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Posted 4/22/09 , edited 4/23/09
im making this thread because the leader tix002 cant make a new thread.....lame.
ill let him tell you the details
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Posted 4/26/09 , edited 4/27/09
hey, I'm lazil the group leader, and I'll be running a tight ship from here on out.

to end the dictatorship of the village leaders. Like the akatsuki we will be after the tailed beasts, but we are not to seal them within a statue, but into our selves. The deal is if you are the one who captures the tailed beast, it will be sealed within that person. This is so that only the strongest of us will get the power to destroy dictatorship within our great world.

Current target: raikage

I will only accept a handfull of skilled shinobi, and only those who will fallow me to the end. Trechery will be punishable by the removal of your tailed beast and immediate death.
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