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Pinky buys a 10 million baht house

There is really something about these two that brings a lot of attention. The media learned that Pinky Savika brought a 10 million baht ($289, 305 USD) home and they now are suspecting Pinky did not buy the house for herself, rather it’s a bridal house, a preparation house for after marriage. Pinky denies it. “I brought a 10 million baht house, I was able to save enough money, so I brought a house of my own, it’s very normal,” she told reporters. It’s her house and it’s not a bridal house for her to share with Aum Atichart if they marry.

Reporters:”We heard P’Aum brought a house near yours, is it true?”—They’re sneaky, where do they get their info?

Pinky:“No, he didn’t buy the house, he helped me looked for houses; however, he didn’t buy a house of his own.”

Reporters pressing on:“There is news that P’Aum went to buy a house in the same housing development as yours.”

Pinky:“There are two houses left, it’s not in the same housing development, possibly in the same neighborhood, but not in the same village. He probably brought it for his father for them to live at. However, I have not seen it.”

Reporters: “When you brought the house, was P’Aum there?”

Pinky:“P’Aum has not seen the house yet, my mother was there and my other relatives were there to help me out.” Reporters:“Some people are saying P’Aum is preparing to buy a bridal house.”

Pinky:“A bridal house? I don’t think we have gotten that far. To buy a house just to see each other is more than enough. I haven’t brought appliances for the house, I’m about to go. He is probably going to help me pick out stuff for my house.”

Reporters:“When P’Aum helps you, does he give you a lot of ideas or a little bit?”–They are trying to say Aum Atichart has a major influence on Pinky, like he persuades her to do things. You gotta pick up on these kinds of questions, they are very sneaky. If you’re not a professional, you will admit to something you didn’t want to reveal.

Pinky:”He has a lot of ideas, when it is for something good, he advises me normally. However, he has not express the desire to built a bridal house together.

Reporters:”How do you feel about these types of news?

” Pinky:“I don’t think much of it. We are boyfriend and girlfriend, people will think that we are buying a bridal house together; however, I’m only 23 years old, I’m not ready to built a bridal house. I’m still not sure about the future.”

Reporters:“Are you thinking about your future?”

Pinky:“About my love relationship, I’m not thinking much about it.” —At this point the reporters switch topic–now it’s about her possible move to Ch3 Reporters:“When does your contract with Ch7 end?”

Pinky:“Next year, I have to see if I’m going to renew it. I want to see how this year turns out.” Reporter:“Can you give us a concise answer whether you will renew or not?”

Pinky:“I don’t want to answer whether I will renew or not because I don’t know how my future will turn out.” Reporter:“Any other channels courting you?”

Pinky:”No, no other channels. I’m receiving a lot of different kinds of work; however, no other channels are courting me.” Then reporters started badgering her about the move to Ch3 or things related to Ch3, they kept repeating the same question over and over again, of course they restructure the question to distract her.

Some of the questions:

1. Did you consult with Chompoo?

2. Did you get yelled at by the elders of Ch7?

3. Did you know Ch3 has already made up a contract for you?

Pinky had to deny everything.

Chakrit has a girlfriend

Pictures, pictures, pictures! Chant with me everyone! Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

When I heard that Chakrit was dating a woman outside of the entertainment business, I immediately wondered what she looked like. Will she be prettier than his two previous girlfriends: Joy Rinalee and Jakajan Akumsiri? I wanted to see pictures. I guess we will have to wait. Chakrit confessed earlier this week that he is seeing someone. However, since it is at the beginning stages of their relationship, he doesn’t want to reveal her identity yet out of respect for her and her family.

“As a man I need to respect her and her family, we just started out. We’re taking it slowly, I think it’s best that way,” Chakrit told reporters. He has matured a lot, he is learning to be more cautious though he is denying he is being cautious. Before, he dated openly, quickly got engage, and quickly ended it. Personally, I think it’s best if stars keep their personal life private, though I’m extremely curious. For sanity reasons, I think it’s best that way. No one is perfect, when you’re in the limelight, your imperfections are magnified and your poor choices are judged by everyone. I often wonder why so many people want to be famous, especially the talentless ones. To me, the cost out weighs the gain.

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Pancake’s new lakorn “Buang Hong”


Hey Vee, nice “Flock of Seagulls” hairdo! HAHA.

This lakorn is airing next week and there are still no substantial promotional pictures. I find that extremely annoying. I know it’s a film as you go lakorn, but come one, take some pictures. Entice me, get me hooked. Nope, they are just going to air it without properly promoting it. Damn you Ch7.

I wonder how this is going to turn out, it is a remake of “Noi” Bussakorn Pornwannasirivej and John “Nuvo” Rattaneveroj. Supposedly, it’s a classic, an unforgettable lakorn adapted from a novel by Kingchat. I’ve never seen it, I can’t say whether the plot is good. Since this is film as you go lakorn, the story will definitely be change. Will die-hard fans be upset, I guess we will have to find out.

The lakorn “Buang Hong” follows the downfall of a high society girl named Pimlapas (“Pancake” Khemmanid Jamikorn), her life starts out rosy. She is a daughter of a wealthy man, she has a great boyfriend, and she is a well-known supermodel. Because fate can be cruel, in one day, she loses everything. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father dies, her stepmother played by “Namfon” Kullanat Preeyawat swindled all his wealth. In a blink of an eye, Pimlapas is penniless and an orphan.

During her desperate situation, she is contacted by a mysterious person, they give her an offer she can’t refuse. Pimlapas is assigned to penetrated a high-end hotel owned by Ramet (Vee Veeraparb) to steal important documents in exchange for a truck load of money.

First, she seduces Ramet. He instantly falls for her, gradually at their relationship progress, she starts to like him too. That’s her dilemma, she falls in love with a man to whom she is assigned to swindle.

On the day she decides to steal the documents, she is caught by Ramet. Though heart-broken and disappointed, Ramet doesn’t call the cops. Instead, he does something different. He blackmails her and makes her a server at the hotel’s dining room. Things were going well, she was paying back her debt to Ramet, then her stepmother arrives and trouble starts to stir in her life again.

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Ryeo Wook. Han Kyung. Aum. Kyu Hyun. Siwon.

You have to be impress with this woman, her popularity keeps surging though she had one of the most damaging rumors around. Formerly and presently, reporters accused her of being a prostitute and also for pimping out her other female celebrity friends (May Fuengarom) for thousands of baht. Then, there is the rumor about her make-up and break-up with her much younger boyfriend “Todd” Sina Oonthornphan and whether she cheated on him with high-society guy Note Korrawat. There are pictures of Note and Aum Patcharapa floating around getting cozy at Pattaya or maybe Phuket. It’s one of those major tourist destination city that starts with a “P”, I don’t remember which one.

Amidst all of the rumors and accusations, she comes off clean and unscathed, now that is a talent because this is Thailand. Clean image equals more work and longevity. Scandalous image you won’t last a day.

Her past few projects surged in the ratings game. “Mia Luang (Head Wife)”, which ended roughly 2 months ago, was a major ratings hit though it had a scandal of its own. Politicians and overly concern parents felt the series threaten the morality of Thai youth, they wanted to end the series during it’s run. If they couldn’t, they wanted Ch7 to air “Mia Luang (Head Wife)” at a later time. Nothing happened because of the political anarchy disrupting the current state of Thailand. When the whole country is about to crumble, who cares about a little lakorn(Thai Drama) that might or might not be corrupting Thai youth. They later concluded that airing “Mia Luang (Head Wife)” at a later time would not solve anything. People are too addicted to lakorns, kids will just stay up to watch it.

Personally, I felt the whole thing was an overreaction from conservative pricks. They obviously didn’t watch “Mai Luang”, it wasn’t that bad. Compared to American shows, it’s kinda “PG”.

Her currently airing lakorn with Pae Arak, “Jaew Jai Rai Gub Khun Chai Taewada (Wicked Jaew and Godly Chai)” is also doing exceptionally well.

For her latest side project, Thailand’s sexy siren Aum Patcharapra teams up with 4 members of the Korean Pop group Super Junior to do a commercial for 12Plus Mini Stick with Nano Anti-bacteria Plus Collagen, a deodorant. Aum and the 4 members of Super Junior held their Meet & Greet today at Siam Paragon to talk about the CF and to perform for the Thai Elves.

Though it rained, it did not deter Thai Elves. The event occurred at 4:30pm Thailand time today or 4:30am my time.

Aum and the 4 members of Super Junior talked, laughed, and took pictures for their fans.

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Ken and family from Japan

Cute family.

Hot Hot superstar in Thailand, Ken Theeradeth took his wife “Noi” Bussakorn Pornwannasirivej and 9 month old son Kunatum to Japan for a vacation. They were there for 13 days. At first, Ken was worried about the long flight, he feared little Kunatum would cry, but nope, the little guy was relaxed. No crying at all.

When they first arrived at Tokyo, the first day, it was warm. Then they traveled to Hokkaido, it got drastically colder. Noi noted that her son Kunatum seems to like traveling. She said this, “it just seems like he loves to travel, everywhere we went, he smiled happily for the camera, Ken took a lot of pictures and took them continuously.”

They went to several places from Sapporo to Hakodate, driving distance from each other, they drove all over the place. The reason they decided to take a trip to Japan was the distance.

“One of the reasons why we choose Japan was because of the distance, it’s not that far from Thailand. The flight there only took 5 hours, we also feel like going to Japan is the safest, whether you want to go eat or walk anywhere, you can. We also like it a lot because of the accessibility to the bathrooms, for changing diapers.” -Noi.

Noi went on to talk about her child how he likes to be held and not sit on the stroller. Though she is not filming any lakorns, being a stay-at-home mom brings her happiness.

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“Badarn Jai” star will become a father

Back in February, actor and rock star “Leo Put” Puttipong Sriwat (32) got engaged to his long time girlfriend of 3 years in a simple engagement ceremony at his condo. To the public, his engagement announcement seemed very rushed, they immediately assumed she was pregnant. At that time, Leo Put denied it. Fast-forward to now, Leo Put has announced his fiancé “Bet” Jantharaphim Ratchawongmeuang is 4 months pregnant with their first child, a boy. They are planning to name him Kita.

Sniff, Sniff, I smell backlash and scandal. The question is this, did he lie to the public?

Either way, I’m happy for the guy. Welcome to parenthood Leo Put, hope I’ll never join you. I kid, I kid. HaHa.

In the lakorn “Badarn Jai”, Leo Put played Margie Rasee’s older brother Pae.
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Aum Patcharapa inside Kwanruen Magazine

Thirty-one year old “Aum” Patcharapa Chaichuea is featured inside Kwanruen Magazine with two very young, still in high school boys for Kwanruen magazine’s late May 2009 issue. I only recognize one of them, the one wearing the light blue almost turquoise polo shirt is Nadet “Barry” Kugimiya, Aum’s co-star from her Trident gum commercial. I like the color, the touch-up, the simplicity of it all.
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Captain has a girlfriend!

No way! Yes Way! They have been dating for a year too. Really? Yah!

Get this, they knew each other since they were children, since elementary school. It’s like a script from a lakorn, childhood soul mates reuniting after a long separation. He hadn’t seen her in 14 years, then randomly she comes back in to his life and they have been dating for a year. Wa? Awesome or what?

He said the story of their reunion is very long and complicated, he could write a book about it. She is bold, lady-like, honest, and sincere–these are the qualities that attracted Captain to his current girlfriend. When they were 7-8, they were bicycling buddies, they rode their bikes around the neighborhood with other children, they were like a gang. This totally reminds me of the movie “Fan Chan (My Girlfriend)” . Captain still has the bike stored at his house. CUTE! The reporters even asked him if it was like the movie “Fan Chan (My girlfriend)”, he said it has the same feeling.

Will he marry her? He is unsure. He wants to wait, be prepared to fully take responsibility for her, and get to know her even better.

The reporters pressed on and asked whether she could be the one and the future mother of his children. Captain laughs.

Then Captain ruined it for me, he said it’s not LOVE, it’s more about responsibility. What does that mean? Did you get her pregnant? I had to cross that out, it was pretty rude of me.

What the reporter asked, “This time around, can you call this love or not?”

“In love, there is nothing like that, like when you’re young. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s more about responsibility we have for each other. It’s something like that. It’s not like we’re “Be In Love” and have to call each other every hour. It’s more like how an adult must take responsibility for another person. Just like that.”—I think what Captain is poorly explaining is that his relationship is mature and not clingy. He doesn’t need to assure her he loves her every hour. They are not kids anymore, they are adults.

He never revealed her name, she is not in the Entertainment business.
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Pae Arak for ORIS

Since everyone is talking about Pae Arak today, I will too! Pae Arak topics at Pantip Forum are spouting up everywhere–Pae this, Pae that, Pae sat down (OMG, did he? Where?), Pae at the launch of Oris’ Bob Dylan theme watches. Okay, the last one was legit. Yesterday May 28, Pae Arak did go to Central World Chitlom for the launching of Oris Watches: Bob Dylan edition. Pae is brand ambassador for the company.

While there Pae performed one of Bob Dylan’s hit songs, “Blowin In The Wind”. Pae fans cheered and clapped enthusiastically as he performed. I believe they were mostly women too.

Pae is a fan of Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan is a source for Pae’s musical aspirations. Pae is aspiring to be a good songwriter and singer just like Bob Dylan.Though Bob Dylan did not have a great voice, he is an amazing songwriter and producer and created amazing albums. After Pae said this, the crowd goes wild. More claps and cheers from the mostly women crowd.

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Nichkhun, coming back to Thailand for a concert

…briefly for the “Mai-Tina Beauty On The Beat” concert.

Mai Charoenpura aka the Queen of Pop Rock, she just won the Star Entertainment Awards 2008 Best actress award for her role in “Memory”.

I didn’t know she could sing.

I only know her as an actress, most notably from her films: Suriyothai and Jan Dara. In Suriyothai, she played Lady Srisudachan, the villain, a woman trying to conquer all of Thailand by seduction and manipulation. In Jan Dara, she was the overly sexual stepmother who had relations with both her stepson and stepdaughter. I know, Eee!! You have to admire her, she takes her craft very seriously and chooses diverse complicated roles. When you’re watching a Mai Charoenpura film, you’re watching her, the other characters don’t matter though they are the lead.

As for Christina Aguilar aka the “Queen of Dance”, at first, I thought it was Christina Aquilera, America’s pop sensation from the late 90s. Nope, different spelling and different person. Tina, as she is known, is a Thai pop-star of Filipino descent. I recognize her face, I just don’t know her. I don’t listen to her music, I’m from a different generation.

Okay…back to Nichkhun, he is returning to Bangkok sometime in early June to perform with Mai and Christina for their “Mai-Tina Beauty On The Beat” concert set for June 6, 2009 at Impact Arena, Muang Thongtani. Khun said he was very nervous, he is performing all by himself. Can he do it, he asked. Of course you can Khun, we support you. He is spending his free time while on break from 2PM album promotion, exercising and strengthening his vocals for the concert. This is a big deal and a big stage for Khun.
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Leaked pictures: Pueng Kanya kissing her boyfriend

I must say, I am somewhat disappointed in these pictures. Of the numerous negative comments left at Manager News website condemning and questioning Pueng’s character as a chaste Thai girl, I was expecting raunchy, risqué tongue down the throat, a major lip lock session between Pueng and her boyfriend, but no, it is just a peck on the cheek and a cuddle. People at Manager News Website really do have a big tendency to overact over something very innocent.

These pictures were taken at Peung’s boyfriend’s birthday bash. It was taken by a friend and was later posted on Facebook without Pueng knowing it. A tabloid newspaper then got hold of it and published it.

When Pueng’s boyfriend saw the pictures, he was baffled by the fuss. He finds them innocent enough. Peung accepts responsibility in her actions and said she will be more discrete and cautious in the future.

Pueng also said she feared being called in by the elders of Exact for a chat about her lifestyle choices and one person who left a comment at Manager news website found that annoying:

“She is afraid the elders of Exact will call her in…doesn’t she fear her parents? What? Exact have become her parents? When she does something, she doesn’t think about what her parents might think and whether they are concern. Love, her appearance, and work she is concern about those things. She is conducting herself in an ugly manner and not being grateful to her parents at all. Kids nowadays, they’re all think like this.”

Others who left comments at Manager stated that all celebrities are like this, all they do is smoke, go to pubs, drink, they are not as they appear on-screen. One person wrote that Pueng is only innocent in lakorns and in real life she is just another questionable person.

In a recent reporting, Pueng was called in by the elders of Exact for a chat, they did give her a warning to be more cautious.

I don’t know. I think everyone is overreacting.
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Is “Ae” Issariya too SKINNY?

She is definitely not the only one.

“Ae” Issariya Saisanan is accuse of being anorexic. Crazy about being skinny, Daradaily wrote. Ae says she is not anorexic it is more about stress than anything. Normally she eats a lot. However, at this moment, she busy with work and not getting enough sleep, which is disrupting her eating habit.

People eat 3 meals a day, because of time constraint, she does not. Ae can only have snack breaks. She eats a lot of sweets to keep herself energize. Fruits is another healthy choice.

Others may say this is not a healthy way of living, her doctor disagrees. Her doctor said she was fine, she is healthy. Though she does not sit down and have normal meals, the snack breaks keep her well- nourished. As for exercising, she doesn’t do it often, she hates going to the gym because she hates crowded places. While on set, Ae feels she does enough exercising. She’s always on the go, running from there to here for a scene.

So no, Ae does not think she is anorexic, it’s more about her busy lifestyle that is making her lose weight.

I have a feeling her answers are half and half. It’s both lifestyle and effort on her part to be thin.

The pressures to being thin in Asia is culturally enormous. A healthy Asian girl in the US is consider fat in Asia. Now add the component of being an Asian female celebrity, the pressures to be thin is tripled that of the normal population. Wouldn’t you say it’s hard not to give in?
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Which fruit do you prefer?

Interesting concept, have 5 beautiful female celebrities dress up as fruits.

We have bikini fashion model “Blue” Erika Ployamporn in the sour and sweet longkong fruit outfit, Chompoo Araya as a mangosteen or “mungkoot” fruit, Ice Apissada showing off her midriff as a mangoe, and Ch7’s Sammie Pantitha as a durian. Lastly, Natalie Davis of Ch3 is the deliciously sweet rambutan fruit. Overall, I like Sammie’s fruit outfit the best, it had form and excellent detail.
Posted 6/5/09 , edited 6/5/09
Tye Nattapol’s new evening lakorn

I’m sure for many of you, this is the first time you’re hearing about “Guan Kammathep ( The Cupid Gang)”, Tye Nattapol and Matt Peeranee’s upcoming evening lakorn. It’s airing real soon, sometime in June after Ae Chaiya & Namfon Patcharin’s lakorn “Theppabut Chood Win” on Ch3. This lakorn is produced by Janjira Joojang, a well known comedic actress. It’s a romance comedy.

“Guan Kammathep ( The Cupid Gang)” follows the love story of an avant-garde girl and a well-mannered, conservative man.

Duang Dao wants her only daughter Kaysara (Matt Peeranee) to marry into the Trakunaphibuna family because in the past she failed to be a daughter-in-law in that family. When her daughter, who is half Thai and farang returns to Thailand, she immediately sets her plan in motion to trap Watit (Tye Nattapol), the male heir to the Trakunaphibuna family. Duang Dao’s master match-making plan is helped by her three good friends Plerntha, Somporn, and Nualnoi.

Duang Dao trains her daughter to be a polite and obedient, which opposes all of Kaysara’s personality. In reality, she is outrageous, spontaneous, and everything Watit hates in a woman. Watit is an old-fashioned and conservative man, he doesn’t want a wife who stands beside or ahead of him, he wants a wife who is subservient and stands behind him, literally.

Though Duang Dao tries her best to pair Watit and Kaysara together, she ultimately fails. Luckily for her, her mother Raunthong is friends with Watit’s grandmother.

In the end, Watit escape his fate with Kaysara, he is force into an arrange marriage with Kaysara by his grandmother. Watit gives Kaysara his name but does not take her as a “wife”, meaning they are legally married but they don’t have relations.

Because they are polar opposites of each other, Watit is a strict conservative man and Kaysara is a spontaneous fun woman, they often fight. Eventually, love develops in their marriage as they learn to appreciate and see the value of each other’s differences.

For a while, things were going well for Kaysara and Watit until Roger, Kaysara’s ex-boyfriend comes into the picture.
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Andrew wants a girlfriend

“I don’t want to single, but I’m single” says Andrew Gregson who is experiencing a dry spell since his return to the spotlight. In terms of his comeback, Andrew is doing well for himself, his sitcom “Game Loon Ruk (The Love Promotion Game)” in which he stars and produces is doing fairly well rating wise.

“”he ratings for “Game Loon Ruk)” is very good, there has been an increase in the people who are watching.”–I must be the only person who is not watching. I saw the first episode, then I stopped. It wasn’t funny, it was rather bland.

Continuing on about Andrew’s love life….

“Regarding matters of the heart, how is that going for you?” A reporter asked him.

“I’m still accepting applications krap,” Andrew replied.

Reporter:“Like this, you might be like Tao Somchai who randomly married.”

Andrew:“No, NO, NO, I’m too busy. I don’t have the time to start a relationship with anyone who will wait for me.”

Then the reporter asked him the strangest question to which I still don’t understand the meaning. He or she asked, “Do you want it to be like how the lightning strikes?” Andrew answered, “I want it like that but usually I just work.” I guess in terms of a relationship, he wants a spark, he wants a magical relationship. I think that is what they are asking. Because he is so busy, he can’t hold a relationship.

From Ginger:

“Do you want it to be like how the lightning strikes?”

The Thais usually refer this to a marriage w/o a warning, sort of like meet today and marry tomorrow sort of thing, this will shock and take everyone by surprise.

Thank you Ginger for the explanation.
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Cream’s nang’rai role in “Dok Bua Kao (White Lotus)”

Remember “Cream” Premsinee Rattanasopha, “Sid” from the lakorn “Silamanee”, she has been casted as a nang’rai in Pinky Savika and New Wongsakorn’s upcoming lakorn “Dok Bua Kao (White Lotus)”. She is a little stress because this is her first nang’rai (girl villain) role.

“In the lakorn “Dok Bua Kao” from Kantana, I will be very evil, a very sinister person. I am Pinky’s older sister, we have different moms. I’m also coupled with New Wongsakorn, it’s somewhat like Sawan Biang. In the script, I even get to marry pra’ek (New). There is a lot shouting, fights, and slapping. I do feel stressed about this role, I’ve never gotten a role like this. Since this is a first for me, I’m going to prepare myself a little because filming will start soon.”

From what I can remember about the plot of “Dok Bua Kao” from Thairath, Pinky Savika is the mistress’s daughter. When her mother worked a servant in her father’s household, he forcefully made her into his “wife.” She produced two daughters for him, Pinky is their first child. If you conclude Cream in the family, Pinky is the 2nd born. Pinky’s mother later dies. For her last wish, she asked Pinky to be patient with her family and always protect them. Pinky takes on this request seriously and always give in to her family, pretty much we have a weak/obedient nang’ek role.

“TengNeung” Kritnagan Maneepagaphan, pra’ek from “Meu Nang (Her hands)”, is taking on a supporting role in this lakorn as New’s younger brother who secretly likes Pinky.

Since filming has not even started, the lakorn “Dok Bua Kao” will probably be release sometime next year. Usually lakorns take up to 6-8 months to film.
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Oh’s wedding

Bebe and Bobo finally wed. That’s what “Oh” Pakjira Wanasut and her husband “Fiat” Matukorn Potwangot like to call each other. HAHA. They’re a riot together

After 3 years of dating, the couple married to day at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok. For her dowry, Oh received a gold weight of 200 baht, a 4 carat diamond ring, and other jewels totaling 10 carats. Though she may appear plump and some are suspicious as to whether she is pregnant, she dispelled those rumors. The couple plan to honeymoon in Italy, one of a few places Oh has never been to. They plan to start a family early next year. Fiat jokingly stated he wouldn’t mind producing 2 sons. Her mother also wants grandsons.

For their reception, the bride and groom invited 1,000 people. Good Golly!

Oh felt nervous and happy at the same time, she said unless you have gone through a wedding yourself, you can not understand this feeling. At the morning ceremony, Oh cried a lot because she was so happy.
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