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Posted 5/13/09
Name -
Username -
Editor (what you use) -
What can you make? -
Examples - (put in spoiler)
Posted 5/13/09
Name: Gintoki Sakata
Username: GintokiSakata
Editor: Wat
What can you make? - Shit, urine.
Examples - Erm....
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Posted 5/13/09
Name - RaikuRoak
Username - RaikuRoak
Editor (what you use) - My body.
What can you make? - Plenty of things.
Examples - (put in spoiler) Sorry, too personal.
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Posted 5/13/09
Name: DarkoffDudeBG9000
Username: darkoff
Editor (what you use): UHM... I can use meny staff D:
What can you make?: SPERM?!
Posted 5/13/09
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