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Posted 4/22/09 , edited 4/23/09
Hi!!!! wait...whats the date?!?!?! *looks around her house* Oh Wait! I have a calendar on this thing, RIGHT!! *giggles and flicks computer screen* Ow! is the 23/4/09

Hi Hi Minna!

Ok quickly so info about me.

Is 14
Plays Piano and sings
Loves music and drama
loves the computer and the net
loves writing
is a girl guide, but is quitting in a week
loves school (yes i know, I'm a freak)
and anything i can think of, I will add later but anyway ON WITH THE STORY!

Gosh life sucks huh? I mean 2 weeks ago i basically broke up with my on and off boyfriend of 1 year, I was meant to be going to Newcastle, Australia for a week these easter holidays, but something happened to my mum, and she is really depressed (Sorry, but its kinda private), and i have been so bored sh!tless for the last week and 6 days.

Oh well, it can only get better right?

I'm getting the chance to march in the ANZAC day parade on Saturday this week which is always fun, but that will only be for just over an hour.

Oh well some good thing did come out of these hols. I got a new Ipod nano, its purple and its realy cool. I used to have an Ipod shuffle, but i gave it grandma when i got my new one. and well....well...thats about all the good things really. Oh well, can't wait for school.

Next wednesday is the School Athletics carnival, and I hope my house wins. I might go in a few events, but I will cheer as well. Its gonna be a hard day though, because the last athletics carnival(last year) was basically the first date i ever went on with my ex(he isn't allowed to date until he's 15 which is two days after me).

Oh well, wish me luck! maybe i can finish my stories this weekend! lol (not bloody likely)

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