How to use the Clone Tool
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Posted 4/30/09 , edited 4/30/09
Open your saved file in GIMP. From the toolbar, select the clone tool from the tools palette. As in Photoshop, the clone tool looks like a rubber stamp. Notice the properties for the tool below the word clone.

Notice the dotted line selection area. This is the tool you will use to select the area to clone from. To select the area, move the mouse to where you want to clone from and move it over that area while holding the CONTROL key and clicking the right mouse button.

Set the clone mode to NORMAL. This will allow you to paint the new area with the clone selection that you made. You can also choose to replace color or clone behind the image area you select. In this case, we will replace the man with a clone of the woman.
We selected a large clone brush and adjusted the size using the SCALE slider which makes the selected brush smaller or larger.

Using small circular motions, we begin to paint the area we selected over the area we are painting. Notice the image of the woman begin to appear over the man. This is because we chose normal mode.

In the final image we have replaced the man with the woman. At first glance it looks OK, but look a little closer. Notice the difference in the background and the missing part of the woman. This is not a procedure that can be done casually to create a great image. Experiment with color replacement, behind and dissolve modes to get the effect you want.
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