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Post Reply top 5 most well drawn manga..
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Posted 2/13/10
Full Moon wo Sagashite, Kamichama Karin, Watashi ni XX Shinasai, and Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch. Of course. =3
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Posted 2/13/10 , edited 2/13/10
where can you find the manga Saiunkoku Monogatari? I've seen some of the anime and really like it, but couldn't find the manga
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Posted 2/13/10
easy! at the top of my head....
Tite Kubo
Katsura Hoshino
Matsuri Hino
Arina Tanemura
Sorano Kairi
Kaori Yuki
Amano Akira
Yuu Watase
Yana Toboso
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Posted 2/18/10
Bride of the Water God - So much detail in every picture

Yotsuba&! - Simple yet really cute and funny
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Posted 2/19/10
Wow.. The lists here are pretty awesome. I am always amazed by the level of detail in the following:

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Limitless Fortres...
Posted 2/20/10
I usually define a great artist as one who's art is so unique or distinctive that I always can recognize the art as belonging to that artist.

I will agree with the others who mentioned:

Yun Mi-kyung - Bride of the Water God
Miura Kentaro - Berserk
Yagi Norihiro - Claymore
Midorikawa Yuki - Natsume Yuujincho

all of those artists have very unique styles.

The following I didn't see mentioned but are some of my favorites as well:

Mori Kaoru (Emma, Otoyomegatari)

Akino Matsuri (Pet Shop of Horrors:

You Higuri (Cantarella- someone may have mentioned this artist already, but I find the following image so beautiful...):

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Posted 3/18/10
^^ Ill list some.

Vampire Knight

Kamichama Karin Chu (By Koge Donbo) [Her work is amazing.((:]

Other works by Koge Donbo:
(Doki Doki Tama tan) [I dont like the plot but the art is cute.]


And Watashi ni xx Shinasai!:

And also Shugo Chara:
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22 / F / The Netherlands
Posted 3/18/10
These are some anime's/manga's I think that are very well-drawn.

Of course Death Note.

and Trinity Blood.

I like the style of Bleach, too.


Hakushaku to Yousei

So there you have some
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22 / F / The land of sheep.
Posted 3/19/10

riavan wrote:

I'm sorry, I didn't think 'well drawn' meant best generic shojo style manga!

On snap.

Quoted for the damn truth, this place is full of Vampire Knight crap.

If you want to know about good art styles you're asking the wrong place.

Ask an artist, not a reader. The reader isn't going to the different between average art and good art.
One takes a lot more pen control and effort than the other.

Big round eyes and small faces. (Chibis are 10X easier to draw, so this is considered a lazy art style)
(the proportion in this pic is terrible)
*generic shojo art* Big round eyes and small faces, no variation in in faces etc etc etc.

(People might complain that art styles are always different) This style is different and it's still better.
More realistic mature style, is more suitable and culture-friendly towards those who don't usually watch anime.
This entire forum feels like it's full of immature girls.

And why the f!ck would people suggest 1/2 Prince as good art? I can draw better than that.
No wonder I hate this place.
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31 / M / Singapore
Posted 3/19/10
- Berserk
- Gantz!
- Blame!
- Naruto
- Shin Angyo Onshi
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20 / F / CT
Posted 3/23/10
i agree with you~!! well only on two of what you wrote
Beauty Pop
Skip Beat
are really well drawn~!
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23 / Malaysia
Posted 3/24/10 , edited 3/24/10

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Posted 6/26/10
^ totally agree with you and chibbikitteh....
dobo jo's work is soo adorable <3
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Posted 6/26/10
I'm sorry to be the bag of hate here but....I hate the art for about 60% of the posted manga's art here Just my opinion. Here's my list if you don't want to kill right now

KAITAI SHINSHO 0 - http://www.mangafox.com/manga/kaitai_shinsho_0/ (Place to read it and see the art)

Dragon Eye - http://www.mangafox.com/manga/dragon_eye/

Darker Than Black: Shikkoku no Hana - http://www.mangafox.com/manga/darker_than_black_shikkoku_no_hana/

Defense Devil - http://www.mangafox.com/manga/defense_devil/

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai - http://www.mangafox.com/manga/boku_wa_tomodachi_ga_sukunai/ (Only one chapter out so far but I think the art pretty good)

Again don't hate , I tried to be as nice as I could. Then again I saw some stuff I liked...just not much.
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24 / F / Singapore
Posted 6/27/10
i like works by hirotaka kisaragi like kyoudai gentei, his art is really good

& kuroshitsuji, xxxholic :3
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