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Hetalia Family~
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33 / M / Sengoku Jidai
Posted 5/24/09 , edited 5/25/09
Doesn't France stalk everybody?
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22 / F
Posted 5/24/09 , edited 5/25/09
lol, your right XD
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Posted 5/28/09 , edited 5/29/09

ShintarouInuzuka wrote:

Doesn't France stalk everybody?

That's a fact!
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25 / F / U.S.
Posted 6/6/09 , edited 6/6/09

Father: Estonia
Yay, hopefully I can got some of those genes!! =D He'd be a nice daddy

Mother: China
XD Is it bad that I do kind of see him as a Mommy figure?...

Sibling 1: Switzerland

Sibling 2: Roma-jii
Well, at least he could protect me from the other brother!! I'd love to have him as a big bro.

Pet: Latvia
YES YES YES!! <3 He's sooo friggen cute.

Best friend: Greece
He'd be a very low maintenence friend lol We could talk about cats...when he's not sleeping.

Lover: Germany
Lmao. I'm not sure what to say to that....but we all know he has his soft side so that's good ;D

Stalker: Japan
8D I think I'd enjoy that to be honest
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Home of Northern...
Posted 6/6/09 , edited 6/7/09
I put in my norwegian name, and got:

Father: Switzerland

Mother: Lichtenstein
Wait... Aren't Switzerland and Lichtenstein siblings...? So it's... I-incest...? o_O" XD

Sibling 1: Seychelles

Sibling 2: Sweden
I would love to have a brother like him XD

Pet: Japan
Aaw~ *Huggies*

Best friend: Belgium
Hehe, um... Sure...?

Lover: Greece
He's cute, lol x)

Stalker: Prussia
Omg XD
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29 / F
Posted 6/9/09 , edited 6/9/09
Here is what I got :

Father: Lithuania
A good father I can count on for anything
Mother: Ukraine
A nice mother with such big boobs O.O
Sibling #1: Seychelles
An amazing sister with killer fishing skills
Sibling #2: Belarus
I hope she doesn't stick a knife behind for being near Russia
My Pet: Austria ^w^
As long as I feed him cake and have his piano to keep him happy ^^
My lover: England
I get to enjoy & suffer his cooking while enjoying his fantasy stories
My stalker: Hong-Kong ? I being followed by him?

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Posted 6/9/09 , edited 6/10/09
:3 ...

Father: Korea
lol everything originated from dad! <33

Mother: Greece
lots of cats now I guess. :O My mom is a guy...

sibling #1: South Italy er Romano
A tsundere bro!

sibling #2: Seychelles
lots of fish. ouo

Pet: Leit
lololololol x3

Best Friend: Hungary
Fry pan everyone! :D

Lover: Spain
o__o ... I shall pair him with Romano. xD

Stalker: Russia
he's a pro stalker D:

2nd attempt:

Father: Rome-jii-chan
omgsh cool xD hope he can appear out of nowhere and sing the poem like in ep 19.

Mother: Ukraine
Uhh that's cool, she has a big chest though .__.

sibling #1: America
I have the awesomest sibling <3 HE'S THE #1 HERO!

sibling #2: Hungary
Woohoo more fryingpan time.

pet: Egypt
o u o ............

best friend: Japan
omgsh yay one of my most faved characters! <33 I've always wanted him as a bff :D

Lover: Iceland
He's cool. :D

Stalker: Russia
still my stalker o___o He's defintly out to get me. *shifty eyes and looks for panda
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22 / F
Posted 6/9/09 , edited 6/10/09
lol, guys thanks for taking the quiz~

I hope you enjoyed it~ ^-^
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25 / F / Anime wonderland~ XD
Posted 6/12/09 , edited 6/12/09
Father: Holy Roman Empire
OMG!! XD MY gone.... ._. T^T
Mother: America
WTF?? XD my mommy's a guy!!! XD
Burgers forever!!!! XD
Sibling #1: Japan
KYAAA!!!! XD Nihon-kun is my nii-chan!! X3
Sibling #2: Russia
._. my brother is the character i'm scared of..... ._. ..... AWESOME!!! XD
Pet: Seychelles
no comment ._.
Best friend: Belgium
Lover: Estonia
=D ........ D=
Stalker: Austria
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25 / F / U.S.
Posted 6/16/09 , edited 6/16/09
Mm, took it again just for the heck of it

Father: Germany
I think he has it in him to be a good dad...maybe...

Mother: N. Italy
XD So cute!! Such a loving mother, who'd bake me nothing but pasta...

Sibling: Poland
Aww, how cute

Sibling: S. Italy
Romano is my brother and Feliciano is my mom? How the hell.....
Oh well, he's adorable, and easy to tease XD

Pet: Belarus
She'd be protective :3

Best friend: Taiwan
She's so cute =D

Lover: Belgium
Ah, so I'm lesbian with a drunk..."Time for Alcoholics Anonymous, sweetie!"

Stalker: Sealand
XD! I stalk myself. I'm just that cool
....Sealand is a very lonely nation, okay? ;_;
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23 / F / EARTH. ...maybe? ouo
Posted 6/29/09 , edited 6/29/09
Father: Greece
yay! tons of cats in our house~
Mother: Latvia
aww, mommy, don't cry XD
sibling 1: austria
YAY! roderich nii-chan, teach me how to play the piano!
sibling 2: ukraine
lol, I have a sister, yay!
pet: taiwan
lolz, be my pet cat!
best friend: china
haha, lolz, I get an immortal 4000 year old bishie as a bff~~
lover: germania
stalker: turkey
say wha---

second time(I sorta got addicted to it...hehehe)

father: sweden
yay! su-sa-- I mean otou-san! too bad finland isn't my mom...
mother: spain
tomatoes every day! (aww, I love romanoxspain...)
sibling 1: sealand
he'd be a handful XD (lol, if only our mom was finland, the family would be complete...oh well, I love spain XD )
sibling 2: prussia
woot! I always wanted a cool older brother with a complex XD
pet: iceland
yay! iceland-sama is my pet! I wonder what kind of pet he'd be...
best friend: lithuania
like, omg! liet is like my bff! like totally! yay!
lover: hongkong
omg, it's a dream come true~~
stalker: taiwan
so first she's my cat, now she's my stalker? we're both girls!!! XD
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23 / F / Narnia
Posted 7/1/09 , edited 7/1/09
MOTHER: Greece
Sibling1: Germany
-tough older brother-
Sibling2: Spain
-mmhhmmm rico tomato (good song btw)-
pet: S.Italy
-spain's pet XD-
Best Friend: Hungary
Lover: Liechtenstein
-she's adorable-
Stalker: France
-y am i not shocked? i can see it!-
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26 / F / in oyur facebook,...
Posted 7/11/09 , edited 7/11/09
FATHER: Greece
Kitties! ^-^ nyaaan~~
GreeceXjapan? Wooo...favorite pairing!
Sibling1: Romano (S.Italy)
xD Awesome!
Sibling2: China
Awwez...I has a protective brother!
pet: Turkey
Haha My pet is a turkey! *pets turkey* i'm not gonna eat you for new years dinner!
Best Friend: Latvia
Aww! don't cry! *protects against bullies*
Lover: Egypt
XD YAY! love Egypt!
Stalker: Ameri*cough*Canada
OMG Ameri...canada is stalking meeeh T.T
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22 / F
Posted 7/17/09 , edited 7/17/09
lol, you got lucky~ x3
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23 / F / A Nuclear Wasteland
Posted 7/19/09 , edited 7/19/09
Father: Hungary
(Shouldn't this be the other way around?!)
Mother: North Italy?

Sibling 1: UK
(haha bushy eye brows xD)
Sibling 2: China
(he could count as a sister cause of the long pony tail
Pet: Austria
(so my pet is a good match for my supposed father? Hmmmm you would never suspect them haveing an affair!)
Best Friend: Germany

Lover: France
(he must be a good lover! ;)

Stalker: Romano(I think it was him >.< hahaha
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