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Post Reply Who is most compatible with Gintoki?
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27 / Kabuki-chou
Posted 10/16/09 , edited 4/2/16

salixus wrote:

Tsukuo. Definitely Tsukuyo.

SAME!!!!! I was like 'ARGH!!!!'

At first I don think anyone will be compatible with Gin san. Especially Otae cos I think she is too violent and since Kondo is so loyal to her, I am more to Otae X Kondo rather than she and Gintoki. But after ep. 179, I definitely vote for Tsukuyo
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27 / M
Posted 10/16/09 , edited 10/16/09
I had always liked Gintoki with Sa-chan since the first time they met I knew something funny was gonna happen when she popped up. Kagura and Gin have so many different levels of relationships that she sees him as family more than anything, Otae is basically a more violent Kagura without the deeper understanding that she has of Gin-chan. Gintoki's reactions to Kyubei was nice and it has some potential with the Gokon and his "sensor" but after watching the latest Gintama arc 177-180? Tsukuyo definitely gets my vote. The chemistry they have shows they would be perfect for each other . They both have difficult pasts and are desperately fighting to protect what they can.
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28 / M
Posted 11/1/09
This how I see it with gintoki pairings : First of all just want make it clear to gintoki/kagura fans it ain't going to happen they don't see each other anywhere near a couple more like family like shinpachi too.

Gintoki/kyuubei don't think he has feelings for her like that, that date episode he was just helping out trying make her feel like a women that was the point of the whole group date thing.

Gintoki/otae eh I was curious about this couple but don't think its going to happen out of all the episodes/chapters haven't seen a scene with them getting close at all, and you all remember the "the whinery" episode ;P.

Gintoki/Sa-chan pretty obvious Gintoki has no interest in her, closest they got together was the cold/flu episode and Gintoki just tricked her to get her out of the room.

Gintoki/Tama don't even know how some people even consider this couple....she's a freaking robot !!! Like him having a play toy.....

Gintoki//Tsukuyo this the couple I choose xD I hope they end up together !! A lot of people choose this couple because of the recent episodes 177+ but I was hoping for them since first appearance in the best action arc Kagura's brother. *Spoiler* Sadly I read ahead of the manga only to find 1 more scene with them two and she didn't get to finish what she was going to say either, but that arc look's funny can't wait to see it regardless on T.V. If anyone has Gintoki/Tsukuyo pictures please share xD want pass them to a friend so she can make some nice amv's on youtube of them.
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26 / M / Missouri
Posted 11/4/09 , edited 2/2/17
It definitely has to be Tsukuyo, like Gintoki said, he is only interested in powerful/hard to get women. Tsukuyo is that woman.
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44 / M / Canada
Posted 11/5/09
I gotta go with Tsukuyo.

Although after 182 I fear for her safety. She could probably take Sa-chan and Kyuubei but once Otae gets back from killing Sorachi I think she's in trouble
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38 / M / toronto
Posted 11/5/09 , edited 4/2/16
The Ninja Girl Tsukuyo
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23 / F / Canada
Posted 11/6/09
nope. no need to be afraid of her. If you want to find out wat happens, read the manga. it's hilarious.
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Posted 11/26/09 , edited 4/2/16
yes tsukuyoxgintoki wins by a margin
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28 / F
Posted 11/27/09 , edited 11/27/09
seriously, none of the girls appeared so far FITS Gin-san...

if you force me to choose one, i guess Tsukuyo then....she's such a cool chara & so cold and lonely. Her liking Gin-san is rather cute~~

the best PARTNER in crime i would say Kagura. but she's still a kid, can't imagine her being Gin-san's lover...and she has SUCH a cute bro/little sister, guardian/daughter relation with Gin-san, don't want to ruin that.
Think that relationship's far better than any coupling of Gin-san with any female chara's at the moment

maybe if Kagura grows older, i can see her liking Gin-san
then again, Kagura/Okita is a better pairing
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29 / F
Posted 12/18/09

Oldthrashbar wrote:

It definitely has to be Tsukuyo, like Gintoki said, he is only interested in powerful/hard to get women. Tsukuyo is that woman.

(I haven't watched Yoshiwara arc yet) But when did Gintoki say that? O.o Honestly, in my opinion a strong girl wouldn't suit him. I think he needs someone gentle, wise and mature (but not all whiney and a crybaby).

I'd go for Tsukuyo (I've seen random eps with her). But I think no one fits Gintoki so far.

Otae is better with Kondo, Kagura's with Okita (I think it's pretty obvious they like each other, but express it in their own way)

I don't really like Sacchan, she's pretty annoying at times.

I wish they found a girl for Hijikata! That idiot's ought to be happy, he's done so much for everyone.
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34 / M / somewhere around
Posted 1/4/10
Bumping this because this poll is more up to date.Tsukuyo really took me by surprise with her getting all close to gintama. She does seem like a good choice for gin.

But seriously you talk about those pairings but almost none of the girls on that poll show any interest on gintoki except sachan. And well otae when he had amnesia(and he was a very different gintoki), Mostly she just beats him up and gets annoyed at him.

Kagura is more like a little sister, may as well hook her up with shimpachi if you consider them compatible, and Kyuubei is nice too but also she still seems to be more comfortable around otae and is too girl like for gintoki.

Sachan looked very good at the beginning with gintoki until she was flanderizated into a crazy S&M maniac. Tsukuyo does seem like the most normal of the lot but may as well pick Ketsuno Ana which i think as the same chances of happening(that is not many)

This is exactly what was talked about on episode /135 about the lack of girl potential for romance on gintama and how they were all violent characters, maybe that had to do with the creation of Tsukuyo.
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Posted 1/13/10
So far I'm liking the chemistry between Tsukuyo x Gin-san or Otae x Gin-san (it's very subtle..e.g. when Otae knew that Gintoki would go..)

Shinpachi x Kagura or Kagura x Sougo would both be very cute. I cannot fathom the thought of Gin-san x Kagura...he treats her like a little sister. It's really more like family.

Either Kondo x Sacchan or Sacchan x Zura I always think that the comics fit best w/ the comics. (oh, but I wouldn't mind Zura w/ the ramen lady :])

and Hijikata? lol he's mine xD his charm would diminish if he were paired w/ anyone.

These are my preferences, not speculations, because I highly doubt any pairing will happen with this manga. Shonen manga rarely have definite pairings unless there is one heroine that was set up w/ the main character at the very beginning ...
Posted 1/14/10 , edited 1/14/10
Hijikata.. perhaps.. and I'm not thinking on yaoi or perverted stuff.. the topic says compatible !
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32 / M
Posted 2/11/10 , edited 4/2/16
tsukuyo and gintoki would make a pretty good couple. but i always kind of liked gintoki and sa-chan too. so i guess 1.tsukuyo 2. sa-chan,but if i had my way it would be a "harem".. gintoki x tsukuyo x sa-chan
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31 / F
Posted 6/20/10
Hmm for me its either GinxTsukuyo or GinxOtae.
I like both ideas for Gin, why the second one? Cuz I think its more like a like/hate relationship kind of.
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