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Posted 4/17/09 , edited 4/17/09
I did this last Nov. 30 which was Chii's b-day! This was posted at JE fanfict lovers group.
I decided to repost it here for those who are not yet members from there.

Well this was made out of crack, comedy and slightly yao-ish!

I missed the old chii~! :tears:

anyway, enjoy reading!

TITLE: Kokoro No Tomadowaseru [A Bewildered Heart]
Characters: Hey! Say! 7
Pairings: Takachi, Daichi, Yamachi and Nakachii [all of them are related to chii!]
Genre: Crack, 1/4 Romance, comedy, fluff, and slightly yaoi [it's not PG-13 so no worries ]
Disclaimer: Well, still don't know about this part but all i know is, Chii owns me right now since it's his b-day...=P ...
Summary: Chii, as a young child still doesn't know the meaning of true love. The strange thing is his heart is having a difficulty of choosing the one for him. It turns out he's inlove with each and everyone of Hey Say 7 members but will his heart remained to be bewildered as always?
Legend: green - Chii's POV; italicized - Chii's mind

NakaChii's part~~

DaiChii's part~~

Yamachii's part~~

Takachii's part~~

HS7! part~~
Posted 4/30/09 , edited 4/30/09
Lol that was real weird i like the ending but do u really know whatt 'ne' means? cuz if a jap person reads it it can be quite confusing..
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Posted 4/30/09 , edited 5/1/09
haha geh-chan!!
didnt know u posted it here!!
ahhahaha Love it!!
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