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Chapter 1


"Hey Haruna, let's go to that old building built behind our school this night. They say there's a ghost."

"What? Of course I won't go if there's a ghost."

"It's okay, we're just want to prove that there is no ghost living there."

"Okay, but you must always be with me."

"We're friends, why should we leave you?"

"Hmm... I'll think about that."


Haruna seats between Aiko and Hiro. She looks so pale, after that incident.

She've been tricked by her stupid 'friends', Miako and her gang. She thought they are the most kind friends she'd ever had. She was wrong.

When they arrived at the old building, Miako pushed Haruna and took of Haruna's shoes. Then she threw them far in the bushes.

"Take it." said Miako.

"But wait for me."

"Why I should wait for you while I'm the one who throw them?"

"So you're the one who should take them for me." said Haruna.

"It's yours, and not mine. And I'm not your slave, but you're the one that is called slave."

Haruna stand up, and go to the bushes where Miako threw her shoes. Miako asked her friends to run away.
They giggled loudly and left Haruna alone in the middle of night.

Then after Haruna found her shoes, she doesn't know where she was. She cried loudly and a hunter saw her.
He brought her home and explained everything to her mother.

"You're grounded for 2 weeks. So you can't go anywhere this school holiday."

"Haruna! What page we're reading now?"

"Err.. 23..."

"You're so slow! We're now at page 25! Now stand outside the class!" Miss Rin said angrily.

Haruna stand up slowly, walking infront the class. Many eyes looking at her. Haruna feels embarassed.

"What a shame."


"Haruna, let's go to the cafeteria." Aiko asked.

"Sorry, but Miss Rin asked me to clean up the tables first."

"Let me help you."


After finished, they go the cafeteria and enjoyed their lunch.

To be continued...
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Posted 4/22/09
I know I'm not good.. >.<
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Chapter 2

"Haruna, here's a diary that I get as a gift from the mall."

"Wow, it's so pretty! Where did you got this diary?"

"I've been browsing for a ghost story at a new book store, The Mystery Books, and I bought 5. Then they gave me this and said this is really a good gift and don't make fun of it. I'm afraid so I give it to you." said Haruna's sister, Haruka.


Haruka run away from Haruna's bedroom and quickly she get into hers.

"What a dude." "This is awesome!! I think I should write something in it.."

Day:______Month:_______ Year: 2009

Dear my new diary,

Hi! My name is Haruna, and I'm 14 this year. Gonna be 15 soon. ^^
I'm glad the Mystery Books gave you to my sister. You're such a fortune!!
So here I will like to write my thoughts and wishes. Hope all of them become true. ^^

That's all for now,


To be continued...
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