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Why do cheats exist???
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Posted 4/9/11
Because someone just thought of the idea.
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Posted 4/10/11
I figured they were created for people who had already beaten the game and wanted to spice it up a little bit.
Posted 4/22/11
Cheats exist because even cheaters like to play videogames. (/._.)/
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Posted 4/23/11
I think cheats are either used to test the later parts of the game, instead of going through 8 hours of content to just test a minute of it or something. Also some cheats are added just for the fun of it, such as lightning effects and unicorns on assassin's creed (as an example).

The only cheats that are made to make the game easier to complete for everyone are the ones made by programs like gameshark. Which defeat the whole point of progressing in a game.
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