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Posted 5/3/09
---> 1. When requesting, you must use appropriate pictures.
---> 2. When requesting, you must upload the number of pics you need to get your request complete.
---> 3. When requesting, you must be patient and wait for your request to be done.
---> 4. If your request are not done in 7 days, feel free to post it in the wall and tell us what page.
---> 5. When requesting, you must follow the rules in the forum.
---> 6. Play some games.
---> 7. Help us reach our goals.
---> 8. Join the contests.
---> 9. Check our group once in a while. It will be update.
---> 10. No bad language.
---> 11. Don't be mean to the mods or creator.
---> 12. Mods should always copyright their work.
---> 13. Follow these rules and you should be okay.
---> 14. Have fun!!
---> 15. More shall be added soon.
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