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High School Memories
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Posted 5/28/09
3rd yr.. foundation day!!!
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Posted 5/28/09

aeminence wrote:

Sekushi_Sushi wrote:

A memory I'll never forget?...It's kinda sappy but oh well.

So, I had the shitty day to end all shitty days. Everything was going so perfectly wrong. At the end of it all, I go to the bathroom and cry my eyes out for who knows how long. When I get out, there I find a boy named Brett waiting for me. Grabbed my hand and walked my home. It was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, actually...Yeah people here are usually dicks. D:

Oh shit.

You can literally say it was a..

" Walk To Remember " !!


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24 / F / Crimson Silence
Posted 5/28/09
Well, the thing I cannot forget (besides thousands of cheating in exams and being like totally "stupid" in front of people..Well, I'm me, right)
Whenever I play a guitar (I'm a girl and play some Metallica in school..I was like an alien there since the girls can play love songs or whatever).. with that song (Master of Puppets, not completely, just a couple of verses)..There are guitarists (mostly are male), are like, looking at me...XD..One guy went to me and ask what are the chords..Weh..
Posted 5/28/09

AHTL wrote:

hispandagirl wrote:

the day my husband asked me out was probably one of the best days of highschool! yay!

Good graces, married already? O_o

yeps sure am.
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26 / F / Hamilton.
Posted 5/28/09
High school memories? u got to be kidding me!! i never want to remember any of em'! they all caused me nightmares!
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Posted 6/2/09
i remember our field trip i was behind our adviser and i was bugging him (im close to him ^^) if we could watch "SHUTTER" (horror movie).. he was totally scared.. he said watched that already and he would never watch it again.. almost all of my classmates already watched that except for me and they said it was the scariest movie they ever watched.. my adviser agreed but he said he will play it later (at night) so everyone was excited.. when it was time to watch it,, my adviser pretends to be asleep.. the intro was so scary.. well maybe i was the only one scared in the intro because im totally scared of ghosts ^^.. i was playing sudoku the whole time because im totally scared but i still watch the movie when the ghost is not there already.. when it was the scary part already, i can't stand the sounds... i'm totally scared when it was quiet already i thought it was finish so i watched it.. when i watch it the face of the ghost was close up in the screen!! it was so scary!! i screamed!! everybody laughed at me because i was the only one who screamed.. it was so memorable.. but i didn't include the other adventures in our field trip
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27 / F / cebu city
Posted 6/2/09
almost half of the class was so close to suspension...

we were celebrating a classmates birthday, so, we had beer and some cigarettes.. the following day... all the people who went to the birthday was called up to our prefect of discipline... until now no one knows who told our prefect of discipline about that birthday...

but at least we had fun... with all the sands in the beach, the cold beer and some minty cigarettes..
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Posted 3/18/10
I can't really say the exact best since there has been a lot. It hasn't ended yet.
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Posted 4/28/12 , edited 4/28/12
I haven't been attending high school for over a decade
Posted 4/28/12
Ahhh high school good times good times n.n some not so good but overall good times ahhaha.
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Posted 4/28/12
Oh my gosh!! I remember when I'm not even enrolled yet...
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27 / M / Louisville, KY
Posted 4/28/12
My most memorable time in High School was my AFJROTC class from freshman year until senior year. I only made it to Senior Master Sergeant though. I felt so depressed to see sophomores becoming lieutenants and stuff. Heck, a girl was our Colonel (highest rank you can get in the AFJROTC only held by one person) since her sophomore year until her senior year.


Airman First Class
Staff Sergeant
Technical Sergeant
Master Sergeant
Senior Master Sergeant (highest enlisted rank for the AFJROTC)
Chief Master Sergeant
Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (not available in the AFJROTC)


Second Lieutenant
First Lieutenant
Lieutenant Colonel
Colonel (highest rank for AFJROTC)
Brigadier General
Major General
Lieutenant General
Wartime General of the Air Force (rank only available for wartime.)
Commander and Chief (rank only available to the President of the United States of America.)

Decisions by the Commander and Chief override even the top three Generals of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

I enjoyed the chain of command structure of our school. That is my most memorable time during High School. I cannot believe that was five years ago already.
Posted 4/29/12
Still in first year but in four years I'll be sure to post here!
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41 / F / Twin Cities, Minn...
Posted 5/1/12
I remember all the teachers who were willing to put up with me and help me along because I was one of those kids who was really smart and had "all this potential" if only I ever "applied myself". Yeah, I skipped class A LOT! As a result, my senior year, when all my friends had free periods because they'd gotten their requirements done, I was taking more classes than there were periods in the school day.

During my final trimester I was waking up at 3:30 in the morning to catch a 4:20 bus across town, then transfer, get to school 20 minutes before the janitor even unlocked the door so I had to stand outside in the dark (and it's cold here in the spring!) until I could get in. THEN I had to wait another twenty minutes before my zero-hour gym class started so I would take a nap on the gym mats under the stairs with a couple of my classmates. Our teacher would always come kick us awake after he opened up the locker rooms. Yay for being a slacker!
Posted 5/1/12


Girls in skirts....
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