KDrama-2009] Strike Love / 2009 Alien Baseball Team
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TV Show: 2009 Alien Baseball Team / Strike Love
Revised romanization: 2009 Oein Kudan
Hangul: 2009 외인구단
Genre: Sport, romance
Director: Chang-su Song
Writer: Mi-na Hwang, Hyeon-se Lee (comic)
Network: MBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: May 2 - June 21, 2009
Runtime: Wednesday 22:00-22:54
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


Hye-seong Oh (Tae-yeong Yun), who excelled at skipping rocks as a child, loved Eom-ji Choi (Kim Min-Jung). As childhood friends Eom-ji Choi made Hye-seong's life warm. Ten years later Hye-seong Oh has become a baseball player and meets Eom-ji again. She is in a relationship with another childhood friend Dong-tak Ma (Seong-min Park).

One day, Hye-seong hides his injury as a pitcher and throws a perfect game. After that performance he disappears. Several years later, Hye-seong shows up with other baseball players who have sad stories and are thought of as cast-offs. They are known as "Kyong-pyoii Woeinjudan".


1. Based on a popular comic by Hyeon-se Lee titled "공포의 외인구단" (Kong-pyoui Woeinjudan = Horror Alien Baseball). The 1986 film "Lee Jang-ho's Baseball Team" is also based on the same comic book. The "alien" term refers to people on the fringes of society rather than extra-terrestrial beings.
2. "Strike Love" was originally scheduled to have 20 episodes, but due to lower than expected television ratings has been shortened to 16 episodes.


Yoon Tae Young as Oh Hye Sung
- Park Seung Do as Oh Hye Sung (teen)

Kim Min Jung as Choi Eom Ji
- Choi Hye Kyung as Choi Eom Ji (teen)

Park Sung Min as Ma Dong Tak
- Lee Pyong Woon as Ma Dong Tak (teen)

Song Ah Young as Choi Hyun Ji
- Kim Ye Won as Choi Hyun Ji (child)

Im Hyun Sung as Baek Doo San
Park Jung Hak as Jo Sang Gu
Lee Jung Joon as Choi Kwan
Lee Han Sol as Ha Geuk Sang
Jun In Taek as Son Byung Ho
Geum Bo Ra as (Eom Ji & Hyun Ji’s mother)
Lee Kye In as (Hye Sung’s father)
Ahn Sun Young as (Eom Ji’s friend)
?? as Lee Chil Sung
?? as Na Kyung Do
Choi Ik Sung (최익성)
Kim Sun Kyung
Hong Choong Min (cameo)

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Credits pics : dramabeans
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ungumuda wrote:

Credits pics : dramabeans

Yuck! Do not want!..

Mebe it'll be good..?
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