♥ ★♥ Interview with the winner of May's Cutest Girl Of The Month♥★♥
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Miss Pacilor's Interview:

1. how do you feel right now as the winner of this months comp?
welps... how do i feel right now? haha idk...>.<" i feel pretty awesome firstly lOLS i didn't know i was running but YAY! i'm berry a happie to know that i did idk... did i answer the question? ;P

2. Do you think of yourself as cute?

ermmm... i guess i do ^^" lOls

3. Describe yourself in 3 words.

unique, nerdIEnerd :], DIFFERENT

4. Do you wear make up?

yesh i wear makeUP but not a lot, just eye makeup

5. What is your fav colour?

6. What is your fav type of music?
i like to listen to kPOP a lot :] but i like other type of music as welps

7. Who is your fav cartoon character?
ermmm... skip ;P

8. Do you like our group?

yeah ^-^ it's an AWESOME groups ^ ^ j'adore

9. Are you active in our group?
no i'm not active in the group ooOps >.<" i'm not on crunchyroll a lot either... but i will try my best to work on that ^^ *hwaitING*

10. How hard were those questions?Rate from 1-10
eight! not a big fan of talking about myself = ="
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Coolies looking foward to it =D
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yay good answers
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