Lucid dreams
Posted 5/14/09 , edited 5/14/09
Lucid dreams... Anyone ever had such dreams?

How much I know, when someone have these kind of dreams, they are FULLY aware of it, so that means they can participate whatever they are dreaming, anything weird, or strange... That's all I know. In my dreams, I am never fully aware nor did I ever had lucid dreams, it just passes quickly and when I wake up, I remember nothing.

I wish I could have such dreams.

By the way:

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Posted 5/14/09
People like you really annoy me.

You don't bother checking if the topic already exists, but make a "disclaimer". "If this is a duplicate, lock it." Oh, so the mods don't need to ask for permission? How kind of you.

Lucid dreaming, who possesses this ability?

Oh gee, please tell me AHTL how did you find that topic? Oh golly, I don't know, I just wrote "lucid dream" in the search toggle and voilà!

/end annoyance.
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Posted 5/14/09

I lol'd
Posted 5/14/09

As stated
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