[F-Drama/Horror/Romance] Komiks Presents: Nasaan Ka, Maruja?
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Posted 5/7/09 , edited 5/7/09
Komiks Presents: Mars Ravelo's Nasaan Ka Maruja (Where Are You Maruja?) is an ABS-CBN weekly mini-series format adapted from the movie "Maruja" originally starred by Susan Roces in 1967 with Romeo Vasquez and also played by Carmina Villaroel in the same title film in 1996. It remake again in 1978 by Phillip Salvador and Susan Roces played again the character of Maruja in the film "Gumising Ka Mauja" (Wake Up Maruja). This is one of the masterpieces of Mars Ravelo. (taken from Wikipedia)

English Title: Where Are You, Maruja?

Genre: Horror, Romance

Synopsis: A beautiful young lady named Cristy has a gift of seeing and communicating with spirits. She uses her gift to help those spirits find peace. Meanwhile, she is haunted by a vague dream about Maruja and Gabriel, the ill-fated lovers from the past. One day, her half-sister and confidant Helen returns home after living in the US for many years. Helen introduces her boyfriend Ross. Cristy is surprised to see Ross who looks very much like Gabriel. But what she doesn’t know is that Ross also experiences the same dreams as hers, and in his visions, Ross pictures Cristy as Maruja. What is the connection of Cristy and Ross to Maruja and Gabriel. (taken from ABS-CBN.com)

Cast and Characters:

Kristine Hermosa as Cristy is a writer of an advice column in a magazine. She will have persistent dreams about ill-fated lovers Maruja and Gabriel.
Karylle as Helen is the half-sister and best friend of Cristy. After many years of living in the US, she will return home with her boyfriend Ross.
Derek Ramsay as Ross is the boyfriend of Helen. He has a close resemblance to Gabriel, the mysterious man in Cristy’s dreams.
John Estrada as Michael is the editor of the magazine where Cristy is working. He will harbor a secret love for Cristy.
Gloria Romero as Lola Rosing is the grandmother who will guide Cristy as she discovers the true meaning of her dreams.
Enchong Dee as Brian is the younger brother who will discover the secret of Ross.
Kitkat as Debbie is the best friend and co-worker of Cristy in the magazine.
Bing Pimentel as Sherly is the stepmother who is not in good terms with Cristy.
Menggie Cobarrubias as Alfredo is the father of Cristy and Helen.


Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFn9KpHlPFM
Episode 01 [English Subtitled]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEiNm3373sE - duration: 35 min 30 sec


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Posted 5/7/09
Kristine Hermosa as Cristy

Karylle as Helen

Derek Ramsay as Ross
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Posted 5/16/09
This show rocks really
Posted 5/16/09
cool..its sub
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F / surronded by a lo...
Posted 3/18/10
isn't that a horror show or something
i remember watching that and i couldn't stop the nightmaresss ! =.=
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