Un Contrat Avec le Satan
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It was cold. I remember it well. There wasn’t anything special in that dark place. I can see nothing but myself. Slowly, I looked up. There he is, towering over me, sending shivers down my spine. But how many contracts have we made? How many times have I asked him for a favor? Countless times; there’s just too much. And I stood there, mouth agape, gawking at him. He returned the stare with one of amusement laced with indifference. “What business do you have of me this time?” He questioned me. I am a little hesitant in asking him my favor this time; very hesitant. “Another favor.” I said, slowly leading him to the point. He laughed at me. I didn’t look up to meet his gaze. Slowly, from wherever he was, he descended until he is in front of me. “What favor would you ask of me this time, my beloved?” He questions. My belovedthat nickname that he has given me grosses me out. For a reason I do not understand, he had always called me that. His hands slowly caress my face and as usual, I get the sudden urge to jump backwards. I know how dangerous this man is. “I…” I opened my mouth, “I wish for you to help me. I wish for you to help me make Shirosora-kun acknowledge me.” Once again, he laughed; the deep voice of his echoed through the void dimension. “You’re asking me to give you the heart of another mortal human?” He asked. I nodded. His face became solemn, and from that, turned to serious. “You know the price very well. I have told you the contract for a favor of the heart of another mortal.” He said as he moved closer to my frozen body. He stood behind me, breathing down on my neck. “You will belong to me.” He said finally. I remained calm despite the speed that my heart is pounding at against my ribcage. “But that is only after death, as stated before.” I said, hoping that my voice betrayed none of my panic. He didn’t answer so I take it as a silent yes. “You have agreed to the conditions.” He said bitterly, “Now, I will try my best to grant your favor.” I nodded. “Of course.” He turned his back to me and flung his hands out. “Now, begone!” Without another word, he disappeared. The familiar sense of weightlessness overcame me. “Goodbye for now, Satan.” And I disappeared.
I woke up on my bed, my blanket still on me. Another contract…bound to him by another thing. Shaking my head, I got off my bed and went to take a bath. I was still in my own oblivion, unaware of what will happen next.

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::Terme Un: Un nouveau élève::
I walked into school grounds. It’s a little too early for the others to arrive. I sighed as I trotted down the Sakura Tree path that leads to the main school building. I was still chewing onto the piece of toast that I had left home with. It’s still in my mouth. I closed my eyes as the breeze blew past my face. I lifted my hand and pushed the excess hair out of my face. I turned to look up at the clouds and closed my eyes. It’s a peaceful day, surprisingly.
“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” I heard someone ask me as footsteps approached. I didn’t bother to open my eyes and destroy the feeling of calm I have within me right now. “Yea, it is.” I said softly. “You’re Kurotsuki Kouki from my class right?” The person asked as I opened my eyes and looked at him. The soft silver-like blonde hair and the same piercing blue eyes, the square shoulders that showed his daily work-out; this is Shirosora Kyosuke! My face suddenly turned pink, matching the color of the blossomed Sakura. “Shirosora-kun!” I said, suddenly feeling very self-conscious. I knew I should have brushed my hair before I came out. Too bad, it wasn’t one of my normal habits. I also noticed how many folds I have on my shirt and how my skirt is really crumpled. I forgot to iron it yesterday! I shook my head a little, hoping to keep my pounding heart at bay. I took a deep breath, hoping that it would help. It didn’t help…not a lot. “So I’ll take it as a yes that you are in my class.” He said with a smile. “Uh…yea.” I grinned slightly while rubbing the back of my head. “I think this is the first time we’ve talked to each other right?” He asked. I put a finger to my chin as if trying to think but of course I know the answer. It comes straight towards me. “Yea, I think so.” I said, still trying to remain calm. It’s not really that easy.
“That’s what I thought.” He said, chuckling a little. “Um…Shirosora-kun.” I said before he interrupted me. “Uh…if you don’t mind, just call me Kyosuke. I don’t really like the formalities and all that. And if you don’t mind, I’ll call you Kouki.” He said with a smile. I blushed again. I get to call him by his first name and without a suffix. “Ok. Um…Shiro—I mean Kyosuke, do you always come to school so early?” I asked as I looked up once more at the Sakura blossoms so that my attention is a little diverted. “Not always.” He said, “I had to leave a little early today because of something at home. Do you?” I looked back at him and nodded. “I like to enjoy the morning breeze and I want to have the Sakura blossoms to myself for a while. They're beautiful.” Is that a really lame answer? Because I think it is. Why would girls in times like now like the morning breeze? Sakura blossoms? All they like is boys, boys and boys… I bet Shiro—I mean Kyosuke must think that I’m really weird not. “Really?” He asked, “That’s something different.” I looked down. I knew it. “But it’s cool. I like it.” He said as I looked up with a blush. He’s not thinking that I’m weird? I knew he is different from other boys. “Well, I have to go. See you are, Kouki-chan.” He said as he ran off towards the schooling block. “Bye!” I waved back, suppressing a blush. He called me “Kouki-chan”!
Slowly, more and more students poured into the school grounds as I continued to stand there like a dummy—standing there like a dummy and smiling like an idiot. And slowly as I finished my piece of bread, I turned around and headed for the main building like the others. It’s funny what that talk did to me. It totally made my day…so far.
“Hey, Kouki, did you hear?” Nayami asked. Nayami is my good friend since Elementary school. She great and knows nearly everything about me, nearly. “Hear what?” I asked as I put down my bag on my desk and started to take out my books. “There’s a new hottie that’s transferring to our class!” She said; soft so that no one else can hear but loud enough so that I can hear. “Now really?” I asked, not interested, “Isn’t that good news for you?” Nayami nodded happily but then her smile faded as she looked at my face. “I bet you’re still thinking about your Shirosora Kyosuke-sama…” She mocked, “Geez.” I pouted as I gave her a look. “It’s not that hopeless. I talked to him this morning.” Her eyes sparkled at the gossip. “No way.” She said, “Tell me about it.”
Before I could’ve told her, the bell rang. Unwillingly, Nayami moved back towards her seat. She flashed me a stare that said “Tell me during break” anything along those lines. I smiled and nodded as the teacher entered the classroom. “Hello class.” Wakumi-sensei said, “As some of your students have been informed we have a new student today. His name is Ryo, Akuma Ryo.” The door to the classroom opened and someone stepped in.

It was my doom, and yet, the heaven of the girls.
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::Terme Deux: La Pensée Incroyable::
Unable to contain my shock, I stood up almost immediately. It’s impossible that he is here, but the resemblance that they have is too much to overlook. With my sudden outburst, everyone looked at me. I can hear a smirk escaping his lips but of course, that didn’t come. I focused my attention at him but got nothing other than the same, amused but indifferent look. They’re the same person I swear. “Kurotsuki-san, is there something wrong?” The teacher asked with his eyes up at me. Trust me when I say, my teacher hates me. If I say “No, sir; nothing at all,” the whole class would laugh at me, but yet, at the same time, there’s nothing I can say… I stood there like a dummy. Finally, I sighed. “It’s nothing…” I sat down with my face flushed red. Like I predicted, most of the class started laughing at me. There were only a few that weren't. The few being: Nayami, Kyosuke and Akuma Ryo.
After the whole class quieted down, the teacher gave Akuma Ryo a seat, second row down to my left. I tried to ignore it but the feeling that he is who I think he is, is suffocating me. I really want to know whether it’s true or not. And another reason to the uncomfortable feeling that I had been experiencing is that he was staring at me all through class. It really did bother me.
After the morning classes, Nayami came straight up to me and sat down beside me. “So, details.” She grinned as I continued to stare out of the window with my chin in my palm. “Nothing special.” I said, “A few words. He said that it’s cool that I like the morning breeze and that the Sakura blossoms are beautiful, well he was really complimenting the morning.” I sighed, “If only it was me…” Nayami looked over at me with a inquiring eye, “Nothing else?” I stretched as I sat up straight again. “Nope…except that he said I should just call him Kyosuke and he called me ‘Kouki-chan’.” Nayami’s eyes sparkled, it was creepy, “How is that nothing? It’s a huge thing!” I shook my head, “Like it is. He probably says it to everyone.” Nayami rolled her eyes and look over at me, “Any boy who says that to you means that he likes you.” She lectured like the boy-genius that she is. “Well, what I’m trying to say here is that there is a possibility—!” She paused in the middle. I turned around and stared over at her.
But instead of the same auburn hair that I see, I saw Shirosora Kyosuke’s beautiful face. I felt the blood rushing up my face from no where. “Kyosuke?” I asked, trying to stay calm. “Ah, Kouki-chan. I’m not intruding anything am I?” He asked with a smile. “Ah no, of course not, Shirosora-san.” Nayami said, “Here, I’ll give you two some alone time.” She stood up from her seat and walked away after giving me a wink. “Nayami…” My voice trailed off as Kyosuke sat down at the spot that was originally occupied by Nayami. “What’s the matter?” I asked, trying to sound normal. “Oh it’s nothing really; I just want to ask you whether you are interested in coming to a picnic with me next Saturday.” He asked. “Um…sure.” I said, looking down at my desk, “I’m sure I’m free that day.” Kyosuke smiled, “That’s great. Because it’s a group date, all the other friends have their girlfriends so I was afraid that I’ll get left out. With Kouki-chan there with me, I’m sure it’ll be fun.” He said casually before standing up, “I’ll fill you in on the details when I get them alright?” I nodded, unable to speak. With a wave and smile, he walked off, as Nayami took her seat again; but not after stealing another glance at Kyosuke. “So what did he want?” she asked. “Nothing really, he just asked me to go to a picnic with him and some of his other friends as a group date.” I said, still filling a little uneasy. “I knew it. Face it Kouki, he likes you. Did you hear how he called you just now? ‘Kouki-chan…’ She mimicked. I really want to whack her on her head right now, and I would’ve if it wasn’t that we are in school. “He’s just friendly.” I said. “Well then, he asked you out on a date.” Nayami said. “It’s a group date. Besides, he probably only asked me because I told him that I like the Sakura blossoms{Refer to chapter 1}.” I said as she sighed. “If you’re telling me things like this then there’s no saying to how you will accept the fact that he likes you.” I shook my head as I stared out the window blankly again, “I know he doesn’t…even thought I wish he does.” Nayami sighed before gasping. “Hey, Kouki! Look.” She said as she continued staring behind her, “Hottie Akuma Ryo is staring at us.” I sat up and stared over, just quick enough to see him smirk and walk off. I furrowed in confusion as Nayami continued giggling.

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::Terme Trois: Un nouveau grande frère::

The rest of the day dragged on and nothing really happened except for another exchange of words with Kyosuke during lunch. I also found out that Kyosuke is actually Christian and wears a necklace with a Cross pendant that he hides underneath his collar. I just happened to notice it gleaming under the cafeteria light. It’s a little surprising how easy it is to just call him Kyosuke. The words just roll of my mouth as if it’s the naturalist thing to do. Nayami continued to blabber on about how she is sure that Kyosuke likes me, or he is at least developing feelings for me. It’s impossible[ if you ask me. I really don’t think so.
I was just about to walk home alone, again, after school when Akuma Ryo appeared in front of me. I stopped in my tracks as he looked straight at me. The intense staring competition lasted for over five minutes before I sighed and gave up. “There’s no point in continuing this.” I said, “What do you want?” He didn’t say anything but began to walk away. Shrugging my shoulders, I headed back home. And to my surprise, wherever he’s heading, it’s the same way as my house. I tagged on a little after him.
I kept silent the whole way, with my eyes on the ground. I don’t know why he’s here and so far, he obviously isn’t telling me. Right now, I’m not even sure if he is who I think he is. I sighed and stopped at the playground on the way home. There are still some children that are playing around with the swings and the slides. I smiled as I walked over and sat down at a bench.
The sky is turning orange and the sun has nearly set. I sighed as I leaned backwards. But before long, he appeared again in front of me, Akuma Ryo. I looked up at him with a raised eyebrow. “Again with the question, what do you want?” He didn’t reply but looked out upon the horizon. “You seem to be doing well even without my help.” He said in the same bone-chilling voice. By now, I am one hundred percent sure that he is Satan, one hundred percent sure. “Well, it just happens.” I said. “But the contract isn’t over until Shirosora Kyosuke says “I love you” to you.” Satan said as he looked back at me with those piercing red eyes. I can swear, if I wasn’t in love with Kyosuke or know that he is Satan, I might fall for him. “Well, Satan.” I said as he silenced me with a glare. “Akuma Ryo is my name. Just call me Ryo.” I nodded, ‘Ok, Ryo.” I sighed, “What do you plan to do for that?” He shrugged. “Well, the first thing tomorrow, I’ll do my best on casting a spell on him.”
I sighed. The wish is starting to sound really selfish the way Satan-I mean Ryo is putting it. And it was already selfish to start with. “Well, ok then.” I said, “I’ll wait for the results.” And I stood up afterwards and turned to walk out of the garden. “You know, you act different in front of me to in front of the others.” Ryo said. I stopped and turned back to him. “What do you mean?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.” He chuckled and walked over. He lifted a hand and pressed it against my cheek. He leaned down and whispered into my ears, “You don’t have to act so cold to me you know. You seem to be friendly to the others.” I shivered as his breath touched my earlobe. He chuckled and stood up straight. “It’s none of your business. With you being what you are, I don’t see how I can trust you so much.” I said as I turned around and continued strolling off.
“I’m home.” I called as I opened the wooden door to my house. My mom smiled at me, “welcome back honey. Where’s your brother?” I looked up at her. That was the most absurd thing that I have ever heard. “Mom, I don’t have a brother.” My mother giggled, “You guys got into another fight? It’s not that surprising. You two never got along together. It took a long time after we adopted him to have you even talk to him.” I opened my mouth to make a protest but the door opened again behind me. “Ah, you’re back.” My mother said, “What took you so long, your sister is quite a lot earlier than you.” Sister… I turned around to stare at who it was. Behind me stood a familiar person with dark violet, near black hair, the same red eyes pierced my soul. “I’m home.” Akuma Ryo said before he scratched his head and took off his shoes. He ruffled my hair before he walked into the house and turned left. “Don’t just stand there like an idiot, sister…”

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::Terme Quartre: Inconfortable::

Now matter how tempting it was, I did not scream. I did not dare to. This isn’t just anybody, this is Satan. But it’s still hard to get used to, especially when someone just randomly pops up at your house and tell you that they’re your brother…
I sat down on the dining table in my pajamas with a towel over my shoulder. My hair is still dripping wet. I sighed as Satan or should I say, Akuma Ryo sat down next to me. I had just known not two hours prior that he is now my new adopted brother without me agreeing to it. I sighed. “Itadakimasu*.” I said as I picked up my chopsticks and began eating. My mom and dad joined me not long after but Ryo didn’t come out. “Ryo! It’s time for dinner.” My mom shouted for the fifth time since dinner was cooked. “I’ll be right down.” And I had heard that for five times as well. I put down my chopsticks. “I’ll go get nii-chan down.” I said as I stood up. “Thank you honey.” My mom said as she smiled. If only she knew…
I knocked on his door. I stood there and waited for him to answer. It didn’t take long before he opened the door, half naked. Refusing to look at his [super] hot body, I turned to stare at the ground beside me. “What is it?” He asked. “I came to get you down. For the sixth time, dinner is ready.” I said before turning around and began to attempt to walk off. But then he grabbed my hand [surprisingly, I’m not surprised] and yanked me back. “What?” I asked as I was forced to face him; but immediately blushed as I remembered that he’s not fully dressed. “I know you like the sight.” He said. “Like I will ever,” I said. “Admit it.” He smirked. I didn’t say anything which make him smirk even more. “Just a little something, my beloved…no one in the school knows about me being your so-called adoptive brother.” He said. I shivered again as he mentioned his name for me. “It’s not like it’s something I want to show off with.” I said before marching off, “I never agreed.”
I managed to finish my dinner before he came down. He was taking quite a long time but I heard my mother talk to him a while after I went back up to my room. It’s just right next to his. I never knew we had a spare room…did we? Or was it just his doing…I think it’s more of the latter. I lay down on my bed, my mind totally blank and my eyes closed. “Kuu-chan.” I murmured to myself, “I really need to figure this out. If only you were here with me, then I’d be so glad.” Kuu-chan was my childhood friend. I didn’t really know his real name but we were really close. I actually really liked him before Kyosuke appeared in my life. He used to be always there beside me. We were also talking on the phone with each other until a few years ago. I really miss him. Oh and a bonus being that no one in my school knows about me and Kuu-chan. It’s not like they know who Kuu-chan is anyways. I sighed as I rolled across my bed. I need some rest, and just when I thought I had regained a calm state of mind, my phone rang. Grunting, I sat up on my bed and reached over to grab my phone. The caller ID stated that it’s none other than Nayami.
“Hello, Kouki speaking.” I said as I put it to my ear. A scream on the other end made me immediately pull it away in order for me to not turn deaf. “I heard from others that you went home with Akuma Ryo, is that true? I am questioning you, Kurotsuki Kouki.” Nayami said. I sighed. “Well…it happens that we actually live near…so we were kinda going the same way.” I tried to come up with an excuse on-the-spot. It actually kind of did make sense. And once again, she screamed. “No way! Is it just me or are you extremely lucky?” Nayami said. Actually, I consider myself rather unfortunate…but of course I didn’t say that. I’m not totally unfortunate though, I mean, Kyosuke notoiced me at least…and he kind of asked me out on a date[refer to chapter 2]. “Haha I supposeyou’re your eyes I would.” I said finally after a long, awkward pause. “Uh-huh you do.” She said matter-of-factly. There was a knock on my door as Ryo’s voice came from the other side, “Hey, Kouki, can I talk to you?” There was a pause on the other side of the phone before Nayami nearly screamed my head off. “Was that Akuma Ryo that I hear?” she asked. I nearly panicked but of course, I didn’t, thank god. “No, it’s uh…the son of a friend of my fathers.” I said. I’ve been telling a lot of lies these days. “Is he hot?” that was her question. “Not really.” And I answered. Almost immediately, she turned her tone. “Well, whatever then. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow in school?” She asked. I nodded, “See you tomorrow.” And the phone line went dead.
Almost immediately, Ryo stepped in and closed the door behind him. “What do you want?” I asked. “Well, you change your tone pretty quick, don’t you?” He asked. I simply rolled my eyes while I put my phone back on the bedside table. “I’m just asking you permission for something.” He said with a slight smile. I never did like it when he smiled. “Shoot it.” I said, sitting on my bed.

*Itadakimasu いただきます= It is something that people say before they eat. I’m not sure how to put it in English but in Chinese, it means: 我不客气了。
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::Terme Cinq: Décision Non agreeable::

I waited for his question, but he simply smirked. “I’m not so sure if you’re going to like this though.” He said. My face was kept emotionless. “Well, try me.” He chuckled as he walked closer. He really likes to cut down the distance between us doesn’t he? “Well, you see. In order to cast a spell on him,” Ryo said, “I need to allow him to lose consciousness and take a little of his blood. I’m just a little worried that you would disagree to that.” I was shocked although I tried to keep my composure. Sure, I would’ve guessed that there would be something like that for a spell that Satan would cast…but if Kyosuke loses consciousness… “Well, will Kyosuke regain consciousness before class starts again?” I asked, “Besides, when are you going to cast the spell?” He chuckled, “As I mentioned before, first thing in the morning.” I nodded, “well, and to my first question?” He simply shrugged, “Maybe. Maybe not.” I didn’t know why, but that got me pissed. “Then what if Kyosuke doesn’t get to class?” I asked. He simply laughed. “My contract was signed with out. All I have to do is to make Shirosora Kyosuke say “I love you” to you. So all that matters is really you, because after all, you’ll be by my side for eternity after you die,” he said, “but I really don’t care about Shirosora Kyosuke. I don’t have to.” I was a little taken back by his sudden explanation. Well, what could I have expected, this is Satan that we’re talking about. “So, now, I need permission from you. Is it a yes? Or a no.”
I didn’t answer. It was a long time. The silence was nearly unbearable. He got frustrated soon and had left my room saying that he takes the silence as a “yes”. I couldn’t say anything else though. I’m still shocked by his sentence. I really never bother thinking about it; because if I had, I would’ve come to the same conclusion.
Thursday morning, one day after he walked into my life…ok, he was already in my life before but not literally… But he was gone when I woke up. Mom said he left early in the morning because he said he had something to deal with. I bet I know what it is. After picking up my bag and grabbing a piece of toast; like usual, I slipped into my shoes and left the house. I hurried my pace towards the school grounds. Hopefully, I’d be there to wake up Kyosuke before classes start. I know Kyosuke is in school; because Ryo is.
Once again, like usual, I arrived at school earlier than the others. I didn’t have time to look at the Sakura blossoms or feel the comfortable morning breeze against my skin. There are more pressing matters that I have to attend to…at least try to attend to. I ran up to the classroom and pulled down my bag. Then I realized: I don’t know where they are. But I’m still determined to find Ryo and Kyosuke (mainly Kyosuke). I’m not going to give up.
I was circling around the school garden. That’s the most secluded place in the campus so I’m pretty sure that Ryo would go there. I was glad that I was correct. I had just gotten there when I saw Ryo threw Kyosuke to the wall on the side. Kyosuke made no attempts to move away.
“You’re a Christian.” Ryo stated. I don’t like his tone of voice. “Yes, Akuma-san. I’m a Christian. Is there a problem with that?” Kyosuke asked back, in a…taunting manner? “That totally makes everything wrong.” Ryo said as he let go of Kyosuke. I sighed as I was about to turn away. But something caught my ears: the thud of a punch being landed. Almost immediately, I turned around and saw that Ryo had punched Kyosuke in his face. “Stay away from Kouki, I’m warning you.” He said before turning around and walking off the other way. Unable to stop myself, I ran over to see if Kyosuke is alright; and I swear I saw Ryo looking at me.
“Kyosuke!” I exclaimed as I ran over, “Are you alright?” He grunted as he winced. I helped him sat up against the wall as I kneeled in front of him. “Kouki-chan!” Kyosuke said; surprised that it was me, “Did you see what happened?” I paused a while before shaking my head. “What happened?” I asked, trying to keep up my act. He shook his head, “It’s nothing.” I helped him off the ground as he winced again. “Kyosuke…” I whimpered, a little afraid that he is really hurt since Ryo doesn’t care about him at all. He didn’t reply. Instead, he held onto my shoulders so that I’m looking should be staring straight at him. And I was, unable to pry my eyes from his beautiful face despite the fact that I shouldn’t be looking at him. “Do you know Akuma Ryo?” He asked. I was taken back. Just a little something, my beloved…no one in the school knows about me being your so-called adoptive brother. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be telling then. “Akuma-san? No.” I said with a frown, “I didn’t even know he existed until yesterday.”
Kyosuke sighed and flashed me a smile, his normal cheerful and happy smile. “That’s good, Kouki-chan. I don’t want you to be associating with him alright?” he asked. I nodded…but inside my heart, I felt something aching. Something isn’t right…and things will turn bad…bad

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::Terme Six: Les filles obsessives::

I accompanied Kyosuke back to the classroom. People were already filling in and I swear I saw Ryo flash us a look as we entered. Everyone else was still back into what they are doing; and I caught a few girls glaring at me. But of course, I ignored them, I mean, what can I do about them? I sighed as I waved Kyosuke and resumed to my seat where Nayami is busy reading the manga that I brought to school. “Oi, keep your hands off.” I said as I teasingly snatched it away. “Hey, Kouki! I was reading that!” She pouted. I laughed as I pulled back my seat and sat down. “So, you came in with Shirosora.” She said, “What happened?” I looked at her. I was about to burst it all out, ‘Oh it’s nothing. Akuma Ryo is really Satan and he tried to cast a spell on Kyosuke but then because Kyosuke is a Christian, he can’t…blah.’ If only I can say that. Instead, I fake giggled and grinned at Nayami. “Well, let’s see, I found him at the school garden hurt, so I helped him back to the classroom.” I said. I really don’t want to lie to Nayami… it makes me feel very guilty. And faking isn’t really my type of thing, even though I’m good at it.
After we discussed about things that Nayami wanted to talk about (which means mainly about Kyosuke and me) our French teacher arrived. “Bonjour Classe.” She said as we greeted her back in unison. “Well, as I have put down as homework for you two days ago, I wanted you guys to research on a story. Well, how did it go?” Madame Grier asked. Well of course, there were the students who groaned and moaned because they didn’t do it. Some of them just decided to stay quiet. I searched in my bag for my piece of paper. After I looked up after finding it, the teacher was giving instructions on how we’re going to get into pairs and discuss about the stories that we have. Almost immediately, Nayami moved over to my table and sat down beside me. “Well, Kouki, as you clearly know, I don’t do my French homework. So let’s start.” She grinned as I groaned and began explaining to her about the story.
I was so glad when French class ended. English class is after break and then we have Math for the last two lessons after lunch. I sighed as I literally leaned on the table. “I can’t believe you, Nayami.” I said, “You made me talk the whole lesson!” Nayami simply shrugged as she continued reading her manga. “You know what? I’m going to wash my face in the washroom.” I said as I exited the classroom.
I sighed as the cold water splashed against my face. It made me feel so much better. As I tried to try my face with my sleeves, some girls from both my class and the other classes entered. “Did you see? That Kurotsuki! She was so closed to Shirosora-sama! It’s disgusting!” One of them said as I stared at them through the mirror. “Yea I know. They even came to class together this morning!” Another one, who I remembered as Hattori Yui in my class said. They continued laughing between themselves as they backstabbed me. Well, I should’ve guessed. Kyosuke is so great, why wouldn’t he have fan-girls? After drying my face, I walked over, towards the crowd. Seeing me, they immediately shut up. “Oh it’s you.” Yui said as she pointed a finger at me, “Well now that you’re here. I’ll question you in your face.” The others nodded and blocked my path. “Excuse me please. I have to get back to class.” I said, trying to be polite. “Haha, Don’t joke around. Now tell me, what’s your relationship with Shirosora-sama?” It wasn’t a question, it was a demand. “Kyosuke and I are just friends.” I said. “Kyosuke! You’re calling him Kyosuke! You’re disgusting you know?” Mika, the girl from the classroom next to mine said. They pushed me up to the wall as I looked between them. “You know, you should just stay away from Shirosora-sama.” Yui hissed, “You’re just tainting him.” She slapped me. Her nails scratched over my face.
They walked away. My trembling legs gave out and I collapsed to the ground. I’ve heard what fan-girls will do to people because of jealousy and I know that what I received wasn’t that bad already. You’re just tainting him. The sentence echoed in my head again and again.
After fixing myself up, I headed back to class. I’m probably late already, considering the time I’ve spent in the toilet weeping. Yea, I’ve been bawling my eyes out and I have no idea why. I never thought that words could be so hurtful. You’re just tainting him. I just can’t forget the sentence. I’m just afraid that they’re right. Kyosuke is so pure, so nice and kind. He’s like an angel. And on the other hand, I’m the human who is in debt with Satan to become his lover after death. We don’t match. Do we?

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::Terme Sept: S’éviter::

I don’t know how many people I need to avoid right now. The fan-girls are the main people that I really don’t want to see right now. By being alone with them means that I’m looking for trouble. And I have to avoid Ryo. He saw me this morning, there’s going to be some questioning that he would love to do. Thirdly, I have to, sadly, avoid Kyosuke as well. It’s better for both of us. The only problem now is how to decline Saturday. If I’m avoiding him, then I can’t go. But I’m not sure how I can tell him that. But if I don’t the fan-girls will get me. But I do, he’d probably—
I looked up as something, or rather someone, bumped into me…ok, I bumped into someone. I got bombarded backwards and landed on my back. I sat up, rubbing the back of my waist. “Ouch…” I said as I winced. I heard footsteps approach and stop in front of me. “Watch where you’re going next time.” The person said as he extended a hand. I took it. “Well, Satan is actually offering help.” I said. Almost as if I electrocuted him, he let go of my hand and I fell down onto the floor again. “Ow! What’s that for?” I shouted as I rubbed the bruise on my back. “I told you to call me Ryo in public.” He hissed as I stood up. I rolled my eyes and strolled past him. And I was still thinking of avoiding him. “And you’re just going to walk off like that?” he asked. I paused and turned around, “Oh yea. I forgot. Thanks.” And I continued to walk away.
“Oi, at least wait for me.” He shouted as he caught up, “You know, I’ve been wondering how you got that cut on your cheek.” I paused and looked at him. He smirked, “Now tell.” I decided to ignore him first, trying to get on his nerves. I walked off. He followed. “I’m asking you.” He said. I sighed, I was never one that was good at stalking time. “Ok, Kyosuke’s fan-girls slapped me. Big deal.” I said, “It’s probably just Hattori Yui’s nails. Who knows how much she files it.” He stared at me. I ignored him. “So it’s Shirosora’s fault.” He calmly stated. I stopped and whipped around to face him. “It’s not.” I said, “It’s only my fault for trying to get close to him.” Ryo chuckled, “Really. I never thought that trying to befriend someone is a crime.” I avoided his gaze and looked at the ground, “I should’ve known ok? I mean, Kyosuke is so...
angel-like” I said as Ryo simply grunted. He didn’t say anything but he bent down. His hands caressed my cheek as he moved a strand of my hair away. He was trying to examine my cut. “Here, let me take a look.” He said. I stood there, not moving while his eyes focused on the slight line of red. “You know, I told his fan-girls to go there.” Ryo said as I twitched a little, “So that Shirosora will feel guilty about it. Trust me, it works.” He licked my wound. I swore I wanted to shiver. The problem is that I didn’t.
“Takeshi-sensei, I’ll call Akuma Ryo and Kurotsuki Kouki back.” As if on cue, a voice came a little in front. Ryo stopped as he stood up and turned around. There stood Kyosuke. I was a little shocked and I froze there. Unfazed, Kyosuke closed the door behind him and walked over to us. “What are you doing, Akuma-san?” Kyosuke asked in a mockingly nice tone. I’ve never seen this side of Kyosuke before, ever “I was just bringing Kurotsuki-san back to the classroom. I found her walking back from the washroom just now, hurt by your fan-girls.” Ryo said before turning around, “Well, now that you’re here, I’ll be leaving.” And he walked off.
“Kouki-chan, didn’t I tell you not to associate with Akuma Ryo?” Kyosuke asked in a concerned manner? “Well, I wasn’t really; I was just coming back from the washroom when I bumped into him. And then he saw my cut and tried to examine it. That’s when you came into the picture.” I defended myself while laughing awkwardly. He nodded as he leaned down, “Here, let me check your cut for you.” And just like Ryo had done only a minute ago, he focused on my cut. It felt kind of uncomfortable, and yet, it didn’t bother me when Ryo did it.
“It’s bleeding.” He said as he lifted his hand and wiped it across. He showed his finger to me as I saw the slight trace of red on his middle finger. I lifted up my hand to touch the slight cut. It wasn’t bleeding before. It was just red. “It’s ok. I’ll be fine.” I said as I started wondering when Ryo could’ve caused it to bleed. And I can only think of when he licked me. I still can’t believe he licked me. “You sure?” he asked. I nodded, “Come on, let’s head back to class. We’re totally late.” I said before walking off. I failed to avoid him as well. Why can’t I seem to avoid the people that I want to avoid but yet able to avoid the people that I don’t necessarily want to avoid? Is god playing with me? No wait, it’s Satan.

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::Terme Huit: Inattendu::

The two of us walked back to the classroom. As Kyosuke opened the door, the whole class went quiet. “Well, thanks for joining us again, Kurotsuki-san. You’re very late if you haven’t noticed.” Takeshi-sensei said. I swear this guy is against me. “I’m sorry, Takeshi-sensei.” I apologized and bowed before I assumed my seat. Kyosuke was long seated.
Class ended quicker than usual, well to me at least. It wasn’t long before it was lunch. Still oblivious to the fact, I continued to stare out at the window. My mind was on another thing though. The Ryo-Kyosuke problem is really killing me. I mean, I have to try, though unsuccessful, to avoid them. And it’s not working. I sighed as I felt a tap on my shoulder. I ignored it. “Kouki.” A voice called, no matter how familiar it sounded, I couldn’t place my mind on it; so I ignored it. I was really in my thought. And I got whacked at the back of my head. “What?” I turned around with a glare to see Nayami holding her rolled up piece of paper. “You were ignoring me!” I winced, “I’m sorry. I swear I didn’t mean to…I was just thinking.” I apologized but before Nayami could answer, my phone beeped. I got a message.
Sorry for the late notice. I just remembered that I’m going to visit Tokyo for a while. Just to let you know. Maybe we can meet up some time? That would be great no? Anyways, I’m here apologizing for the fact that I wasn’t on IM-chan the past few weeks. I had exams and whatnot…you know how my mom is… Ah. I brought a gift for you as an apology. You’ll be surprised!

Oh did I not mention that they two of us still keep in contact? Well now you know. Anyways…after reading that, “Who’s ‘Kuu-chan’?” Nayami exclaimed. Almost everyone in the class turned to us. “Keep quiet!” I warned. “Well, who is he?” Nayami said, putting her hands on her hips, “Spill.” I grunted, “I don’t really know Kuu-chan’s real name because I’ve been calling him that since forever. He is my childhood friend but he left. Until two years ago, we were still talking on the phone. And until six months ago, we were still communicating on MSN or as he like to call it “IM-chat”.” I explained. “You like him don’t you?” She said immediately. “Used to, but now I like Kyosuke. Besides, Kuu-chan knows that too.” I said while looking down on the table. Nayami shrugged, “well, are you going to reply?” She asked as she looked over my shoulder. I also turned my focus to the phone, “Yup.” I picked it up and hit
reply before I started hitting the keys.
Uh…sure. When/Where? How do know it’s you? I mean, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you…
After typing that, I clicked enter and leaned back. “I wonder how your friend looks like.” Nayami said, “Is he hot?” I frowned at my friend, “Is that all you ever think about?” Nayami simply shrugged, “It’s what I look in a guy.” I sighed, “Come on, let’s go get something for lunch.” Nayami nodded and the two of us left for the concessionary counter.
After coming back with two melon breads in my hand, I resumed my seat while Nayami pulled hers over. I’ve got the message You’ve got mail flashing in front of my screen. “He replied, that was quick.” I said as I continued to chew on my Melon bread.

That’s great! Uh...how about 2:00pm at the park on Sunday? Haha I’ll send you a pic of me ok? It’s attached. Then you can recognize me. Don’t bother sending me one of yours though. I can recognize you no matter what, when and where! Haha
And the message ended just like that. “Come on, open it! I want to see how he looks like.” Nayami said, anticipating the sight of my childhood friend. I nodded. I clicked on the attached file and a photo popped up. It was a full-screen picture and in the middle of the photo stood a teen saluting to me. He’s so unfamiliar yet at the same time, the same.
He had dark skin like a normal Kansai person would. His hair is dark brown and near black. It’s cut short and spikes at some parts. His eyes are a mix of auburn and hazel. I don’t recognize this stranger. He’s so different from what I remember. But it’s definitely him, it’s definitely Kuu-chan. Behind him is the Kyoto railway station. The board was just above his head and the entry machines were behind him.
“Man, your friend is hot.” Nayami said, “You’re a lucky girl.” I was still speechless. This Kuu-chan is really different, and I have to admit. Nayami is right. He is very hot. “You want to come along?” I asked Nayami. “Hell yes!” She shouted. I sighed as I text Kuu-chan back. I turned off my phone afterwards and dumped it in my bag. That’s where it stayed until the end of school.
The bell rang and Math ended. I hate Math. It is one of the subjects in school that I can’t stand at all. Almost right after class, Kyosuke came over to me. I felt Nayami’s eyes on me, but I ignored it. “Hey, Kyosuke.” I said with a smile. I continued to pack up my stuff, avoiding eye-contact with him. “I just want to inform you about Saturday.” He said, “It’s 11am by the train station. Alright with you?” I closed my eyes and thought about it, “Yea, that’s cool.” Kyosuke grinned, “That’s good. I’ll confirm it with my friends and tell you if there are any changes tomorrow.” I nodded, “Sure!” and with a wave, he walked away.

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::Terme Neuf: Annoncé; Approuvé::

I was, once again, ‘accompanied’ home by Akuma Ryo. Though, this time, it was him who had followed behind me before catching up after a corner. I ignored him. I didn’t know what to say, I was still kind of embarrassed after the scene at the corridor. It was quiet between us until we got home. It was as if he wasn’t there.
“I’m home!” Ryo and I shouted together as we entered the house. “Welcome back! I’m in the kitchen.” My mother said back. So I went straight to the kitchen after we got home. I have to ask mom about Saturday. She was making soup. And it smelt great. “Um...mom?” I asked. “Yes, dear. What is it?” She asked back in her usual motherly-manner. “Can I go out on Saturday? I’m going to watch the Sakura blossoms with my friends.” I said, “Please?” My mother chuckled, “Of course you can. Just tell your father when he gets back.” I nodded, “OK!” I chimed. “Where are you going to watch the Sakura Blossoms? Are you going there?” My mother asked. “I’m not sure.” I said, “I wasn’t planning it so I’m don’t know if the others also know of that place.” My mom nodded, “Okay then dear. Just remember that there’s always that place alright?” I nodded.
I skipped out of the kitchen as I picked up my bag from the living room. As I was about to go up the stairs to my room, Ryo stopped me. “Hey, what are you so happy about?” He demanded as I stuck out my tongue at him. “None of your business.” I laughed and jumped up. Sometimes, I don’t even remember who he really is.
When I got back up my room, I jumped on the bed and hummed to myself as my bag sat quietly by the side. “I get to go on a date with Kyosuke and Kuu-chan is coming to visit me!” I smiled, “Ah. Mom doesn’t know about that. I should tell her later too.” I was still grinning like an idiot when his voice came to my ears. “Who’s ‘Kuu-chan’?” Ryo asked as he stood by my door. “Someone.” I said, immediately turning cold, “None of your business.” Ryo laughed again, “You do change your attitude pretty fast, I must admit. How many times have I said this, my beloved?” I shivered again, a natural phenomenon when he calls me that. “It’s not like I keep count.” I managed to say. He laughed again, “Amusing.” I scoffed and turned aside, refusing to face him. “You still haven’t answered my question though.” He said again, “Who is this ‘Kuu-chan’?” I sighed, unable to talk back anymore, “Kuu-chan is my childhood friend alright? He’s coming back from Kyoto on Sunday.” I explained as I sat up straight on my bed, “Happy?” He snickered, “more than happy. Besides, I heard that it’s going well between you and Shirosora. Is that true?” I nodded, “Your doing?” He simply shrugged, “Maybe.” I grunted at his response, not amused by it at all. But what can I do, this is Satan after all. But before I can do anything rash, the front door opened and I heard my father. “I’m going down.” I said as I sat up and walked out of the room. He chuckled after me, darkly.
“Welcome back, father.” I greeted as I saw my father sitting on the couch, reading his newspaper, “I’m going out on Saturday, is that ok?” My father looked up from his newspaper, “Sure.” I smiled, “And Kuu-chan is coming to visit on Sunday!” My mother’s popped out from the kitchen window, “Really? That’s great! It’s been almost ages since you guys met up.” I nodded, “So do you mind if I go and pick him up on Sunday? Nayami is going with me.” My mother nodded and smiled, “Of course not, dear. Right, father?” My mother asked as she raised an eyebrow. My father nodded, “Yea, sure, whatever.” I laughed. “Can you be more caring about your daughter?” My mother scolded. It’s always like that between them. “Ryo! Come join us downstairs. Dinner is ready.” Mom shouted up a while later. There was the familiar shout of “Ok mom, I’m coming” before Ryo appeared at the stairway. I refused to make eye contact with him as I strode off towards the couch and changed the channel.
“Kouki, go help your mother in the kitchen.” My father said, almost immediately. Unable to refuse his demands, I nodded. I stood up from the couch as I walked over to the kitchen. Ryo ruffled my hair on the way, making me send him a glare. He just flashed me one of those bone-chilling smiles. I turned away and walked over to help my mother. “Thank you dear, can you help me take those dishes outside?” My mother asked as she continued to cook the fish. I took the plates out to the dining table three at a time. I’m pretty sure that’s not what you’re supposed to do, and that’s not what my mom would want me to do. But hey, it works just as well. “Here, let me help you.” Ryo said as he continued to play the ‘perfect-brother’ and helped me get the plates. I nodded and handed him the dishes as I turned around and left. I don’t know how to react to that. It just doesn’t feel right.
My phone rang in the middle of dinner. “I’ll go get it.” I said as I stood up. “No, young lady. You shouldn’t leave the table while eating. Ryo can help you.” My father said, without looking up from his newspaper. I flashed Ryo a glare as he smiled. He stood up and went upstairs, disappearing into my room. The ringing stopped a while later. Ryo came back down. “It was just Nayami. She hung up before I can tell her that Kouki is busy.” I flashed a glare at him as he flashed me a stare saying, “It’s ok. No one knows.” I still don’t believe him.
After dinner, I immediately went up to check my phone. Sure enough, Nayami called. I called her. “Hello, Nayami speaking.” The other side said. “Ah, Nayami? It’s me, Kouki. You called me just now?” I said, “I was eating dinner, sorry.” Nayami chuckled, “It’s ok. Don’t worry. I got impatient so I hung up early as well.” Satan was not lying. I sighed. “Really, I’m sorry about it again.” I said, apologizing once more, “So what did you want to call me for?” Nayami smiled, “It’s nothing...I just want to ask you about...”

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::Terme Dix: Ratifié::

It was confirmed with Kyosuke the next day. 11am at the train station. We’ll meet there. There will be another two people going, which Kyosuke had said isn’t from this school. He mentioned their name as Shinichi and Michiyo. It seems like they’re a couple. Well, that means that…it’s a double date!! Oh my goodness, that’s exactly what Nayami predicted. I took a deep breath, calming myself down. But then, it’s probably just me anyways, Kyosuke already made it clear that we’re just friends…right?
I sat down at my seat as Nayami inched forward, “So…what did he say?” I shook my head in response, “He just wanted to confirm the stuff. That’s all.” Nayami gave me a stare but left it alone. She can’t help it if I don’t answer. “Well, what about Sunday?” Nayami asked. “Just the same. I’ll meet you at my house before we go alright? 1pm.” I said, “Then we can go to the park together.” Nayami nodded, “Yea, sure. Why not.” I laughed, “Nayami, you’re going to drool soon.” Nayami looked up, “why not? Your friend is fiiiiine” I raised an eyebrow and stared at Nayami, “Is that all you think about?” Nayami shrugged, “Well, he is hot.”
I sighed, “You know, on the phone right? Last time…” Nayami nodded, “Yea? What about it.” I shook my head, “Are you seriously…” Nayami nodded again, “Yup.” I sighed again. “I just can stand you sometimes. You better not.” Nayami grinned, “I will.” I shook my head again, “But your cooking is horrible!” Nayami laughed, “well, too bad. I’m making a bento!” I shrieked. No, I really shrieked. And that made the whole class look at me. It was embarrassing, I swear. And I saw Kyosuke looking at me too.
“Nayami, you will poison me with your food someday.” I said as I lowered my voice again. “haha, that will then become your problem.” Nayami said. I swear I saw the devil horns and wings sprouting from her. And ironically, Ryo just walked behind her. I nearly laughed at the irony but then I’ll be explaining to Nayami, something I don’t want to.
“So, honestly Kouki, do you think that Akuma Ryo is hot?” Nayami asked. If I was drinking anything, I would’ve spurted it all over her. But fortunately, I wasn’t drinking any. “Akuma Ryo?” I asked. “Yup.” Nayami said. “Uh. No?” I said, partly lying to myself – I know I admitted that I think he’s hot; and I’m not going to admit it again. “Why not?” Nayami asked. I couldn’t think of anything. I went with the lame excuse, “He’s not my cup of tea.” So much for that, he’s going to be lover after I die. “I really don’t understand your tastes sometime. But I have to admit, Shirosora Kyosuke is hot too.” Nayami smirked. I rolled my eyes, “Don’t you start hitting on him.” Nayami winked, “I won’t.” I shook my head.
After class, the two of us decided to go for a walk by the courtyard. Like usual, there were boys all over the courts playing basketball, soccer and whatnot. I sighed as Nayami and I sat down by a tree. I pulled out my book and began reading. It’s easy for me to ignore the existence of the person beside me. Nayami groaned, “You know what? I think I should get something to drink.” I nodded as she stood up and walked off. My attention was still on the book when another person sat down beside me. I looked up, “Ryo? What are you doing here?”
“Nothing much. Just trying to help you get Shirosora.” He said, pointing to Kyosuke who is playing football in the field with some other seniors. “And what will you get out of it?” I asked. Ryo shrugged, “It’s the contract. The faster he confesses, the faster it is done and confirmed; the earlier I can kill you.” He laughed teasingly at the end before standing off and walking away. I was frozen, stunned. I heard a “Kouki-chan! Watch out!” but I couldn’t respond to that. The earlier I can kill you. All too suddenly, I felt something hit the side of my head, everything became blurry. And before I knew what was happening, I blacked out.

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::Terme Onze: Confort::

I groaned as consciousness began to slip in again. My head was pounding and I can vaguely hear the ‘thump-thump’ of the pain. I blinked and winced before I opened my eyes. I saw a tiled covered white ceiling. Ignoring my headache, I pushed myself up from my elbows and sat up. I took a deep breath as I looked around. I’m in the hospital. The nurse is currently away, and Kyosuke is sitting beside me, staring out the window.
At the sound of my heave, Kyosuke turned over and saw me sitting. Immediately, like the gentleman he is, he helped me with the pillow as I leaned back. “Are you alright, Kouki-chan?” He asked. I nodded, “My head hurts, there’s a pounding pain though.” He sighed as he ran a hand in his hair, “Thank god you’re alright.” I laughed awkwardly as I continued wincing at the pain. “I’m sorry. I slipped and the ball went the wrong way. At the same time, you were sitting there, all stiff. I didn’t know it would hit you!” He apologized as he clasped his hands together. I blushed, “It’s okay, Kyosuke. I’m fine now.” Kyosuke sighed, “I’m still sorry.” I felt really awkward, embarrassed and out of things to say.
“What time is it now?” I blurted out suddenly. I have a watch on my left hand, why don’t I just check? Kyosuke looked up at the clock on the wall, “It’s around 5:30pm. You’ve been out for quite a long time. I feel guilty again.” I shook my head as I placed a hand on his, “It’s okay. Don’t stress it ok?” Kyosuke nodded. The door slid open as the nurse walked in.
“I see you’re awake, Kurotsuki-san.” Kogami-sensei said, “You’ve had quite a hit on your head. Are you feeling fine?” I nodded, “But I still have a headache. My head is pounding.” Kogami-sensei went over to her desk, “That’s pretty normal. I suggest that you stay in here for a while more. You can go when the pain eases.” I nodded as I looked over at Kyosuke, “Kyosuke, you can leave first if you have to. I’ll be fine.” I smiled. “Are you sure, Kouki-chan?” He asked, “You really don’t want me to stay with you for some more time?” I shrugged, “If you insist, but I’m already feeling a lot better. Thanks for staying with me.” Kyosuke nodded, “Well, I guess it’s time for me to leave. I’ll see you.” I waved as he closed the door.
You have quite a boyfriend there you know?” Kogami-sensei said. “Hm?” I asked as I turned to her, “Me and Kyosuke? Oh now, Kogami-sensei, you’re mistaken. We’re only friends.” She laughed, “I’m not talking about Shirosora-kun. I’m talking about that new boy, Akuma Ryo.” Now, I’m confused. “I’m confused.” I said. Kogami-sensei laughed again, “Don’t play stupid with me. There’s definitely something going on between you and Akuma Ryo.” She said. I blinked twice, “I still don’t get what you mean, sensei.” She sighed, “It’s really obvious. He was the one who brought you here wasn’t he? I asked him to leave when it was class but he refused to. He only left when school ended and Shirosora-kun came to see you.” This time, it was my turn to laugh. Impossible. “Sensei, that’s kind of impossible. I don’t know Akuma-san that well. Kyosuke is the one who brought me here right?” I said. Kogami-sensei shook her head, “It was Akuma Ryo who brought you here and looked after you the whole day.
I left the nurse’s office at exactly 6pm. If I stay any longer, I’d be late for dinner. My father is quite strict about that except when I go out with my friends. He thinks that dinner time is supposed to be spent as a family. On the way home, I was just rethinking over the things that happened today. It’s confusing. It’s very confusing actually. Ryo was being so contradictory. And what does he mean when he said: The earlier I can kill you. That sentence is currently freaking me out. I mean, the literary meaning is quite obvious. He wants to kill me. He wants the contract done. He wants me as his lover. But he was planning to do that right after Kyosuke confesses? Besides, if he wanted Kyosuke and I to be together, then why did he bring me to the nurse? Why didn’t he let Kyosuke do it instead? I can’t stand walking around in the blues. I have to talk with Akuma Ryo.

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::Terme Douze: Interrogatoire::

I greeted my parents when I got back. My mom told me the time for dinner and asked me why I was late. I didn’t want her to worry so I told her that I stayed back in school, revising with my friends. My mom bought it. After that, I went straight up to Ryo’s room after dumping my bag in mine. I have to talk to him…no, I need to talk to him. This can not be postponed. I didn’t bother knocking, he probably knows that I’m coming anyways. Right after I barged in, he turned from his desk and looked at me. “What’s the problem? Something wrong?” He asked, “Or is there something that I can do for you?” I slammed the door shut, “There’s something I have to ask you.” He nodded and turned over to me. “Ask away.”
“Firstly, why did you bring me to the nurse?” I asked. He laughed as if the question was stupid, “Of course I did. Because I care about you.” I rolled my eyes, “Bullshit.” I was snapping at him. “You want the contract over, then why aren’t you letting Kyosuke bring me?” I asked. “It’s called guilt, my dear.” He stood up and lifted a strand of my hair, “When he sees how much harm he has done and watches as you get carried away from him, he feels guilty, possibly even jealousy.” I shook my head. “Then why did you stay with me for the whole day?” I asked. He smiled smugly, “Well, I’m pretty sure I can’t just leave you there all by yourself, can I?” He asked, “And since Shirosora”-he sneered at this point-"probably wouldn’t care about staying with you since he puts so much trust on the school nurse, he’s probably going to go back to class.” I sighed, “And what makes you think I—“ He cut me short, “Everyone wants to see someone when they awake, it’s what always happen.” I was speechless. I didn’t know a comeback. “But—“ Again, he didn’t let me continue, “If you’re done with your interrogation, may you please leave?”
“I’m not done.” I said as I walked up to him, “Why are you going to kill me after Kyosuke confesses?” He laughed, “And what makes you think so?” I looked up at him, “You said it yourself, ‘The faster he confesses, the faster it is done and confirmed; the earlier I can kill you.” I paused, “I was thinking about it the whole way home. It’s pretty obvious, you way of thinking. You want Kyosuke to confess to me, then because you want the contract done and that I’m your lover, you’re going to kill me.” He clapped, “if you’ve already figured it out, they why are you still asking?” I opened my mouth but then closed it again. He waited patiently. I took a deep breath, “I’m here to ask, why do you want me to become your lover right after he confesses? Why do you have to kill me?” I asked.
Ryo laughed again, “Because you can only be my lover when you die, don’t you remember?” I nodded, “Yes, I do. But why—“ I don’t know what happened, his face became solemn as he walked closer. I took a few steps back until my back hit the wall. “Ryo—“ I tried to whimper but he slammed his hands beside my head and stared down at me. “I only promised to give you his heart. I never said that I’m going to give him your heart.” He said, with venom dripping from every syllabus, “You belong to me, not Shirosora Kyosuke.” There was menace in his words. I only just noticed that I was trembling. My legs gave out as I collapse onto the floor. He pushed himself away from the wall as he turned around, “If you will allow me, I would like to leave for dinner now.” I was still too shocked to say anything.
The door closed behind him as he left the room. I was still sitting there, with tears falling. I’m scared… Ryo is being possessive and I don’t know what’s going on. He’s going to kill me straight after Kyosuke confesses. I sighed as I stabled myself and regained my composure. It’s going to be fine. Besides, I’ve only started talking to Kyosuke just three days ago, he wouldn’t be confessing anytime soon. That’s a reassurance, besides, Kuu-chan is coming on Sunday. He’ll probably be able to help me divert my attention, and help me too…let’s just hope he can.

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