒☆
Posted 4/15/09 , edited 4/16/09
This would be better as a poll
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32 / M / Maui
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^ i agree with skittles someone move it.

i only watched DB:E so i can only speak for it. yah it sucked. the only thing i liked the was the girl who played chi chi. oh and chow yun fat was the only thing funny in the movie. too bad they didn't put in the flying nympho. oh i mean flying nymbus....my bad
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117 / F / Boracay....sana.
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^ *nodsofagreement*
I only liked Chi Chi either. The rest sucked epically.
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