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The Most Irritating songs in history
Posted 12/31/09

DYxForever wrote:

Anything from Soulja boy.

your not lying. how did he become famous?
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23 / F / .world-tours.
Posted 1/1/10
I don't like anything by Lady Gaga. She totally makes me gag.....lke the way she's going gaga.
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Posted 1/1/10
Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

Paparazzi by Lady Gaga
Posted 1/1/10
Anything by Soulja Boy and Lady Gaga!! I like Soulja Boy as a person because he's mad nice and cool but his rapping SUCKS!!! He should have stayed as a internet star.... And Lady Gaga... Enough said....
Posted 1/1/10
Soulja Boy, haha...his songs are so pointless

Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday...hearing that is like, worse than getting Rick Roll' just gets stuck in my head all the time >.<

I Love It by Young Jeezy (very irritating!!!!)

I also remember when Crazy Frog used to be so seriously when I was in middle school kids were obsessed with Crazy Frog. It's just a frog...doing techno-y covers of songs...what's so cool about that?

Tik Tok by Ke$ha. It's just so eew...sounds like she recorded the song when she was drunk. And seriously she can't even sing...

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25 / F / USA
Posted 1/3/10
anything by soldier boi
All miley cyrus songs..
Posted 1/5/10

Freckles the Kenshin opening
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Posted 1/5/10
Boom boom pow
Posted 1/8/10

sujulover4510 wrote:


btw not all korean stars are pretty faces so SHUT!
ever heard of:
Epik High?
Fly To The Sky?
NO? go listen to their ballads and tell me again theyre just pretty faces cause these actually have talent >_>

I know ! you just said the best in the korean music industry! whoever thinks that dbsk are just a bunch of guys with pretty faces
didnt listen to their ballads or beautiful songs
and epik high o ya i agree! Their newest album ,I can listen to it for hours without even noticing

for all of thoose DBSK HATERS LISTEN TO THIS!
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23 / F / My World
Posted 1/8/10
Womanizer by britney spears, whenever it comes on the radio i want to take my radio smash it and throw it out my window
Posted 1/9/10 , edited 1/9/10

-Crank that Souja boy
-Your a jerk
-This is why i'm hot
-pop lock & drop it

ANYTHING by soulja boy is crap
Posted 1/10/10
hahaah i pretty much agree with all u guys these songs are jus famous for their stupidity...
Posted 2/16/10
isn't there a song called's not really an official song but its annoying ...
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24 / F / Australia
Posted 2/17/10
Anything played on the radio where I live, pisses me off.
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24 / F / ireland
Posted 2/17/10
X-factor crap
Rap like soldier boy
i would say jonas brothers and hannah montana but id never listen to it.
ANd crazy frog.
More recently dont stop believing
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