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Posted 6/5/09 , edited 6/5/09
Which Son is g*y?

This is one of the most hilarious news I’ve read all week.

Currently in the Thailand Entertainment industry, there are two male celebrities named “Son”. They both work under the Grammy company umbrella. The older and the more respected Son works as a singer for Grammy records; the younger and lesser known Son works for Exact productions as one of their leading men. Exact productions is owned by Grammy.

The younger Son, whose full name is Son “Yuk” Songpaisan (leading actor from “Gaew Lom Phet”) is always in the media defending himself over scandalous rumors. He is rumored to be a certain orientation. Simply put, the media thinks he is g*y.

Older Son is Sonthaya Chitmanee of “the Stars” franchise and also a Suphanahong winner for his supporting role in “Muay Thai Chaiya”. He’s well-liked, well-respected in the community as a comedian. However, you don’t hear much about him unless he is doing a concert with his “The Star” compadres: Bie, Ruj, R, Ton, and Gaem.

At the moment, Yuk has a g*y rumor with Ice Saranyu. Yes, Ice Saranyu the singer. Someone witnessed Yuk arguing with Ice and slapping him in the middle of the road at Royal city Avenue (RCA), one of Bangkok’s largest entertainment areas. Apparently, Yuk and Ice are an item. Yuk slapped Ice out of jealousy because Ice was hitting on another guy while he was there.

I know, this sounds really ridiculous but I’m not making this up. I’m just translating it from Manager news website. Believe what you want to believe. In the end, who gives a who. Smiles.

When reporters caught up with Yuk at an event, Yuk denied he argued and slapped Ice out of jealousy. Yes, he was there that day. Yes, Ice was there too; however, nothing like that happened. According to Yuk, they hung out but they barely talked.

Yuk:“I can tell you in one phrase, it’s not true krap. That day, I went to play water for the Songkran festival at the RCA, I went to play with a group of friends from Grammy. P’Ice Saranyu is in this group. We didn’t talk, we didn’t argue, I barely know the guy. We just played water with the same group of friends.

I want to tell you all that I’m a 100 percent man and I like girls and this news is not true. Really, I want you all to know that. Actually I’m not serious about this news, I don’t think much of it. I know that these types of news will occasionally spring up. It’s not something I’m upset about, it’s something I have to answer. It’s something I have to clarify and resolve. What ever he is thinking that’s his issue, but I want to tell you all that I’m not.

Right now I’m talking to someone and it’s a woman. we’re currently in the beginning stages and it’s nothing serious. She is a woman. Her girl friends who first meet me, they would immediately ask whether I like girls or guys. I would have to tell them I don’t like guys. If they don’t believe me than just keep tabs on me because really I’m not g*y.”

Now to the funny part, in the comment section at Manager news website, there is a group of people have no idea who Son “Yuk” Songpaisan is and they are rather disappointed this article it’s not about Sonthaya Chitmanee, their ideal.

This is what they wrote.

From [I thought it was Son]:“, this is not Son: The Star. Did I just click the wrong news?”–He received 41 approval points from other readers.

Several people replied to [I thought it was Son].

They wrote:

1->”I thought it was Son: the Star too. Then I came to read the article and I thought who is this guy? Come to think of it, I think this guy is g*y.”

2->”Me too, completely!
The name Son in the entertainment business, I immediately thought of one person, Son: The Star.
Just wondering, how is P’Son: the Star doing, I haven’t read news about him in a long time.”

3->”I thought it was “Son: the Star” too. I thought I was going to read an article about P’Son being g*y and how was that possible. I have to say, Khun Boy’s “Son: the Star” is more famous than this pra’ek.”

4->”Same here. I thought, if he was g*y, how would it be?”

5->“+1, I thought it was Son: the Star too, this guy I’ve seen his face before but never knew his name.”

6->”When I came here, I got confuse too. Pee Son: the Star (Sonthaya Chitmanee). This southerner is completely confuse, I thought it was P’Son, it should have been him. However, it turned out to be this guy. Who is this Son? I don’t know him.”

7->“I know Son: the Star from Son Songpaisan. However from what I observed, my k*toey friends they like this Son a lot. HAR…HAR!”

HAHA. Son: the Star fans are hilarious. Apparently in Thailand, no one cares for Son “Yuk” Soonpaisan except crazy fangirls.
Posted 6/5/09 , edited 6/5/09
Move Over Yuk, we have a new model/actor in Town!

His name is Nadet “Barry” Kugimiya, he is an up and coming model slash actor, who has recently signed a contract with Ch3 to star in their lakorns as a leading man. This lad is barely legal, just 18 years old. Since appearing along side Aum Patchrapa in her Trident gum commercial, he is all the rage among hormonal young Thai girls. Being featured as Sudsapda’s “Eye Candy” for their May issue also helped fueled his popularity.

Compared to Son “Yuk” Songpaisan of Ch5, what do you think of this model turned actor who is currently being presented as the next big star?

His Stats:
Ethnicity: Thai-Japanese
Education: Mor 6 at Khon Kaen Vithes Suksa Bilingual School
Height: 181cm or 5′9″ ft
Weight: 65kg or 143.3lbs

His interview in Sudsapda magazine:

What type of girls do you like?
“I like a girl with a good personality more so than looks. I think a woman with a certain charm is more interesting. I like girls who are pretty like Nicole Kidman. I like it if her eyes are alluring. When you look into them, it looks impressive.’

What is the first thing you see when you look at a woman?
“Her eyes, because you can see her through them. I like girls with keen eyes; however, from what I observed woman with keen eyes tend to be bad (laughs).”

What do you think is the sexist thing about a woman?
“I like when I look at woman and she looks back at me, there is a certain hook, her eyes has the ability to tell you what she is thinking. As for her outer appearance, I like woman with big hips, it’s very sexy.”

What is your favorite courting technique?
“I don’t have time to court anyone. Usually I use my eyes to express my intentions. If I see a woman that I like, I would keep looking at her until she looks at me back.

This one time I walked pass this girl I really at Khon Kaen but I was too afraid to ask for her number. I begged my friend who is younger than me to do it, but he was too scared. So I had to do it myself. At that time, this girl was sitting with another guy; however this guy didn’t appear to be a full man (meaning he is g*y), so I thought he couldn’t possibly be her boyfriend. I went up to talk to her and learned that she was much older than me. I build up the courage to a ask her:“can I get your number”. She looked at the guy beside her. She then replied, “do you want my number or my boyfriend’s number.” I quickly apologize and walked away because I feared an altercation between us (laughs).”

Your viewpoint on Love?
“My viewpoint on love is not what you say, it’s your action. You don’t need to say you are thinking of that person. When you think of the person you love, just call them. This is another way of expressing your love.
When I like someone, I take my time, I want to study her, I want to know about personality and whether we are compatible or whether her personality is the same as the first time we met. I like a girl I can easily talk to, I want to talk to her about everything. I also like my independence, she must understand that I can’t spend all my time with her.”

Girls you don’t like.
“Drunk girls and when they vomit. I was at a restaurant once with friends and saw a girl I like. She came over and we talked. That day she had just gotten into a fight with her friends. For a period we were just talking then she looked my way and then vomited all over my shirt. I thought to myself why did she vomited on me? Laughs.”

Your best relationship.
“My freshman year in school, I dated this one girl, she was a little chubby but her personality was very adorable. When I was dating her, someone said, “is this the best you can do?”. At that point, I realize that it’s not who we date, it is whether we can get along with that person. She was the one beside me and the person I felt most comfortable with. I was able to talk to her about everything.”–okay, this kid just scored major brownie points from me!!!

Your most romantic night?
“During Valentine’s Day this one year, I went to dinner with a girl at a resturant with an amazing atmosphere. I brought her a ring as a present. I didn’t give it to her right away, it was a surprise. When she went to the bathroom, I hid the ring under her rice. She came back, ate her rice and discovered the ring. It was the best night, the best atmosphere. To see her smile shyly, it felt great (Smiles).”
Posted 6/5/09 , edited 6/5/09
Ananda and Jeed sizzles on the cover of IMAGE

Ananda man-handing Jeed on the cover of IMAGE magazine and Cherry takes on their second issue cover. Comments left at the Pantip thread where I found these pictures can only focus on Jeed’s breast. A person wrote, “the first thing I noticed was her breast.” Another person, “I’m so envious, envious of Jeed har har har…”

My favorite comment was this…“my boobs are like Jeed’s but not as big.” Thanks for sharing.

Some thought Ananda gained a little weight and didn’t look appealing. To me, he looked like Carmen Electra’s ex-husband David Navarro with the black eyeliner and black painted fingernails. The greasy, crusty hairdo perfectly finishes the look off. Eee!

Everyone found Cherry’s cover to be absolutely stunning, they could not praise her enough for her beauty. However, one person did write: “it’s Cherry but it doesn’t look like Cherry.” I couldn’t agree more. Of course she is beautiful on the cover; however, it just didn’t look like her.
Posted 6/6/09 , edited 6/6/09
Is Aom Piyada getting engage?

I have been waiting for an answer since yesterday. Is she getting engage to her boyfriend ‘Art’ Sara Jutharattanakul or not? The Thai news media have been trying to contact Aom for an answer, but she is keeping it a secret. No simple “yes” or “no”. They say the engagement ceremony will happen on July 4th either at Aom’s house or Art’s. Aom wants it quiet and simple. Possibly, Aom could be married by next year. ?? It could be just a rumor. Lately there has been a lot of engagement rumors.

Art is a hi-so. He is related to actor Puri Hiranpruk, they are first cousins. Aom has good taste, he is a very handsome man.
Posted 6/12/09 , edited 6/12/09
Is that Pat?

For some odd reason, Pat in this outfit reminds me of Britney Spears in the blue fight attendant uniform for her 2004 “Toxic” music video. I think it is the overly darken eyebrows that is throwing everything off and the weird ball ornament on her head too.
Posted 6/12/09 , edited 6/12/09
Guess who? Middle School Dork

Posted 6/14/09 , edited 6/14/09
Pinky and Weir’s lakorn “Love Rotation” almost done filming

That was quick. Back in late March, they started filming, now it’s almost done. According to Pinky Savika her lakorn “Wong Wien Hua Jai (Love Rotation)” will wrap up within a month and a half or by the end of July. I am assuming, by early fall, it will air. Good? It is not a long wait. So good.

This lakorn is lead by 4 main characters: Tarn Karnya as Weir Sukollawat’s younger sister, Pulpat Attapanyapol as Pinky’s boyfriend.

While Pinky is away studying abroad, Pulpat impregnates Tarn and is force to marry her. When Pinky returns to Thailand, Weir felt Pinky was a threat to Tarn and Pulpat’s marriage. He deceives Pinky and force her into marriage to keep an eye on her. Yes, a whole lot mess and a lot of couple switching.
Posted 6/14/09 , edited 6/14/09
Pae Arak doesn’t know what to do in a one night stand

This Sunday on “Woody Gerd Ma Kui”, hot actor “Pae” Arak is invited on the show to talk about his lakorn “Jaew Jai Rai Gup Khon Chai Taewada” and his relationship with girlfriend “Goi Ratchada”. On the show, as usual famous talk show host Woody got down to the nitty gritty questions – up close and personal.

How do you kiss your girlfriend? Thai style or western style?

“Thai style. I probably kiss my girlfriend the same way that other ordinary humans kiss their girlfriends”

How long have you been dating your girlfriend?

“More than two years, there’s been good times and bad times. Now we’re like friends. We can talk to each other about a lot of things, usually when we see each other’s face, we’d laugh”

Are you a player?

“Right now I don’t even know what to do in a one night stand. I’ve never done it. I have met beautiful girls that I like but I wouldn’t be brave enough to talk to them. I have a very thin face, so I never approach girls, I tend to just hang around in the vacinity and that’s it. Sometimes I do regret it”

How do make your girlfriend trust you?

“Nothing, I just act normal because I never do anything unfaithful”
Posted 6/14/09 , edited 6/14/09
Aof Buys Jakajun A Blythe Doll

Apparently actor “Aof” Chanapol Sattaya has a crush on senior actress “Jakjun” Akumsiri Suwanasouk. According to a rumour on the grapevine he sent her a blythe doll as a birthday gift provoking speculation that romance might be on the cards.

“I dont know. Those dolls are very expensive and she told everyone on the set when her birthday was. I was thinking, is anyone going to buy her a gift? So I discussed it with the other cast members, Tle (Tawun) and the others came up with the idea of buying her a blythe doll and because it was so expensive I couldn’t buy it on my own. But if we don’t buy her that I was going to buy her flowers”

You want to impress her?

“No, it’s more because I bought her a present last year and this year I’m working with her again so I have to give her a present again”

There’s a rumour that there’s sparks offscreen?

“Sometimes we do hang out with each other but not often and we don’t go out one on one”

How do you feel about her?

“She’s beautiful and we have a similar personality”

Is she your type?

“Shes okay and yeah she’s my type”

Any chance for progress?

“I dont know, I can’t answer yet”

Are you planning to make a move on her?

“I can’t say but I haven’t thought about it”

So what’s the status of your relationship with Jakajun?

“We’re not seeing each other. Although I can’t answer for the future but I’m normal with whatever

Do you like her?

“I do like her (laughs) I like her the way she is, shes a cute person and has a nice personality”
Posted 6/14/09 , edited 6/14/09
Aum & Note: More Than Friends, Not Yet Lovers

Just when the news regarding “Aum” Patcharapa and new man “Note” is begining to calm down in the media press, more leaking photographs of the two love birds surfaced the internet. This time the two are expressing more love than in all of their other previous candids. In the images Aump is wearing a black see through top showing off her tan coloured bra and cuddling up to Note – of course it could be friendship but recent news suggest they’re something more.

Posted 6/14/09 , edited 6/14/09
Pu is Back and Clarifying Kissing Photos

or the first time leading actress “Pu” Praiya Suandokmai opens up after her scandalous kissing photos (with random guys) was published on Gossipstar Magazine. The actress confessed she’s been under stress ever since because her mother gave her grief.

Pu admits what she did was scandalous and she is so upset about it that she secretly cries over the ordeal. However the young starlet says out of all the men she kissed, she is only pursuing a relationship with one man.

Can you tell us about the leaking photographs?

“It was from my birthday, a personal party. I understand there’s a lot of photos and not with the same people and not just from one night and I like to explain that no it’s not from one night. I know what I did was wrong and this is not easy for me either. I know, I admit I’ve done wrong and I’m not going to blame anyone for leaking the photos. I know the leak didn’t come directly from a reporter, it was published on a blog first and it was published by someone who was at the party, it was a friend. At the party there weren’t many Thai people and it’s not really my place to blame anybody. It’s just the way they are and it’s not their fault, I can’t blame them. Like I said I blame myself and I’m sorry. I don’t expect anyone to understand but it’s not like that and I just want forgiveness, that’s all”

Out of all the men, anyone special?

“I’m seeing one guy, I’ve been seeing him for a while now. The first lot of photos are not from this semester but the birthday photos are from this semester, the other photos are from last semester – when I first arrived overseas. The only photos right now are with this one person”

Is he taking good care of you?

“Umm, it’s hard to say. We’re just seeing each other. I don’t know, we’re the same age and go to the same school, live the same kind of life. He is a nice guy, different from the people I used to date and nowadays I don’t see love as a big thing in life. My first priority is to finish school, if I don’t finish my parents wouldn’t allow it, they want me to finish and it’s tiring, working and studying at the same time and then have to put up with this as well but I’m trying my hardest”

“I’m really upset. This happened during exams and I really needed good grades then the photos came out and I was under pressure from my parents. They cut my pocket money while I was overseas and I was suffering a lot. I know it’s all my fault and I deserved the punishment. My parents were very angry, my mom wouldn’t answer my phone calls and I understand her. As for my dad, he understands because he’s a westerner but my mom and my grandparents are Thai’s, my families are Thai.”

“My families disciplined me and told me how I should behave and I felt what I had to go through with my family was a lot of suffering already because they are the ones I care about, the people who have always supported me and I’ve let them down. I think that knowledge alone is bad enough to hurt me, I don’t need anyone else to tell me that”

“The pictures leaked two months ago and I’ve just gotten over it and now that I’m back I have to explain the situation again. The person who took the photos took 30 photos and leaked 6 photos at a time. I couldn’t do anything about it. I should have stopped but I didn’t know how it leaked. Sometimes I would cry myself to sleep thinking what do I need to do to make this stop”

Did you get a chance to speak to the person who leaked it?

“I couldn’t ask the person if he/she did it or not. It’s not up to me and it’s my fault and I don’t have proof. Right now I’m not going to do anything that I shouldn’t do. I’m not going to lie about it, I know I’ve done wrong and I shouldn’t have done that. When the photos first leaked I only just arrived overseas, it was hard for me to adjust and I was still having fun and don’t really know how to take care of myself. Now I know what I’m doing and I know I did a bad thing and my mother is very dissapointed in me.”

Aside from kissing photos, is there anymore intimate photos?

“Nomore. What else do you want me to do? I’ve suffered enough (laughs) There’s nothing more than that. I don’t even have photos like that in my camera. The photos you saw were taken by someone else not by me, no one would want to pose for those kind of photos”
Posted 6/15/09 , edited 6/15/09
Not & Joy Linlanee – Almost an item, just waiting for Joy

Ever since “Not” Warrarith Fuengarom broke up wih his much younger girlfriend “Petch” Rattanarat rumours claims he’s now swaying interest to actress ”Joy” Linlanee Sreepen. At first the gossip was a little hard to believe as Joy and Not have been close friends for a long time but as the rumours get louder, the more believable it seems.

You said you had a crush on someone, is it Joy?

“I don’t know, we’re friends”

Do you like her?

“I do like her, she’s a good person”

Is is true that you tried to asked her out?

“Not to that point. We’ve known each other for a long time now and I feel she’s a good person. I feel good when I talk to her, we can talk to each other and we’re friends. But it’s all up to her, I just want things to happen naturally, I’m not in a rush”

Is Joy the only girl that you’re talking to?

“Yes, she’s the only one”

So you admit you did asked her out, but she hasn’t said yes?

“It’s moving along. We’re not much different now then when we were friends. We still talk to each other normally but it’s up to you however you want to interpret this but let’s just say we’re talking to each other on the phone”

Do you feel under pressure because people are watching?

“A little bit because it hasn’t progressed much and now it’s in the news. I’m afraid the other party might criticize me”

If you guys don’t become an item, can you still stay friends?

“Yes, no problems at all”
Posted 6/16/09 , edited 6/17/09
Aum & Pinky on the verge of break up?

Actor “Aum” Atichart is acting strange in his latest interview by Manager. In the past Aum & Pinky are known to be one of the sweetest couple who love to flaunt their romance to the public to provoke jealousy but in his most recent interview Aum had his head down and didn’t want to talk about his girlfriend, his face was serious alerting suspicion that something’s just not right this time around.

“She’s going to go to work in a good place and she hasn’t asked me for advice or anything, there’s been no progress in our relationship”

Aum reveals he had just bought a new house but it’s not a wedding home.

“Lately I have more time to spend on the house. I went to have a look at a house that my father bought a long time ago and I also looked at my own house too. There’s been a lot of progress there, my house is close to my father’s house and my sister’s house”

“It’s in the location that I like because it’s close to my family. When I’m working a lot I don’t really get the opportunity to see my family at all so I feel now that I’m getting older I need to spend more time with them”

id Pinky help you choose your new house?

“No she didn’t, this house is for my family, it’s not a wedding home”
Posted 6/19/09 , edited 6/19/09
Confirm: Aom Piyada is getting engage

…this coming July 4th to her boyfriend of 3 years ‘Art’ Sara Jutharattanakul, cousin to Puri Hiranpruk. The ceremony will be a simple one with only 20+ of her closest friends and family members. It will take place at Art’s home in the Vibhavadi-Rangsit area. There will be no pictures or press access. As for the wedding, most likely next year. They are waiting for an auspicious day chosen by the King.

After the wedding, Aom has no plans to leave the entertainment industry, she will continue to work, film lakorns, host her variety show “Wan Waan Yang Waan Yoo” on Ch7.

Concerning the dowry, there has been speculations the dowry could be has high as 100 million baht ($2.9 million USD). Aom said it can’t be that high, ultimately it is up to the elders to decide.

Art proposed while they were on vacation at Ko Samui island with a group of their friends. The atmosphere was good, the two of them were watching TV, and he randomly asked, “when we get back, you wanna get married?” In a state of shock, Aom replied, “Really?” Art had to ask her again playfully, “Is that a Yes or a No?” She finally answered “Yes.”

On her birthday today, Art gave her a card in which he wrote, “I wish you much happiness.” At the very end he wrote, “this will the last card I give you as a boyfriend to his girlfriend.” At first, Aom was a little startled, she wondered whether he broke up with her via a birthday card. Then, she realized the hidden meaning. Ah. Ding! She had a good laugh.

Aom at her press conference on the set her variety show “Wan Waan Yang Waan Yoo (Everyday Still Sweet)”. It really must be a good day for Aom. Today is her birthday, she turns 34 and today she announces her engagement.
Posted 6/19/09 , edited 6/19/09
Jakajun says thank you, with a kiss on the cheek to Sugar Daddy Aof

]Aof Chanapol Sattaya finally bought Jakajun a Blythe Doll to repay her for buying him skin care products. Thairath Newspapers published photographs of the moment between Jakajun and friend Aof when he gave her the expensive gift valued at 20,000 baht.

Previously Jakajun gave out news to say she didn’t think Aof would buy her anything because he’s stingy.

“I wouldn’t get anything from him, he is so stingy he wouldn’t even let me eat his food!”

So when he finally surprised her with the gift – she was certainly shocked and kissed his cheek to say thanks.

“I’m surprised because I didn’t think he would buy me a Blythe. I’ve been teasefully asking him for so long but he seems normal about it but in the end he buys me the kind that I want, so it’s such a surprise”

Can we say he’s hitting on you?

“We’re just brother and sister who love each other, that’s all”

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