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Posted 4/19/09
guys do u honestly think that L is not coming back somehow some way think about kira (light) killed L becasue L was pretty much the only one who stood in his way and was at his level of intelligence . Remember when they both came out the rain and L said "im feeling sad" and light told him whys that and then L said " you'll understand soon. Think about it For light to think L is dead would leave L behind the scenes thinking what to do next. Personally if there is a second season i would think somehow some way L would come back because he was never dead. When Rem wrote his name in her book notice it was suppose to be a heart attack but L was neither holding his chest or acting in pain. He simply closed his eyes peacefully.I think he might have made a deal with Rem cause he was talking to her when light wasn't there be 4.ma So i hope u all see my point and i hope there is room for disagreement because maybe through everyone giving there input we will all come up with some type of conclusion for death note. And this group is awesome even though i might not be on all the time this DEATH NOTE group is pretty kewl.
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Posted 4/23/09
Wow... that's a lot.

Come to think of it, maybe L isn't dead. After all, what you said is true. He did die peacefully. But then again, there could be that little detail that he doesn't really make a big deal out of stuff and maybe, knowing it was going to happen, he just closed his eyes and fought the pain without ever showing it to the outside world.
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Posted 5/1/09
i fuckin' luv him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 5/2/09
I definitely agree with the 1st post.... that isnt impossible, i mean....death note has a lot of twist through out the anime..and yeah... i luff him hahaha
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Posted 5/5/09
That would be sooo gooooood if he wasn't dead it would be like waohhhh ....
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