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Gene Technology Is Racism
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Posted 4/22/09 , edited 4/22/09
Posted 4/22/09
Oh, oh, oh. I want mines to be tall and African American so he can dunk on hoops and hoes. -:D
Posted 5/22/09
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Posted 5/22/09 , edited 5/22/09
What does genetechnology have to do with the israli palestinian conflict?

I didn't get that.

The first half is about gene technology.

Putter wrote:
GENEVA (Reuters) – Technology allowing parents to choose the genetic characteristics of their babies threatens to breed new forms of racism, the Vatican told a United Nations race conference on Wednesday.

Pope Benedict earlier this week said the heated U.N. forum, which several Western powers are boycotting to avoid giving legitimacy to criticism of Israel, was an important initiative to confront all forms of modern discrimination.

"The Holy See is also alarmed by the still latent temptation of eugenics that can be fueled by techniques of artificial procreation and the use of 'superfluous embryos'," Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, Vatican observer to the U.N. in Geneva said.

"The possibility of choosing the color of the eyes or other physical characteristic of a child could lead to the creation of a 'subcategory of human beings' or the elimination of human beings that do not fulfill the characteristics predetermined by a given society."

The second is about Israel.

Putter wrote:
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has cast a long shadow over the Geneva meeting that formally wraps up on Friday.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made international headlines on its opening day on Monday when he denounced Israel as a racist state, prompting dozens of delegates to stream out.

Pro-Israeli and Jewish groups had urged the Vatican to boycott the meeting alongside Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Canada, and Israel.

But Tomasi said it was important for religious voices to be heard at such forums.

"In the fight against racism, faith communities play a major part," he said.

He also cited concerns that "an increased fragmentation of social relations in our multicultural societies" and the world's economic crisis has made vulnerable people even more so.

Can't see any links between the two topics.
Posted 5/22/09
......I wonder why race is still even an's 2009

whatever, people are going to create some Frankenstein thing...just watch.

Posted 5/22/09
not really. solely why would a racist have a black child? if they're so racist they;d act so id think.
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Posted 5/22/09

settle down shaneequa!!
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Posted 5/23/09
Did they try this before?
Posted 5/23/09 , edited 5/23/09
Would be great if you'd learn the concept of the terms "racism" and "eugenics". Eye colour, and other similar features have nothing to do with racism.

This thread's topic is absolutely inane. I wish someone would lock this thread. Or at least change the word racism into discrimination since gene technology hasn't anything to do with racism since it's more about how to improve the human body's strength, condition, resistance against illnesses and other such matters which isn't directly linked to racial matters. Trying to achieve perfect human bodies through genetic manipulation.

And finally, coming to eugenics. People tend to link eugenics with the concept of Nazi eugenics which is definitely not the same; common misconception. It's mainly about, as previously mentioned, getting rid of inheritable undesirable traits such as genetic defects which again can't be linked with racism in such a form. The only reproach you could make would be that the means of eugenics are unethical and discriminatory against all those who weren't born with good physical, genetic and other traits which certainly can't be linked to racism unless, of course, you're referring to the Nazi eugenics, and other forms of eugenics, which wasn't really about improving the human gene pool - more like cleansing one human race of other races and bringing it back to its very roots in this case - aryan roots.

Well, in fact, there is more than one form of eugenics. People nowadays just tend to disassociate themselves of the term eugenics because of it being referred to as a form of scientific racism. In fact, eugenics has been tainted by that very notion; scientific racism. The original notion of eugenics was to increase intelligence, and better the gene pool of humanity - perfecting the human body - which wasn't really related to race. In fact, I believe that almost every race or ethnic group seemed to have a form of eugenics ongoing sometimes in their history...such as the famous Spartans who committed infanticide to cleanse their people from people who were considered as incapable of living for not being physically strong enough, etc. A form of artificial natural selection so to say which again can't be directly linked with races, and even less with racism.
Posted 5/23/09 , edited 4/28/16
Article no longer exists

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