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Posted 4/22/09 , edited 4/22/09
This time is not that she's dating with some hot guy.
Recently, Narumi Riko is rumored to be bullying Shida Mirai ever since they have been in the same agency. Becausee Shida has been much more successful right away (since 14sai no haha). Now Shida has a depression and even has to go see a doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!
My friend dunt have time to translate the whole article but basically like that.

Since their agency haven't confirm this , I dunt know if i should trust this or not but i believe entertainment exist this "bullying". This kind of rumor is rare anyway.
Posted 4/23/09 , edited 4/23/09
she been bullied?wat the f*ck...and whose narumi riko?
i don't even know her..nway if this is true dat riko is such a b*tch(if it's true)
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Posted 4/24/09 , edited 4/24/09
wth was narumi riko doing to our mirai-chan!!? doing the 'bully' thingy just because of fame??! it's her fault if she's not as popular as mirai-chan now! just mind her own business and instead, support mirai-chan! BAKA!
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Posted 4/27/09 , edited 4/27/09
that narumi riko is so mean! if shida is really seeing a doctor because of that "bullying", i hope that it won't be that serious

don't mind that narumi riko mirai-chan!!!!! we will support you all the way!!!
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Posted 4/28/09 , edited 4/28/09
aaaarhg :fury: i've always liked narumi riko but mirai-chan is still and will always be my no. 1 fave J actress...anyways if this article is really true, this makes me sad and it makes me mad at narumi riko, just because mirai is more successfull than her that doesnt mean that she has to bully her or anything, she is sooo harsh for doing that and what a shallow mind she has..that's why she cant be more successful just like mirai 'coz she is soo not nice....but i hope this isnt true at all and i hope mirai-chan is perfectly fine and is in a perfectly good condition....MIRAI-CHAN FIGHTING!!!! WE YOUR FANS ARE HERE FOR YOU SO DONT MIND THOSE HATERS AND THOSE INSECURE PEOPLE AROUND YOU
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Posted 5/11/09 , edited 5/11/09
I know that Mirai-chan will be fine!!!!!!!
She'll never lose to that kind of girl!!!

YO!!! Add me to her supporters!!! I really love Mirai-chan!!!! She's such a sweet girl...

If this is true... I'LL HATE THAT NARUMI!!
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Posted 5/11/09 , edited 5/11/09
Narumi Riko
Ikeuchi Aya's Sister in 1 Litre of Tears
Ikeuchi Ako is her name there~
i hope it's just a rumor!
you can see the lsit of artist in that agency~
theres a new girl there!
and she's cute too~
Posted 5/28/09 , edited 5/28/09

HAI~ im not sure to believe this too. but im more in the "believing" side because
1.] the girl [riko narumi] looks like a real ikenai girl.
2.] the agency wouldn't really confirm it because [i think] if they would, the agency's reputation might get bad! sou deshou~
3.] it's COMMON for talents to argue or fight because of fame. it happens here in our country also.. so it's common and that riko-san might really have been doing it!

maa, NIHON NI IKUSO!! let's cheer up mirai-san if it really did happen ^_^ let's wait for real announcement. well i hope it's not true. mirai-san will get hurt
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