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Posted 5/9/09
O-M-G. Coffee Prince is being made into a movie!
A producer confirmed that rights have been acquired to adapt the novel into a
movie (fyi, the Coffee Prince novel came first, after which the original
novelist also wrote the drama). Since this will be the third version of this
story to be told, the rep said that “the movie will show a different story from
the drama.”
After the script is completed in May, the production will begin casting for
its characters of Go Eun-chan, Choi Han-gyul, and the rest. I wouldn’t get my
hopes up for Yoon Eun-hye and Gong Yoo to
reprise their roles (it would be great, but I wouldn’t want to get too excited),
but the producers aren’t ruling out that possibility, either. Both scenarios are
possible: either the old cast will be invited to return or, barring that,
they’ll cast with new actors.
This is apparently the second instance of a drama being adapted to film
format, following the sageuk series Damo which was turned into
the film version Duelist. (The opposite scenario is more
common, where films are adapted into dramas, such as with Tazza and Gourmet.)
Part of the drama Coffee Prince’s charm was its wonderful
directing by Lee Yoon-jung, and with a different PD behind the
camera, the end product may end up with a very different feel. Still, I’m
excited nonetheless — I loved the drama and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the
novel, and I certainly don’t need this movie to be a direct replica of the
The production’s plan is to begin filming in October, and aim for a February
2010 release, with simultaneous premieres in Korea, Japan, China, and Southeast

via: DOng A
from www.ajagyeh/


so a ccording to the last sentence, "with simultaneous premires in korea, japan, china and southeast asia.."
does that mean it will be shown in cinemas?
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Posted 5/9/09
Please please please please please please do thissss.

Also, new actors/actresses in my opinion, if they're going to change the story a little bit it's going to get to confusing with the same actors/actresses.

I CAN'T WAITT WOOOOOO. I hope that the woman of go eun-chan is very attractive, even if she's a "boyish" type person, tomboys are hot :]
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Posted 5/9/09
i hope this is true!!
coz i super duper ultimately miss YOON EUN HYE!!
besides, coffee prince is one of my top 5 most fave drama!!
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Posted 5/9/09 , edited 5/9/09
i bet it will be 10x more boring..
sorry yeh..but the drama was really very boring (though i managed to finsh it)
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Posted 5/9/09
I loved the drama and can't wait for the movie! I wonder what the storyline will be, since it'll be a different story from the drama. I hope they don't change it too much.
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Posted 5/9/09
wow i hope they do make a movie and it would
be so great if they have the original cast but i doubt it.
still would watch it tho.
Posted 5/9/09
wow. I <3 coffee prince.
But a movie?
Hopefully it will be satisfying?
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Posted 5/9/09
I loved coffee prince SO much! it was so exciting and fun!
i cant wait for this now! thanks for the info!
Posted 5/10/09
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