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Posted 5/4/09 , edited 5/5/09
What does it feel to be alONE? Some people describe this feeling as if something in their life is missing. AlONE…. why does this word have such a big importance in my life well if you look closely this word is ONE of the most sad words since within there is only ONE. AlONE just ONE person only ONE person. Wow I just found this I am amaze to have found out something like this. I have finally found something that for some people may be interest, but still… there is no ONE to talk and pass this idea to. I am ONE person. I am alONE. How can this happen. I have a big family sisters, brothers, a father, a mother, grandparents, aunts, ankles, and still I feel alONE what is there for me to not feel alONE! I know there is people that loves me I’m sure of that, but as time pass this feeling is controlling my life. I wish that I could say this to someONE instead of writing this in a piece of paper. I wish that these letters could all transform into human beings, imagine that every single letter in this paper could be ONE friend for me so that I wouldn’t be alONE no more? Ha ha I think I’m getting crazy, but does having this feeling means that I’m crazy. I wonder then how not feeling alONE would be like. When I think of this idea of not being alONE some kind of energy arrows from the bottom of my stomach going all of the way to my head, making the corners of my lips move, in opposite sides its weird but I think that this is what some people call a smile. How can some alONE smile?............. I don’t know why should I know I just know I feel this and even though I know I’ am alONE I like this feeling of having a smile in my face. I think that perhaps being alONE is not always negative. I think that being alONE is more like being in the middle of twilight. In where there is darkness but still there is some light as well. It sound weird or hard to understand but when you are alONE is really easy to comprehend. I think is like being an angel and a demon at the same time. Well I think I’m more of a dark angels for my heat is pure but this word have make my dark. Well an angel sounds good but I think I kind of the reflection of a angels m.m.m.m.m. more like a legna an angel backwards. So I will then be a dark legna. Yes… yes.. I.. am Darklegna I was made to be in the light but I have fallen in a whole of lONEliness a dark whole in where only the little remaining light that I still keep inside me glow and makes the twilight in where I live. Yes… I finally have a name, a name that when I find someONE, someONE that can yell my name when that someONE needs me. And perhaps a name that someONE can think of when thinking I love you. At this point I am still alONE but I hope that ONE day I will find someONE alONE just like me and maybe be no more alONE but alTWO.

Posted 3/7/10 , edited 3/7/10
oh makes sense! ^^
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