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Posted 4/21/09
"you... "
it was a dangerous gambit... but, you let your gaurd down" serpenter stated, coughing blood, as he spoke. he drew his sword in an instant, grabbing zains shirt to support him self properly, then stabbing the sword through his hand, and in essence, into zain.
he clenched his spare fist, and all of the now hundreds of compressed fireballs closed in at immence speeds from all angles, exploding on impact, catching them both in the blast.
Posted 4/21/09
after the fireballs had hit us zein pulled the blade from himself and jumped back "you forgot bout my wind armor" zein said uneffected by the fire but still holding his sword wound "heh u didn`t hit an makor organs so it`ll be fine" zein smirked "let me show you another of my techniques" zein consintrated air at the tip of his index finger and heated it till it turned into a intence flame "this flame has a high consintration of air in it making it more powerful than normal fire" zein used the small intence flame to seal his wound and stop the bleeding "you might learn something from my next move" zein kept consintrating it and it started to flicker as zein played with the composition of the flame and then zein smirked as a bolt of lightning flew from his finger at serpenter "i told you that wind was a frightning thing"
Posted 4/21/09
"you seem to have no idea do you? any flame, nomatter whos it is or where its from, once its within my range... i can take it as my own!" before being hit, the lightning for an instant retook its origonal shape of flame, due to serpenter ability. he turned it, and allowed it to blast back at zein as, reforming its structure to lightning on its own.
"as a god... you can not resist my might! bow down!" he roared, before bursting out in an immence laughter.
Posted 4/21/09
zein kicked down to the water sending an air blast which caused a wave of water to rise and devour the flames "not bad" zein said with a mocking tone"but you have yet to understand my powers" zein grinned "i guess its ok if i step it up a level against you" zein put up his hood and an imence amout of energy began to pour out "allow me to show you the contrast between evil and good demons and angels" zein smiled "my name is zein akuma.do you no what akuma means?" zein paused for his responce
Posted 4/21/09
"but of course.... devil. heh. but do you know what Rex means?" he said with a sneer. "this is just a friendly. getting carried away as you are? what about on the real battle field. your running quickly out of tricks. and i still havens shown half of my abilitys. their are different shades to my flame. your only whitnessing the lightest" he roared out in an insane laughter again.
Posted 4/21/09
zein quickly laughed "hmm rex? no i dont know" zein then looked at him "you really don`t get it?" this is just me finialy getting into battle form" zeins energy started to spin around him furiously "before now i have been just in the form i use for everyday things, i use it because its troublesome to walk around at full power so i put seals on it so i could easly restrict it" zein smiles "untill now i have not been able to use an of my energy i have been drawing energy from the wind" zein smiles "dont worry i no this is a friendly, thats why im only letting a very restricted amout of my energy out, this is not a battle to the death but i would feel bad if i held back anymore than this"
Posted 4/21/09
Serpenter laughed. "it sounds.... interesting. Rex. it means King. i am the man who will stand on top of everything. i will control this world." he smirked, before throwing a fireball into the air. when it was high in the sky, it exploded, showering the arena in a purple flame. the illusion was dispelled as the flames set on the ground, and the arena became visible again.

"for now, this battle is over. untill we meet on the battle field."
he grinned broadly. "ammuse me, zain. you were an interesting opponent."
Posted 4/21/09
zein sighs "i look forward to seeing more of your ability and also i wanna see if i can copy some of it" zein laughs "next time you see me i wont be nearly as nice" zein dissappears and you hear a voice in your head "untill the next time we meet serpenter-chan"
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Posted 4/22/09
*i walk at the colosium's stairs only to see tat the fight was alrdy over*
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