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Kim Young Jun and Hwang Jung Eum for We Got Married
Posted 4/22/09

The current season of We Got Married has been criticized by many for being unrealistic and boring but marriage is NOT just about being lovey dovey together!

As a result, the We Got Married team is planning on recreating the show with a whole new concept by bringing in couples who are currently dating for real! The first ones that have been confirmed are SG Wannabe’s Kim Young Jun and actress Hwang Jung Eum. This couple didn’t even try to keep their romantic status a secret from the beginning, and they have now been together for three years. According to Kim Young Jun, “We do have highs and lows just like any other couples, but that is only because we love each other.”

They are definitely searching for the wow factor by taking this big risk of revealing the celebs “real” relationships since the viewers expect something more than a puppy love story. I am just a little concerned about how far reality shows go these days. This show will give so much publicity to the couple, that's without a doubt. But the fame might just cause them to forget what is truly valuable and the importance of their private lives.

credit : ALLKPOP
Posted 4/23/09
i think their is not excitement if they couple is already in real life...

for my opinion...

because we didn't see how their feelings grow
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Posted 4/23/09
I was thinking that as I was reading the post lol.
u took the keys off my keyboard.
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Posted 6/7/09
Really does anybody know how this current season is going? or is it even going? lol i don't even know...
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Posted 6/12/10

OP has nuked. You can create the thread again, if you wish.

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