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Penitents (a.k.a magdarame) For The Filipino People
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30 / M / North Carolina
Posted 6/20/09
LOL Radicals, LOL.

I agree, they decide to whip themselves like that, get a water gun of alcohol and maybe salt and just go at it. They want to be dumb fucktards and do that to themselves, go right ahead, tape it while you're at it, there are bored children all around the world who will benefit from seeing this. DON'T SIN IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU FUCKING RETARDS. If you're that radical, you shouldn't be doing sins to the point you feel like doing that to yourselves.
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F / Chansung's ♥
Posted 11/18/09
Aren't they called mandurugo? OMG! I'm scared of them, since I was little. & even when I go back to Phils for a vacation on Aprils I still get scared of them.... even the Jesus carrying the cross. XD
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Posted 6/6/10
The Vatican approves of that, lulz
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Cassiopeia conste...
Posted 7/20/10
uhh. personally, i think that these ppl are taking this whole thing a bit.. uhh. overboard(?)
are they like the ones who actually nail their hands and feet to a cross like what was done to Jesus?
this kinda creeps me out
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24 / bOx
Posted 10/18/10
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Posted 9/17/11
I'm writing a report about this for my english class and being raised in Pampanga where this is fairly popular, I just wanted to address the misconceptions that are being expressed in these forums.

First and foremost, this practice is a very old tradition that has simply carried on through the years. Yes, the Catholic religion had a strong influence on how this came to be, but nowadays this tradition has transformed into something more of an reenactment, a show to commemorate, on a more visual level, the sufferings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

These 'magdarames' were also my neighbors when I used to live there and I have talked to some of them as to why they voluntarily do this and sadly, the majority of them are not doing it for "atonement of their sins" (although some do as they find relief by punishing themselves). A lot of them simply like the attention. A sort of bragging rights where they can say "hehe I look badass and everyone is staring at me". This may not sound as commendable as what the original purpose of this practice was but just as I stated before, this tradition has evolved over the years as more of a reenactment, a show.

Last thing I want to say to those who are stating that it is wrong to hurt themselves so much is that they're not actually in a lot of pain. I've seen the method on how they get that blood. It's real blood yes but what they do is they slightly poke a needle on several points on their back and let the blood ooze out. Then the whip is there to spread the blood around to make it look bloody. The ONLY painful part is walking a couple of miles under the scorching hot summer sun. Hell, even when they stop to get "hit" by those bamboo sticks, a boy of 5 yrs old could hit harder trust me.

So for those of you out there who presume too much and try insult our culture and religion, please don't. You don't see many of us complaining on how unsightly events like Mardi Gras can get even though many deem it disgusting.
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