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top 5 most well drawn manga..
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28 / M / Finland
Posted 7/1/10 , edited 7/2/10
In the end it all boils down to what you appreciate in art. Still some styles are obviously more detailed and harder to create.
Berserk, Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita), Battle Royal, 20th Century Boys, Vagabond, Planetes, Blade of the Immortal, Emma, Gantz, Shin Angyo Onshi, King of Thorn, Black Lagoon, Full Moon wo Sagashite and so on.

Also some styles that differ from the norm are interesting. For example FLCL, Yotsuba&!, Akagi, Lone Wolf and Cub and One Piece.

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F / Wouldn'tUlike2kno...
Posted 7/1/10 , edited 7/1/10
As lots of said.. it comes down to what kind of style you like. *shrugs* As for me..

Bride of the Water God
Magical JxR
Natsume's Book of Friends
Sailor Moon
Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
La Corda d'Oro
Pandora Hearts
Venus Capriccio
Cardcaptor Sakura
Barajou no Kiss
After School Nightmare
Sugar Princess
+ many, many more

ps: Whoops! I gave you more than Sorry about that.

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35 / M
Posted 7/1/10 , edited 7/1/10
Black Lagoon, Planetes, Claymore, Gunslinger Girl, and Suzuka are some I read that come to mind as looking particularly nice.
Posted 7/2/10
hmm here's some i think;;
-Katekyo hitman reborn
-kyo kara maoh
-Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
-666 Satan
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F / Antique bookshop
Posted 7/3/10
Boku no hatsukoi wo kimi ni sasagu
first love
ouran high school club
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Posted 7/3/10

Strobe Edge
The one
katekyo hitman reborn
Shugo Chara
Devil and her love song
lots more onl yones i could think of lol
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27 / F / gen.trias,cavite
Posted 7/3/10
all haruta nana manga!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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21 / F
Posted 7/6/10
Kuroshitsuji - OMG I fell in love with the drawing style the moment I saw it
Some examples...
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20 / F
Posted 7/6/10
Well, ALL of Arina Tanemura's mangas has really nice art styles so it's hard to choose just one of her works, so I'll.say all of her mangas. My list is...
-all of Arina Tanemura's work
-Shugo Chara
-Akuma to Love Song
-The Bride of the Water God
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23 / F
Posted 7/6/10
A lot but the one that caught my attention is Noblesse.
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27 / F / USA
Posted 7/6/10


Katekyo Hitman Reborn.
Even though it is a weekly manga, the details of the art is great.
In the beginning, the art was....
But later on, you could see the improvement, and now the art is amazing.

totally agree with u there...

I like Arina Tanemura's drawings, too...

although the stories are not my type, Hwang Mi Ri's art sure is noticeable... :P

and I found a lot of chinese mangakas that have great drawings... can't remember their names though :(

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F / On Vacation with...
Posted 7/7/10 , edited 7/7/10
1. Death Note
2. Vampire Knight
3. Kuroshitsuji
4. Lovely Complex
5. Pandora Hearts
6. Mars
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23 / F / ♥ far far away~
Posted 7/7/10
death note
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28 / M / Australia
Posted 7/8/10
I love the scenery from Aria. It's beautiful and detailed. It's one of very few mangas that has sent shivers down my spine simply by reading it and looking at the scenery. I love Amano Kozue's drawing style
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Posted 7/11/10

KyuubiBear wrote:

riavan wrote:

I'm sorry, I didn't think 'well drawn' meant best generic shojo style manga!

On snap.

Quoted for the damn truth, this place is full of Vampire Knight crap.

If you want to know about good art styles you're asking the wrong place.

Ask an artist, not a reader. The reader isn't going to the different between average art and good art.
One takes a lot more pen control and effort than the other.

Big round eyes and small faces. (Chibis are 10X easier to draw, so this is considered a lazy art style)
(the proportion in this pic is terrible)
*generic shojo art* Big round eyes and small faces, no variation in in faces etc etc etc.

(People might complain that art styles are always different) This style is different and it's still better.
More realistic mature style, is more suitable and culture-friendly towards those who don't usually watch anime.
This entire forum feels like it's full of immature girls.

And why the f!ck would people suggest 1/2 Prince as good art? I can draw better than that.
No wonder I hate this place.

I love you. (except Bleach has terrible art)

Most shonen and shojo art is downright terrible but people still suggest it is good.
Bad shojo art? Vampire Knight, Nana, Full Moon wo Sagashite, SkipBeat, Fruits Basket, the list goes on and on and maybe Kimi no Todoke escapes the list because the art is good.
Good shojo art? Kimi ni Todoke

Bad shonen art? Every single one. (in Bleach, backgrounds are none existent now. Lazy and stupid.)
Good? Nothing except MAYBE One Piece for showing effort.

Seriously, it's not about big eyes, screen tones, and what's your fave story, it's about what's actually well drawn. And Vampire Knight is not it.

(Ouran is the worst drawn shojo)
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