Joo Ji Hoon’s Job Going Under
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Posted 4/28/09 , edited 4/28/09

Joo Ji Hoon's future in showbiz is becoming more and more unclear after his recent problem with drugs.

He was recently spotted for a part in the new drama Tokyo Tower opposite actress Kim Ji Soo and had even gotten to the contract signing stage. However, it is possible that the contract will be dissolved due to his involvement in the scandal.

Officials involved in the making of Tokyo Tower stated, "Although Joo Ji Hoon's casting wasn't complete, it is true that it had came down to the contract stage. We are also very shocked over this scandalous event. The producers are now seriously considering his appearance in the drama. Truthfully, wouldn't his appearance in the drama be rather difficult? But there will be no problems with the filming of the drama itself. With or without the problem of Joo Ji Hoon's scandal, we plan to keep going and will start filming by end May or early June." Even though the drama problem wasn't really mentioned earlier, it was pretty obvious that they would have difficulty casting Joo Ji Hoon in it after this.

His movie Antique Bakery is being pulled early from Japanese theaters and his movie The Naked Kitchen is obviously not going to make it. Even his sold out fan meetings on the 15th & 16th in Osaka and Yokohama have been canceled (read that lawsuits incoming).
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U duplicate ur own thread.
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it is true that joo ji hoon taking drug???
he so cute to do that..
i cant believe this is happen
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Repeated thread

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