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Posted 5/6/09 , edited 5/6/09
The Characters are

Mermaids Character

Lucia Human Form-

Lucia Mermaid Form-

Lucia Idol Form-

Lucia Super Idol Form-Susanavy

Hanon Human Form-

Hanon Mermaid Form-

Hanon Idol Form-

Hanon Super Idol Form-

Rina Human Form-

Rina Mermaid Form-

Rina Idol Form-

Rina Super Idol Form-

Noel Mermaid Form-

Noel Idol Form-

Karen Mermaid Form-

Karen Idol Form-

Coco Mermaid Form-

Coco Idol Form-

Sara Human Form-

Sara Mermaid Form-

Sara Idol Form-

Seira Mermaid Form-

Seira Idol Form-

Notice this is only for people who is sign up for MERMAIDS ONLY!
Posted 7/18/09
Can I be Hanon Super Idol form?
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Posted 7/19/09
Can I be luchia Super Idol Form?
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21 / F / who knows?
Posted 7/19/09
Luchia in human form please!
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