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I don't know how you can put up such a fine story then post 2 chapters at the same day~~
(you're incredible ~ne... )

I think I love the side of the classmates rather than the idols~!

they're very much relaxed~~
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shieLdembLem wrote:

I don't know how you can put up such a fine story then post 2 chapters at the same day~~
(you're incredible ~ne... )

I think I love the side of the classmates rather than the idols~!

they're very much relaxed~~

I started writing this a month a go..,
but I just wrote chapter 4, 4 days ago [[i think,,i can't remember]]..,

and I' almost done with chapter 5..,
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zashnie wrote:

shieLdembLem wrote:

I don't know how you can put up such a fine story then post 2 chapters at the same day~~
(you're incredible ~ne... )

I think I love the side of the classmates rather than the idols~!

they're very much relaxed~~

I started writing this a month a go..,
but I just wrote chapter 4, 4 days ago [[i think,,i can't remember]]..,

and I' almost done with chapter 5..,

so that's why you're pretty fast ~ne...

by the way..uhmm..ano~~
can I be the character Akimoto Rin??

it's because she's also paired up with Keito~~
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shieLdembLem wrote:

zashnie wrote:

shieLdembLem wrote:

I don't know how you can put up such a fine story then post 2 chapters at the same day~~
(you're incredible ~ne... )

I think I love the side of the classmates rather than the idols~!

they're very much relaxed~~

I started writing this a month a go..,
but I just wrote chapter 4, 4 days ago [[i think,,i can't remember]]..,

and I' almost done with chapter 5..,

so that's why you're pretty fast ~ne...

by the way..uhmm..ano~~
can I be the character Akimoto Rin??

it's because she's also paired up with Keito~~

done and done..,!!
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Chapter 5

I'm Too Excited But I'll Say Hi!

I'm Too Excited But I'll Say Hi!
Michie was humming the tune she was listening to on her iPod. She was alone in the bus as the bus continued driving to pick up the other members. It was a day after when they had found out they were going to meet Hey!Say!JUMP. The memories of yesterday were still clear in Michie’s mind.

Michie stormed the whole bus with the rest of Tenshi Maiden watching in fear and curiosity. Neither of them made a move; yet. Michie had scanned over Sakura’s hiding place for the fifth time. Either Sakura was curling herself up into a really tiny ball and camouflaging or Michie’s anger was blinding her from Sakura.

“She has to be on this bus,” Michie muttered to herself. The rest of the members sighed. They just had to wait. Stopping Michie right now wouldn’t help and telling Sakura’s hiding place wouldn’t help either. Too bad the manager wasn’t doing anything either. She probably gave up on Tenshi Maiden and was just plugging her ears and ignoring the girls behind her.

“Aha!” Michie suddenly cried out as she saw Sakura’s hiding place. Sakura peered up at Michie. Her eyes grew wide in fear, and then with a dash she escaped from her hiding place. A game of cat and mouse went on inside the bus. Poor Sakura was the mouse and Michie was the cat. When the cat finally caught the mouse a huge fight occurred. (It’s too graphic :P)

“Hey you two wait!” Megumi being the most motherly of the group immediately jumped in. Koshiba followed right after with Nanako right behind her. Koshiba and Nanako grabbed Michie and tried to drag her away from her victim. Megumi was cowering over Sakura and staring at Michie the whole time. She was like a bird protecting its own child.
However, it seemed that Michie was strong when she was angry. Either that or she worked out a lot. Whatever the case was, Michie broke free of Koshiba and Nanako’s grasp. More members tried to stop the fight one by one. At the end, Koshiba, Nanako, Lyn and Kaoru were grabbing onto Michie. Megumi, Mari, Nori and Tori were moving Sakura out of the way of harm. Sakura looked very scared like a frightened puppy.

“Michi we can’t fight as a group,” Nanako stated. “As a group we have to move as one person. If you fight with Sakura how can we move as one person?”

Michie relaxed in the grip of the four girls. “Gomen minna (sorry everyone) I’m just very stressed.”

“It’s alright,” Nanako cooed softly to calm the girl as all four of the girls relaxed their grip on Michie. “We understand. Just don’t fight.”

“Gomen Sakura,” Michie called to the younger girl. Sakura didn’t say anything. She just hugged Michie. It was like one of those touching romance stories except, this was real and they were both girls.
End of Flashback…………………………………………………………………………………….

“I sure seemed like a baka (idiot) back then,” Michie sighed to herself.

“Yep, you sure did,” Michie jumped a little surprised at the voice. She looked to her left. There was Nori nodding her head with her arms crossed around her chest and a smug look on her face.

“When did you arrive Nori!” Michie asked surprised.

“Hmm, a while ago. I came here and was going to say hi to you but you had that dreamy eyed blank look on your face. I assumed you were of thinking about something so I just sat here and watched,” Nori replied. She scooted closer to Michie. “Is yesterday still haunting you hmm?”

“No, be quiet,” Michie replied playfully pushing Nori away.

“Ah Michi fighting again?” Tori appeared as she got onto the bus.

“Yes Michi is going to kill me!” Nori playfully yelled out. “Tori help me!”

“What! Who said!” Michie replied at Nori’s little show.

“Tsk tsk Michi,” Tori played along.

“Hey! Not you too!” Michie replied but she had a huge smile on her face. The three girls laughed.

“Are you excited?” Tori asked. “I’m so excited!” She jumped around the bus.

“We can see that Tori!” Nori replied. “I’m excited too! Obviously!”

“Hmmm, depends really. I mean we are supposed to be enemies aren’t we?” Michie replied.

“Who cares?” Koshiba came on next. “We can still talk to them. Just not nicely on the television shows and such.”

“Ah yes! Think about it? We can talk to them on e-mail and cellphones too!” Tori nodded as she bounced over using the chairs.

“Great!” Michie replied. “That would be nice!”

“Well Michie might miss everything; she’d probably fade of once more,” Nori teased. Michie blushed.

“Oh shush, I know when not to fade of you know,” Michie countered.

“Oh really,” Kaoru appeared. “Right, I’m sure that you know. Last time when Shii-chan stated about us going against Hey!Say!JUMP, which girl was of in her own world?”

“Oh shush! I thought it was going to be something boring!” Michie replied. “Anyway I’m here right now aren’t I?”

“Well if you weren’t we’d hit you,” Kaoru replied. The other girls nodded in reply. Michie glared.

“Ok, well we should settle down as the other members come along,” Koshiba stated. Everyone got to their chair. The sentence Koshiba stated did not apply to Tori. She knew that, everyone else knew that and Tori ran over to the front of the bus. She was waiting for the others to come.

“Do you know the details of what we are doing?” Mari asked Koshiba. She shook her head.

“Apparently Megu does. I don’t know how though,” Koshiba replied. “I don’t remember her talking to the manager at all.”

“Maybe, maybe, she already knows a JUMP member!” Michie suggested. The girls looked at her. The statement slowly sunk into the girls.

“What if it was true, no, it shouldn’t be should it?” Mari sounded like she was trying to convince herself it wasn’t true.

“Oh my gosh! Maybe she does! Why didn’t she tell us?” Nori gasped.

“Ah Michi maybe you are right! Megu is so evil!” Koshiba spoke shocked.

“Wahh no fair!” Tori had now come over as she overheard the conversation.

“What’s not fair?” The girls all flinched back as they saw Megumi staring at them with a curious expression.

“Urmm, well,” Michie stumbled.

“You see Megu,” Nori just trailed of stumbling along with Michie.

“Well we thought you mmf,” The honest Tori’s mouth was covered by Mari.

“Everything is fair!” Mari quickly covered Tori. Megumi stared at the group raising an eyebrow as Koshiba slapped her forehead and sighed.

“Do you have any clue what we are going to do today with Hey!Say!JUMP?” Koshiba asked dodging around the truth. At least this way they can still find out if she knew and how.

“TV Show? Did something change?” Megumi stared blankly at the girls in front of her.

“Oh, well no,” Mari stated quickly. She let go of Tori’s mouth. Tori pouted at what Mari did and ran to the front. The members knew she would come back soon after she finished her little moment.

“Hmmm everyone is weird…” Megumi spoke quietly to herself. She didn’t get them today. Was the excitement making them go crazy?

“Ohayo minna (Good morning everyone)!” Sakura bounced into view. She smiled at everyone.

“Ohayo Sakura!” Michie replied smiling. The two had become even closer after the fight.

“Ne minna (hey everyone) whose your favourite JUMP member?” Nori asked.

“Hmmm,” All the girls went into thinking mode. The only different was that Michie did not fade of.

“Hey,” Lyn and Nanako appeared. They were neighbours and both usually got on the bus at the same time. Tori bounced back like the rest of the members suspected and joined.

“Who is your favourite JUMP member?” Nori immediately demanded to the two girls. They both had a surprised look as they sat down. As the girls started their conversation about which member they liked the most. Their bus slowly got closer and closer to their destination. As the conversation ended the girls arrived.

“Ma~, kakkoi kara(well because he is cool)?” Lyn replied as their conversation started to close to an end.

“Ah yes Lyn is cool too!” Tori replied nodding. “That would be nice!”

“Girls! Of the bus!” Tenshi Maiden heard their manager calling them.

“Hai! (Yes)” The girls lined up in a single line before getting of the bus.

“Hmm this building is so small,” Kaoru’s sarcastic comment immediately came out as she came out of the bus and looked up.

They were in front of a huge and tall rectangular building that had one huge rectangular tower that reached to the sky around the middle. It looked like it was made from a combination of obsidian and black marble. The front had cement stairs and golden rails up the stair. The entrance arched out in a rectangular shape with golden words stamped onto it.

“Ehhh really?” Sakura jumped out of the bus next. She looked at the building. “How is this small?”

“Sakura I think Kaoru’s being sarcastic,” Megumi spoke as she came out next. Sakura just nodded with an “I see” expression on her face as she ran around for a few seconds checking this place out before coming back.

“Fuji Terebi (Fuji TV),” Koshiba read as she came out. “Isn’t this like our first time here?”
Mari and Nori came out next and looked at the building.

“Hmm great. This place looks fun ne.” Mari spoke to Nori.

“Yep!” Nori replied nodding her head.

Tori jumped out. “Yatta! (Yay) Watashi chou genki! (I have lots of energy!) Uwaa this bulding is so kakkoi (cool)!”

“Tori calm down! Too much of a ruckus won’t do us well,” Nanako came out. “People are watching too.”

“Ma~ its Tori ne?” Michie spoke as she came out. She put her hands on Tori’s shoulder. They started jumping around.

“It’s cold,” Was what Lyn said when she came out. It was true that today was cloudy and grey giving an even gloomier look to the building. However, everyone seemed to have missed the cold feeling as their happiness and excited feeling gave warmth to the surrounding.

“Ok, girls inside we go!” The manager called. With a huge rush all Tenshi Maiden quickly zoomed up the stairs. They could barely stay still at the counter where the manager was talking to the secretary. The girls could barely stay still as they jammed themselves into the elevator to go to the fifth floor. When they reached the studio most were jumping around and being very jittery.

“Tenshi Maiden, if you continue like this I won’t open the door,” The manager threatened. It wasn’t much use as Koshiba and Megumi ignored her and immediately took the doorknob from the manager and opened the door. The girls tumbled in one after another. They stared at ten boys who were looking back at them strangely. Eyes met eyes. There was a sudden silence as the boys stared at the girls. The girls stared back at the boys.

Tenshi Maiden’s manager came in right after as she saw the silence. It was a wonderful way for bands to meet bands. Yep silence.

“Konichiwa (Hello)!” Being the hyper one Tori was the first to talk. She hated the silence that was happening.

“… Konichiwa?” Yabu replied. With that the awkward atmosphere returned back to normal as everyone carried a smile. The room instantly became warm and happy.

“Hey!Say!JUMP no minna san! (Everyone in Hey!Say!JUMP) Kono hito tachi wa Tenshi Maiden! (These people are Tenshi Maiden)” Hey!Say!JUMP’s manager spoke. “These are the people I told you about earlier.”

“Tenshi Maiden desu!” The ten girls bowed in their scattered positions.

“Let’s have you each introduce yourself,” Tenshi Maiden’s manager spoke in a flustered voice. She was not pleased at the entrance of Tenshi Maiden but it seems things were going smoothly again.

“Ah, 三宅鳥 (Miyake Tori) desu! Yoroshiku ne! (Hope you will take care of me)” It was easy to tell that Tori was hyper as she spoke with a very cheerful voice and was jumping up and down using Nori’s shoulder to propel herself higher. The JUMP members didn’t know what to say about this. They had met someone much more hyper than the Hey!Say!7 members. Maybe even combined.

“ 綺里小柴 (Kiri Koshiba) desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! (Please take care of me)” Koshiba bowed, she was much more formal than Tori. Yabu was relieved that at least the more older looking girls was not hyper as Tori. She seemed somewhat hyper.

“Watashi wa 森林 (Mori Lyn) to moushimasu (I am Mori Lyn). Yoroshiku,” Lyn spoke in her calm voice. Once more, Inoo was relieved to know that there was a younger girl also calm.

“Konichiwa! 鮎川真理 (Ayukawa Mari) desu. Isho ni tanoshiku ikou (Let’s have fun together),” Mari stated. Another somewhat hyper member had joined.

“中山海苔(Nakayama Nori) desu! Yoroshiku! Ishou ni tanoshimou! (Please take care of me. Let’s have fun)” Nori playfully spoke. Daiki realized that there was a playful and somewhat mischievous member inside. It was easy to tell with the glitter in Nori’s eye.

“ 橋本 薫 (Hashimoto Kaoru) desu,” Kaoru spoke more simply as she just said her name. Takaki noted a different feel from her than anyone else.

“ 原桜 (Bara Sakura) desu! Yoroshiku! Nante ne! (Please take care of me! And such!)” Another hyper one appeared from the group. This was the fourth one.

“相葉奈々子 (Aiba Nanako) desu! Yoroshiku!” The fifth hyper one has appeared.

“ 吉, 吉田恵美 (Yoshida Megumi) desu,” Megumi was quieter and she stumbled on her name. Yabu noted another quiet person to the group. So what about the last person?

Sakura and Tori lightly poked Michie. She blinked and came back to her senses.

“Ah, shitsurei(Ah how rude of me) 酒組 ミチエ (Sakagumi Michie) desu,” The manager sighed. When will Michie not fade of? Chinen blinked. Did this girl just sleep with her eyes open or fade of?

“Ignore her,” Kaoru immediately spoke. The rest of Tenshi Maiden nodded. Michie glared at Kaoru.

“Hey!Say!JUMP no minna shoukai suru? (Hey!SayJUMP do you want to introduce yourself?)” The boys’ manager asked them.

“A hitsuyou nai desu! (There is no need)” Tori randomly popped up and spoke.

“We already know all your names,” Mari spoke brightly.

“You are way more popular than us,” Michie added in trying to cover up her previous mistake. Their manager gave a fake cough.

“But as part of Tenshi Maiden we will not lose to you!” Nori immediately covered up the three. She gave a huge mischievous smile. Ryosuke looked at it. That smile, for all he knew could rival Hikaru’s smile.

“Makenai gurai ganbarimasu! (To not lose we will work hard)” Nanako spoke smiling along with Nori. The only difference was that her smile was not that intense. Hey!Say!JUMP stared at the girls in front of them. These ten girls, yep they were going to definitely have fun with them chaotic as it may be.

“Ok! Now that we got you two groups together! Let’s talk about our program. Tenshi Maiden no minna douzo swatte kudasai, (Everyone of Tenshi Maiden, please have a seat)” The manager of Hey!Say!JUMP called to the girls. The girls quickly sat down. Yuto looked at Tori weirdly as she was swinging her legs back and forth while quietly tapping her fingers on the table. Tori ignored his look.

“We are starting a new show on Fuji TV. In this show all of you will compete in many varieties of contests. It will start filming today,” Tenshi Maiden’s manager spoke first. She was greeted with silence.

“It will be called Kizuna? Iranai! (Bond? I don’t need it!) Just like the title states, you two bands will rival each other. Let your hate flow,” Hey!Say!JUMP’s manager spoke. He was greeted by cheers from both bands.

“For today it will be gym activities! For example gymnastics, running around, jumping around and others,” Tenshi Maiden’s manager was once more greeted with silence. “Hey why don’t you cheer for me like him?”

“Cause it’s our manager ne?” Sakura looked at Tori. Tori nodded in reply.

“You girls,” Tenshi Maiden’s manager spoke through gritted teeth. All ten girls smiled angelically back. Hey!Say!JUMP watched their enemy with curious eyes. They looked…tricky. And, rude to their manager.

Poor manager.

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eh??? i am so hyper in this fic(: hehe(;
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xiaoqian94 wrote:

eh??? i am so hyper in this fic(: hehe(;

gomen ne..,

that's all I could think of..,
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Chapter 6

Talking That's All We Do

The two walked silently through the hallway. A few onlookers passed by curiously but they didn’t say much. For the boys it was Yamada Ryosuke, that was all there was to it. For girls, Yamada Ryosuke didn’t look that happy to be with this girl so it was fine too. As long as they didn’t smile or laugh together, the girls could cope. Yamada and Nakito continued walking until half way through the now empty pure white corridor. That was when Nakito stopped and turned around.

“Yamada-kun,” Nakito spoke quietly to him. She was facing her back against the window and looked not the most pleased person on Earth. Yamada looked at her calmly. He could do this, yes he could reject her. He could calm her down after she starts crying. At least he thinks he can. Yamada scolded himself. He was making himself nervous, that wasn’t needed. Yamada looked at Nakito. She wasn’t using eye contact at all and looking away to the side.

“I want to tell you that,” Nakito begun saying but Yamada interrupted her.

“Gomenasai (Sorry)! I can’t accept your feelings!” Yamada bowed in apology. He hoped this would work. When Yamada looked back up, he was surprised when he saw Nakito facing him with a blank look on her face. Did something go wrong?

“Eh? Doushite ayamteru no (Why are you saying sorry)?” Nakito asked Yamada. “What feelings? Did I miss something?”

“Ahh, I thought you were going to… never mind,” Yamada went quiet. So what he had assumed was wrong. For some reason, Yamada got a sense of relief from knowing he didn’t have to hurt Nakito’s feelings.

“Ayamari tai, (I want to apologize)” Nakito said to Yamada.
Now it was Yamada’s turn to get confused and stare at Nakito blankly. She didn’t do anything wrong to him. He didn’t remember her doing anything. So why was she apologizing?

“Doushite? (Why)” Yamada asked. Nakito knew he wouldn’t realize she had kicked him. Azami had told her to and in a way forced her to apologize. If he didn’t know shouldn’t she just let him be? Nakito was about to say never mind and leave when she remembered Azami threatening to drag Nakito to Yamada over and over again. Nakito did not like the thought of that. So she got as much courage as she could to tell Yamada the truth.

“I was the one that made you fall of the chair! Gomenasai!” Nakito bowed her head low. “I didn’t mean to! I just wanted to wake you up!”

Nakito didn’t raise her head as she got nervous and told the whole story from the beginning about seeing him sleep all the way to the end where she was told to leave the room because Nakito wanted to ask Azami about Yamada. When she finished Nakito looked up and was panting a little from barely taking any breaths while talking. Yamada watched quite amused.

“It’s ok to take a few breaths between your explanation you know,” Yamada gave a smile at Nakito as he teased. She looked down in embarrassment. Yamada gave a small sigh.

“Ah! I forgot, you get embarrassed very easily,” At this Nakito hid her face even more, “But that’s something special about Kuchiki-chan ne? Ma, I’m not really mad at you. I mean you wouldn’t have gotten kicked out if you weren’t worried about me right? To say the truth, I’m a violent sleeper so I thought I had made myself fall of the chair.”

Nakito looked up. Her flushed and surprised expression gave an innocent look although she didn’t realize herself. Nakito was relieved that Yamada wouldn’t yell or hate her. To have an idol hate you would be the worst thing possible.

“You aren’t?” She asked just to confirm. He nodded. Nakito gave a small smile; just a tiny one but Yamada noticed it.

“So you can smile a real smile!” Yamda spoke. Nakito immediately bowed her head again as Yamada gave a small laugh. “Gomen! I keep getting you embarrassed. I should stop that.”

Silence quietly stretched between the two. However, it wasn’t awkward like before. It was a comfortable silence that both could respect. A few minutes passed…

“We should be going,” Yamada was the first to break the silence. Nakito just nodded from where she was leaning against the wall. She quietly shuffled after Yamada. Unlike her, he just walked calmly and normally towards Yuto.

Nakito was surprised when she saw Yuto by himself. He had a confused look on. It was the first time Nakito saw Yuto with that expression and she must admit, it was a new experience.

“Ano, where did Azami go?” Nakito asked Yuto. It just wasn’t like Azami to let Yuto out of her sight. Something was missing or something had happened.

“Imamura-san? She told me to tell you she’s going to the panya (bread store),” Yuto replied.

“Eh? The panya?” Nakito now looked confused along with Yuto. So Azami had left Yuto for her favourite curry bread that comes out fresh around 4 each day? Wait, didn’t Azami state she loved Yuto more than anything else?

“I should be going then. Arigatou Yuto for giving me the message.” Nakito went to her locker to switch her shoes from her inside shoes to her outdoor shoes. As Nakito went near the exit she turned around.

“Sayonara (Good-bye) Nakjima-kun, Yamada-kun,” Nakito gave a bow. Yuto just bowed back.

“Mata ato hanashi ao(Talk to you soon),” Nakito looked surprised as Yamada said those words. However, she just smiled, gave a wave and exited.

“We are going to talk to her soon?” Yuto asked his friend. He didn’t know what was going on between the smiling Yamada and the quiet Nakito.

“Ma, now that we know her don’t you think Azami’s going to drag Nakito over with her?” Yamada asked Yuto.
He had a point.
It was late at night and Azami was coming home from the convenience store near the house she lived in with her family. After Nakito had arrived at the panya store where Azami was happily eating the curry bread, Azami had made Nakito tell her whole story.

“Hmm why do they call you chan though? I’m still san to them,” Was the first comment that Azami made. Nakito looked at her missing the point.

Azami sighed, “Well at least you apologized. Even if he didn’t know, don’t you feel less guilty now?”

Nakito gave a small nod. After eating, the two had talked a little bit more before heading towards home. Azami separated with Nakito soon after to buy groceries like her mom requested.

It was a beautiful and clear sunset. Although Tokyo was usually covered with pollution so that the sunset wouldn’t glow, Azami could see that there were no clouds tonight unlike the usual days. The sun was a giant flaming fireball using the last of its energy before sleeping. There was a light wind that brushed and caressed against her cheeks faintly. Azami could hear the cars passing by her one by one. There was a honking noise somewhere far of.
Azami started quietly singing her favourite spring song, 桜(Sakura) by ケツメイシKetsumeishi (try listening it’s a very interesting song). As Azami passed near the park she saw a lonely child swinging on the swings. The boy looked sad and seemed to be slightly crying. Azami walked over to the boy. There was only the boy and no parents in sight.

“Doushita? (What’s wrong)” Azami walked over to the boy and squatted so she was lower than him. Also this way Azami could look at his face. She put the grocery bag down and used one of her finger to wipe his tear.

“Michi, michini, mayochatta, (Street, I got lost on the streets)” The boy started crying once more. Azami reached into her school bag as she held up her package of tissue.

“Hai kore(Here this),” The boy gladly accepted the package that Azami was holding as he tried to wipe his tears. Azami just sat there with her legs out waiting for the boy to calm down a little. It was no use asking a panicking boy what was wrong. Azami soon got bored just sitting there and she sat on the swings beside him. Azami swung along. When Azami guessed he had calmed down more she asked for his name.

“Raiya, boku Raiya,” The boy replied.

“Raiya. That’s a very kakkoi name Raiya-kun,” Azami smiled at him while swinging. What else should she ask this lost boy? Raiya’s parents might come pick him up, or they could have phoned the police.

Azami thought for a while before an idea popped into her head.

“Raiya-kun?” The boy faced Azami once more. “Do you know your phone number?”

Raiya nodded to Azami. Azami smiled an even bigger smile than before.

“Can you tell me the number?” The boy looked at Azami and shook his head. He was told never to tell any information to strangers. Azami had forgotten that little kids listened to their parents’ straight on. She remembered doing the same thing. So asking him for the number would not work. Well she could try phoning the police. Azami grabbed her cellphone and dialled the emergency number. She stood up while calling.

“Moshi moshi?” A voice spoke on the other end.

“I found this boy saying that he is lost. Is it possible to find out if the police are trying to find him?” Azami spoke calmly through the phone to the best of her ability. Which wasn’t much.

“Hai, we will send your call to the nearest police station,” There was a click as Azami’s call was transferred to the police/

“Moshi moshi?” A male voice answered. Azami guessed that it was a policeman or at least a secretary of some kind.

“Ano, I found this boy saying he is lost. Are you searching for anyone with the name Raiya?” There was a click and clicking sounds as the man searched the computer.

“Hai, we do have someone, would you like us to contact them for you?” The voice replied. Azami looked at Raiya who had got of the swing and was now tracing stuff in the sand with his hand. He didn’t look as sad as before.

“I want Raiya-kun to be happy as soon as possible!” Azami replied sounding more hyper than before. “Onegai (Please)! Hayaku contact shite! (Quickly contact!)”

“Can we have your location?” Azami quickly told the man. After saying good-bye, he hung up on her.

“Raiya-kun, I’m sure your parents will be here soon,” Azami comforted Raiya as she kneeled down once more beside Raiya. Raiya looked up.

“Arigatou nee-chan!” He replied giving a small smile.

“Raiya-kun te kawaii ne (Raiya-kun is cute ne)?” Azami spoke to herself. It had been a while since she had been alone with a child. This was definitely a good memory.

“Raiya-kun oni gokou asobou (Raiya-kun lets play tag)?” Azami suddenly stood up and suggested. Raiya looked at her and nodded. With Raiya being it and Azami being the person he was trying to tag, a two people tag game started.

It was when Raiya was tackling Azami that his family came to pick him up.

“Raiya-kun!” Azami heard a voice call. That voice sounded very familiar. Too familiar. Azami turned towards the voice as Raiya stopped tackling her and ran over to his family.

“Uwa~! Yuto-kun!” Azami immediately yelled and waved. Yuto looked up in shock and surprise. His eyes grew wide. So the person taking care of his little brother was the hyper and random Azami?

“Nii-chan knows nee-chan?” Raiya looked up.

“Yuto, do you know the girl who is waving right now?” Yuto’s father asked. Azami walked over.

“Hajimemashite (Nice to meet you)! Imamura Azami desu! I’m Yuto’s classmate!” Azami gave a small bow and a huge smile. The parents nodded. This girl sure was hyper; she didn’t even know them but was already being warm and all.

“Arigatou (thank you) Imamura-san. For taking care of my otouto (little brother),” Yuto thanked Azami.

“Ie, it as nothing really!” Azami replied smiling. To be thanked by Yuto could be the best thing possible.

“Jya sayonara (jya good-bye),” Yuto did all the talking. His parents probably figured that it would be better for two people who knew each other to talk. They gave a bow and the four went into their car.

“Yapari Yuto-kun de iina! (As I thought Yuto-kun is awesome)” Azami spoke to herself as she turned around to grab her school bag and groceries. Somehow the sunset was even prettier now.
Nana silently cursed herself as she walked through the hallways of her juku class. She had totally forgotten her homework at home and the teacher had scolded her. In front of everyone. Even if Nana was calm, she couldn’t help but feel more irritated at the teacher. Sure, there were people who always forgot their homework and they never got scolded in front of everyone. Why was she different this time? In her irritation, Nana had crashed into a boy.

“Watch where you are going!” The boy called after her but she ignored him and continued walking. Stupid Takaki too! Intruding on her memories like that. When she had crashed into the boy, he had come up! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! What about him had been carved into her memory? The face he gave? No, it couldn’t be, she had seen those hurt and confused face many time.

Nana kept her face calm, as she headed for the stairs. She wanted to go somewhere quiet. The rooftop was a quiet place during juku as not many people wanted to go and meet a quite dark outside with barely any lights. Only enough lights to see the person right next to you. She would gladly go right now.

Nana opened the door to the rooftop, just like she guessed there was nobody there. Nana walked over to the nearest side and sat down leaning against the fence. She looked up at the stars. It was so peaceful. It would be such a nice time to play her guitar. Too bad juku was in its place. Nana sighed as she stood up and leaned over the fence, she’d just have to stay put with looking at all the lights.

“A penny for your thoughts?” Nana turned around to spot the intruder. There standing quite calmly was Haruki. Nana and Haruki enrolled in the same juku. The only difference was that they were in different classes. Haruki used to be in the same class as Nana and had frequently talked to her. Both didn’t want others to bother them so it was perfect. But then Nana had changed classes for a different subject.

“You will need lots of pennies then Akami,” That was the nickname that only Nana used for Haruki. Nobody else knew about it and if they did Haruki would most likely smack them.

“You know what I mean Nana,” Haruki replied as she walked towards the fence looking over it with Nana. “So what’s wrong? The rooftop is the quiet place isn’t it?”

“There is this guy at my school, he’s a member of Hey!Say!JUMP. Takaki Yuya,” Haruki nodded as Nana begun talking. “He’s annoying to put it simply.”

“Annoying how?” Haruki asked.

“Just annoying,” Nana replied a little bit reluctant to talk.

“How about I bribe you then?” Haruki asked smiling. Nana gave a small smile in reply.

“You are that desperate,” Nana spoke. Although she was calm Haruki could guess that inside Nana was giving a smile. Haruki just nodded.

“Akami you know how I hate handsome guys that thinks to highly of themselves and attention seeker? Well Takaki Yuya is one,” Nana replied.

“Ah I get it. Yep attention seekers are very annoying. But it’s an idol what do you expect?” Haruki replied turning to face Nana. Nana didn’t answer to that. They both went silent for a moment as they viewed the city from the rooftop. Haruki turned back to lean on the fence once more.

“You know my juku class has a Hey!Say!JUMP member too. Hikaru Yaotome. He’s also annoying,” Haruki added. “I was drawing a classroom, it as obvious it was a classroom. However, that baka was asking me if it was nature. How can mathematical equations be nature?”

“So Hey!Say!JUMP is annoying in general,” Nana came to a quick conclusion.

“Well we don’t know about the younger children. Let’s just say Hey!Say!BEST is?” Haruki replied.

“Akami you shouldn’t be too nice. All of them are probably the same,” Nana replied.

“Hmm idols are just very annoying. I don’t like them at all,” Haruki replied. “So whether it’s Hey!Say!BEST or all of JUMP, I don’t really care. I won’t like them. Ever.”

“I can’t disagree with you Akami,” Nana replied. They both went silent once more.

“Do you think we would ever change our mind?” Haruki asked out of the blue.

“While knowing those two? I doubt it,” Nana replied. “I would laugh if we did.”

“Well you don’t laugh,” Haruki replied.

“Exactly,” Nana answered. The two watched the scenery a little bit more before heading back inside so they would not be late for their juku class. Nana was thinking about how to get Takaki out of her head, Haruki was thinking of what trouble she would face there with Hikaru and his fangirls. One thing was for sure.

Idols were definitely too annoying.
Rin continued walking home. Her annoyance from before had still not settled down. At least, Inoo didn’t chase after her. If he did, she might have just punched him.

Rin had barely talked to Inoo. They were in the same club, but that was all. The only words she ever spoke to him was hello. Nothing else. So why did he suddenly think he could just barge in and ask her why she was being a bully. Who said she was being a bully either? All Rin was doing was staring at people. It wasn’t her fault that they were scared of her stare. The people just had no back bone.

As Rin neared her home, she saw her neighbour’s daughter outside. What was that girl doing sitting right on her doorsteps? That girl who did not understand what Rin was doing every single time. The girl who couldn’t read the atmosphere. The girl who just randomly acted like Rin was her best pal when she wasn’t. This girl was probably Rin’s worst enemy. Even worse, she was twelve and younger than Rin.

Rin walked cautiously to her house, if the girl spotted her she wouldn’t be able to go inside her house at all. So far, Rin was doing well. It was when she was about to turn the door knob that the girl saw her.

“Rin nee-san!” The girl immediately ran over. Rin sighed; this was not going to be easy.

“Mayuko leave me alone,” Rin immediately spoke. Her cold tactic always failed though. Why would it be different this time?

“Why Rin nee-san? Come on! Aren’t we nakama (pals)?” Mayuko immediately said.

“Who said we were nakama,” Rin immediately replied. This was a typical repetition. But no matter what happened, to Mayuko, Rin was her friend.

“Rin nee-chan didn’t you agree with me last time?” Mayuko replied smiling at her neighbour. Rin once more stared back.

“When did I agree with you?” Rin asked. She never agreed to this girl! Mayuko was making up stuff on the spot.

“Yesterday! When you came home and I was like Rin nakama! And you said go away Mayuko!” Mayuko replied still having the smiling look. Rin had an urge to slap the girl. But if she did she would get into real trouble. Rin tried her best to stay calm.

“How is that supposed to mean I’m your nakama? And you just said so yourself that I had stated go away Mayuko!” Rin replied.

“But Rin nee-san didn’t say we aren’t nakama like she always does?” Mayuko replied. Rin sighed. She made a note to immediately counter everything Mayuko says next time.

“Then I will tell you right now, we are not nakama,” Rin spoke the last few words slowly and loudly hoping it would process in Mayuko’s brain.

“Then we are tomodachi (friends)?” Rin got another urge to slap Mayuko. Mayuko had just changed the wording but it literally meant the same thing.

“No, we are not close at all Mayuko, please do not insist stuff like that,” Rin tried to move away from this subject.

“So why don’t you go inside your home now?” Rin asked this question as kindly as she could. It didn’t sound very kind.

“I ran out and forgot my keys,” Mayuko replied. “So I’m stuck outside until my parents come.”

“Then let me go inside at least,” Rin retorted.

“You can go inside Rin nee-chan I never said you couldn’t,” Mayuko replied innocently.

“Then why are you talking to me?” Rin replied.

“That’s because you are out here,” Mayuko replied simply. Rin sighed. She walked over to the door and was once more ready to turn the door knob.

“Matte(wait)!” Rin turned around once more sighing.

“What?” Rin asked Mayuko.

“Rin nee-chan will you be my tomodachi (friend)?” Mayuko asked. Rin pretended to ponder for a moment.

“Okaeri (Welcome home)!” Was the first word that greeted Miyuki as she got home.

“Miyuki how was school today?” Miyuki’s dad looked up to her. Although, Miyuki’s worst subject was English it was her dad’s best subject. Usually her dad helped her with her homework and when he asked how school was, it meant do you need help in English.

“Fine, no troubles at all,” Miyuki quietly replied.

“So you don’t need help in your English,” Miyuki’s dad confirmed.

“No, not today,” Miyuki’s dad took this as an absolute no and let her be. Miyuki took of her light blue jacket; she hung it up before grabbing her school bag. When Miyuki ran upstairs, the first thing she did was grab her cellphone and phone her friend Raina. Miyuki sat on her bed as she made the call.

“Moshi moshi?” The phone was immediately answered.

“Raina,” Miyuki immediately said. She sounded like a shy girl that only made her voice louder because of her friend. Which in this case, was true.

“Ah Miyu! Guess what?” Before Miyuki could say her story Raina talked first.

“Nani? (what is it)” Miyuki let her friend go first. She didn’t want to argue.

“I met Daiki again today! Well at the bridge near my house, you know where we skip stones at time. Anyway, he seemed sad but I made him happy again! Next time we are going to meet at the bridge again!” Miyuki was a little bit jealous at Raina for having such a good friend to be with. Even though Raina was Miyuki’s closest friend she seemed to have Daiki as someone more special.

“Ah, that would be nice ne Raina?” Miyuki replied.

“So what did Miyu phone for?” Raina asked. She always did the asking or Miyuki barely talked. Miyuki just never felt comfortable being the first person.

“A boy helped me today with my English. It was weird…” Miyuki trailed of.

“Who is the boy? Do I know him? Raina immediately asked. “What happened?”

“I think so…Okamoto Keito…I think you know him?” Miyuki replied. There was silence in the corner.

“You mean THE Okamoto Keito from Hey!Say!JUMP?” Raina asked.

“Hmm sou kana? (I guess so)” Miyuki replied. “I don’t really know them as well as Raina…”

“Ah well we are in the same school! Just point him out to me next time! If it is him that would be so stupid of me to miss him!” Raina replied. “So what happened?”

Miyuki smiled as her friend changed from ignorance to curiosity with her tone of voice. Trust Raina to make her smile more.

“I always do my homework at school there right? I was doing my English and he helped me,” Miyuki explained as simply as she could.

“Wait. Wait a second. So why was he there?” Raina asked.

“Ah, he said something about homework,” Miyuki replied quietly. She suddenly felt embaressed at forgetting his reason.

“Well that was sweet of him to help you,” Raina commented. “It sounds like the Okamoto Keito from Hey!Say!JUMP. I mean he’s good at English.”

“Ah, sou ka(is that so),” Miyuki didn’t know much about Hey!Say!JUMP. It wasn’t because she didn’t like them, she heard a few songs but Miyuki didn’t exactly search up too much about them either. She didn’t know what half of them looked like.

“Yep! Miyu you are one lucky girl! You know how many girls would love to be in your position?” Raina asked. “If the school knew you’d be run over by girls immediately!”

“Eh? I don’t want that…” Miyuki’s voice trailed of as she thought about that. No she definitely did not want to be run over at all.

“It’s ok Miyu! I’ll be there beside you if that does happen!” Raina replied. Miyuki shyly smiled on this side of her phone.

“Arigatou (thank you) Raina,” Miyuki replied softly. “Jya I should be going now. Sayonara. (Good bye)”

“Mata ashita! (See you tomorrow)” With that the phone conversation ended. Miyuki looked at her cellphone and then outside. She didn’t know how troublesome it was to talk to Keito. Raina had just scared her. Miyuki sighed. This wasn’t something she should tell anybody else.

“I really don’t want to be run over.”

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did you know that I really crave for your fic?!

I guess it's because you're so good with your grammar and your japanese~~
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shieLdembLem wrote:


did you know that I really crave for your fic?!

I guess it's because you're so good with your grammar and your japanese~~

oh thanks..,
I got help with the Japanese parts..,

I sometimes even forget to use them..,
I'm weird.
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Chapter 7

Run Or In This Case Fight!

Tenshi Maiden and Hey!Say!JUMP both bustled out of their two separate buses. They looked in front of them while standing on the ash grey pavement. They were near a main street that was for sure. Lots of cars passed by the two groups. There was also a huge building right in front of them that read Libertyhill Club.

“Doko?” Megumi was the first to speak as the two groups viewed this place with awe.

“Somewhere far, far away,” Kaoru replied. “I haven’t even seen this place before.”

“Let’s go look around!” Sakura suggested obviously to Tori. Tori nodded and the two girls ran around making sure not to be too far away from their group.

“Well, I’m sure manager-san knows where we are!” Mari suggested.

“The two managers aren’t out here yet,” Lyn replied. She looked over at the boys. “And our rivals seem to be less confused than us.”

The girls glanced over; sure the boys didn’t seem to look confused. They were smiling and talking to each other normally. Only Ryutaro looked a little bit confused and he wasn’t talking to any of the other members at the moment.

“So our manager likes the boys more than us,” Nanako came to a conclusion. “She must have let the boy’s manager tell the boys about this place.”

“We can’t say that Nana-chan,” Michie replied. “Maybe they are just smiling and talking because the boys don’t care about this as much as we do.”

“Of course! Boy’s are good at sports ne?” Nori added in smiling.

“Of course we have to be better,” Koshiba added in. “I don’t really want to lose.”

“Tenshi Maiden ganbarou ne (Tenshi Maiden let’s work hard)!” Tori randomly popped up behind Michie. Michie spun around surprised as the rest of the group but Sakura looked towards Tori. Tori waved at them.

“Yes! Ganbarou ne!” Sakura spoke from behind Nori. All the girls but Tori turned towards Sakura once more surprised. Sakura just smiled.

“You two,” Nanako begun but she was immediately stopped.

“Everyone gather up!” While the groups were talking their managers had managed to go past them to the entrance. Now they were standing their waiting for twenty people to look at them. The groups both reacted quickly,

“The building we have behind us is known as the Libertyhill Club. Today they are allowing us to go inside for our show. We have a MC here. He will be your MC from now on,” Hey!Say!JUMP’s manager spoke. “Now let’s head in first and then he will explain the rules.”

“Uwa! This building looks like a hotel!” Sakura immediately exclaimed. Tori had already disappeared much to Tenshi Maiden’s manager’s annoyance.

“Hmm it is very pretty,” Megumi spoke quietly to herself. She was surprised when someone heard her.

“Don’t let looks fool you. This is a very nice sports club and all but you won’t win in it easily,” Megumi turned to her right. There was Yabu a little bit behind his group who was in front of the Tenshi Maiden.

“And why are you telling me this?” Megumi replied. Yabu shrugged before going forward to join his group. Megumi watched him strangely. That was weird of him to say that randomly. Why was he not with his group either?

“Megu what’s wrong?” Nanako immediately asked as she saw Megumi’s troubled face.

“I have a feeling that the boys are hiding something, we better be ready Nana-chan,” Megumi spoke before the two groups stopped. They were stopped by the managers in front of a skinny man around his twenties. He had brown hair that was medium long; one part covered his right eye. The MC was taller than all of the people here at the moment. He also had hazel coloured brown eyes.

“This is your MC Takahashi Hiroshi,” All the bands bowed and said yoroshiku (please take caer of me) in a synchronized way.

“Please follow me. To the two manager-sans you will not need to do anything, I will have them under my control,” With that the MC did a graceful bow before walking of. The girls blinked, was it luck they got such a cool looking man as their MC?

They followed the MC as he took the stairs since the elevator would be too cramped with twenty-one people inside. The JUMP members had also decided to walk behind Tenshi Maiden for some reason.

“Ne, isn’t it awkward to have the JUMP members behind us?” Michie whispered to Nori.

“Ma~ ne, I wonder why they did that,” Nori whispered back as they turned the corner of the stairs to reach the second half.
“Some of the girls are kawaii(cute) ne?” Yuto whispered to Yamada.

“You say that too easily Yuto, I can’t say much to that,” Yamada replied.

“Ah sou ka (Ah is that so),” Yuto gave a playful shove to his friend.

“Hmm I’m just excited that we are doing something interesting now!” Chinen replied smiling happily.
“Hai, minna-san this is the lowest floor,” The MC spoke. There was a luxury looking swimming pool stretched right in front of the girls. It was rectangular shaped and the water seemed blue coloured because of the reflection.
So they got to a swimming pool that was great and all but, none of the girls had brought their swimming wear. This meant that they could not swim unless with their clothing. As the boys entered the same thought popped into their mind. Why did the MC drag them down here if they didn’t have the right necessities?

“Yes, it’s a swimming pool and true most of us if not all do not have their swimming wear. But we have a reason for this,” The bands stared at the MC. A reason? What reason would that be?

“We got you complimentary outfits for this show! You will find them in the change rooms. So have fun!” The two bands glared at the MC but he didn’t back down. Complimentary outfits usually meant very ugly outfits that in a way advertised their show.

“Have fun, who would have fun in this case?” Kaoru muttered as the girls were ushered towards the girl change rooms.

“What more surprises would wait for us?” Nanako asked her group.

“Something fun!” Tori replied. Being the hyper one she couldn’t wait, however the others were dreading this show already. Sakura hoped that they would do some sports out of the water soon. That would be much more fun.
“Swimming pool? So who came up with this idea?” When the boys entered the change room, it was the first question that Daiki immediately asked.

“Not any of us,” Yabu immediately replied. “This is all new for me too.”

“Well to against girls is a very interesting concept anyhow,” Inoo nodded.

“Let’s try our best to win,” Takaki added in.

“Yes, but the girls are cute ne? I would feel bad to win against them, but I really don’t want to lose,” Hikaru added. All the boys gave a smile as they went to grab their swimming wear.

“What is this?” Lyn looked at their swimsuits.

“You mean we have to wear this while we go swimming?” Kaoru replied.

“Eh?” Michie quickly zoned in the situation from where she was gaping at the room.

Right in front of them, their swimsuits were laid out. All of them were a black one piece that was shaped like a halter on the top. The straps criss-crossed on the back. However, that wasn’t the problem the group was facing. The problem they were facing was the fact that right on the black swimsuits the words Kizuna? Iranai! (Bond! We don’t need it!) was printed in huge white blocky letters.

“Uso! I don’t want to wear this!” Tori immediately yelled as she looked at the swimming wear. Tori poked it before edging away.

“Tori I think you have to, you can’t go swimming in your cloths,” Nanako tried to persuade Tori.

“It looks pretty ugly,” Koshiba agreed with most of the rest of the girls.

“Ma, I’m sure there is a reason,” Mari tried to stay optimistic.

“Yep! Probably to advertise our show,” Nori replied.

“Uwaa but I really don’t like this at all,” Sakura spoke peering from behind Nori. She walked forward and grabbed the small pile. Sakura put it up against her body. The rest of the girls stifled a laugh as Sakura glared.

“Well even if we complain it won’t get better,” Megumi spoke. She grabbed one. “As much as I hate it, I guess I’ll wear it.”

“I don’t think the boys would have it easier than us,” Mari nodded her head as she also grabbed one.

“Hmm yep, they won’t have the last laugh,” Nori took one too. “I’ll make sure to laugh at them first thing I see them.”

“Sou ne(That’s true)!” Tori took one too. They each quickly changed inside the changing room. It felt weird for the room to be so empty but Tenshi Maiden assumed that the whole sports club was most likely rented. When they finished changing, the girls quickly laughed at each other before rushing outside towards the pool.

Tenshi Maiden and Hey!Say!JUMP both started laughing the instance they saw each other. The boys had to wear swim shorts that were black and white. They didn’t have words but all the same the shorts were hideous. It reminded the girls of zebras as they entered. The boys on the other hand found the words written on the girl’s swimsuit hilarious. What a nice way to advertise their show.
The two groups didn’t glare at each other at all when they sat down. The MC tried to calm them down as the group were still in hysterical laughter.

“Ah I feel so much better ne!” Lyn stated.

“You feel better? I think ours are much better than yours,” Lyn glared at Yamada. She was about to retort but the MC cut her short.

“Everyone! I know you are excited and all that!” The MC received glares from the bands, “Seriously do not be so loud! I have a wonderful day planned out for you!”

“What would that wonderful day be Takahashi-san?” Hikaru asked from the crowd.

“Competition what else?” The MC replied as if it was an obvious question. He didn’t answer Hikaru’s question directly. The bands slowly quieted down as they realized that the camera had started filming. To be an idol meant to be proper and never rude.

“Our first thing is where we are making one boy and one girl stand on that small raft over there,” The MC pointed towards a small orange life boat raft that looked fit for one person. “The two people have to try to push each other of with hands only. However, you are not allowed skin contact for more than two seconds. Dodging or escaping is not allowed. The raft will tilt around. Just a warning. Finally, whoever gets pushed of has to go into our specially prepared extremely cold water for thirty seconds.”

“Uwa, extremely cold water, I’m definitely not losing,” Tori immediately stated shaking her head.

“I don’t think anybody does Tori, look around,” Nanako spoke. Tori did. All the rest of the members whether from Tenshi Maiden or Hey!Say!JUMP looked like they would do any desperate tactic to not get into the ice water.

“I suggest you get into the water first,” The MC spoke as a rush of twenty people went into the water.

“This water is already freezing cold!” Yuto immediately complained.

“This water is around 30 degrees celsius for your information,” The MC spoke. “The water you will have to be in for thirty seconds is 10 degrees celsius.”

“How exact,” Kaoru muttered as she jumped inside the water to warm herself up.

“Wai! This is fun!” Ninteen people immediately stared at the swimming Tori. What was she thinking to call it fun? This wasn’t fun, it was freezing, they had to wear hideous swimming wear and on top of that, the loser would have to go into water three times colder.

“Your urmm bandmate is easily content,” Hikaru spoke not knowing what word to use.

“No, she’s just hyper,” Mari replied as she was the closest to him at the time.

“A lot more hyper than you may think,” Megumi muttered to herself not far from Mari.

“Are you all warmed up?” It was supposed to be a question but the MC didn’t let any people answer. “Great to know you are! Ok! Let’s get the first pair out of the water and onto the raft. Let’s see, hmmm Arioka Daiki and Aiba Nanako.”

The two looked at each other. They weren’t really expecting themselves to be first. Daiki moved towards

“Nana-chan if you lose now we won’t have any hopes for ourselves!” Sakura called.

“If you do lose I’ll make sure to ruin your life!” Koshiba added in.

“Don’t think any of us will forgive you!” Michie added in.

“And if you continue pressuring me! I will lose!” Nanako countered as she got onto the raft. It was a little bit wobbly and she almost slipped but caught her balance. Daiki was already standing on the raft. He took out a hand.

“You need help?” Daiki asked. Nanako shook her head. She could feel the nine other girls glare at her when he asked that. They sure wanted her to be really anti-boy. The boy in front of her was pretty cute and being a gentlemen too…Nanako shook her head. No, the goal of Tenshi Maiden was to prove they were better than boys not be a fool and fall in love with them.

Nanako stood up on the raft; she carefully balanced herself to a comfortable position. The MC took both of them standing as a signal to begin.

“When I say go you two may begin. Ichi…ni…san go! (One…two…three)” They pushed at each other at the same time. Both of them moved back a little but neither fell of the raft.

“This is harder than I thought,” Daiki spoke as he tried to push at Nanako again. Once more she pushed him at the same time.

“Well if we continue pushing each other at the same time at this pace, obviously we won’t get anywhere,” Nanako replied as they once more pushed each other synchronized. Either one had to be faster or the other had to be slower. Both were choosing the fast option. Either they could trick or distract each other.

“Ne, the two keep pushing each other at the same time, it’s boring,” Tori spoke as she dived into the water. Yuto looked strangely at his partner. She was the only one not yelling her head of for Nanako. The rest of the girls were.

“Nana-chan makenaide (don’t lose)!” Lyn yelled.

“Ganbatte!” Mari yelled. The other girls were also cheering.

“Hmm, while we do this why don’t we get to know each other better?” Nanako asked.

“Then you ask the questions,” Daiki replied as he shoved her. Nanako stumbled a little.

“Fine I will. Let’s see how old are you?” Nanako asked.

“Eighteen,” Nanako realized that she had to get questions that would make him think. What questions would those be?

“Is your best friend in JUMP?” Nanako asked. Daiki smiled at her weirdly.

“No,” Nanako figured that was another obvious thing. Her best friend wasn’t exactly in Tenshi Maiden either.

“Who is it?” Nanako asked. Daiki didn’t reply and they pushed at each other once more.

“Is it one of your classmates?” Once more Daiki shook his head. They tried pushing each other a few times more.

“Did that person used to be a classmate,” Daiki nodded and pushed her. Nanako stumbled a little as the girls gasped. She was still up but more closer to the edge than Daiki. One more push and Nanako would be overboard.

“Are you still friends,” Daiki nodded once more. Nanako pushed a little and Daiki also moved back a little but other than that nothing happened. Their raft tilted a little causing Nanako to go of balance. She almost fell once more. Daiki also almost collided into her but he got balanced in time.

“Is it a girl?” Daiki paused for a second as if he was suprised; Nanako took this as a chance to push him into the water as hard as she could. It worked.

All eyes stared as Daiki fell into the water. They weren’t close enough to know the details but all the people could see that Nanako and Daiki had been talking about something. Also, wasn’t Nanako more close to the end of the raft than Daiki?

Nanako herself was surprised, that was a question she least expected a reaction from him. So did that mean his best friend was a girl?

“So distraction,” Sakura noted. She looked at her partner Ryutaro and smiled. Distracting him would be fun. Ryutaro on the other hand wasn’t amused. He had a hyper girl as his partner, what would her distraction be?

“Well she won,” Koshiba spoke. “Gives me much more strength to win now.”

“But poor Arioka-kun,” Mari noted as a bunch of people that none of the bands could make out grabbed Daiki out of the pool. The girls put their heads into the water and tried their best to hold their breath. Nanako immediately jumped back inside the water. They didn’t want to see or hear the sound effects. The boys did the same once they saw Daiki being literally thrown into the water.

There was some muffled swearing, cursing of on top of the water and a yelling of cold. Everyone shuddered. This was even more determination not to lose. Kaoru was the first to pop her head up. The thirty seconds had just finished. She saw a very tired looking Daiki sitting out of the pool. He looked like he had just gone through two whole days without sleep.

“I wonder if we girls will look the same,” Lyn commented as she looked at the same direction.

“Well for girls it would be warmer right? You have a one piece,” Keito stated.

“No! Everything ends up being the same near the end!” Nori retorted to Keito’s comment.

“Well you won’t know our boy feelings,” Yuto spoke.

“And you won’t know our girl feelings,” Michie added. Their conversation ended as the MC blew his whistle.

“Next up will be Yamada Ryosuke and Mori Lyn. They will do something different from the two before. In you two’s case there will be a ball at the end of the lane. You have to swim there with your legs tied up and once you got the ball you have to bring the ball back, the punishment is still the same. Have fun!” The MC spoke. Yamada looked to the right where Lyn was supposed to be. Instead he found her already in the lane getting ready to swim.

“Lyn is a no nonsense person Yamada-kun. If you want to play around and be dorky you have to go with all of us but Lyn and Kaoru ok?” Nori told the surprised Yamada. He just looked at her. She smiled back and swam of again. Was it him or did all the members of Tenshi Maiden seem so strange?

“Stupid swimsuit,” Lyn cursed. It was really inflexible and Lyn could not move as fluidly as she usually could. “This would put me at a disadvantage.”

“Eh did you say something?” Yamada got into the lane beside her.

“Nothing you need to know of,” She replied. They couldn’t say more as people helped the two tie their legs together.

“It’s like a mermaid!” Tori stated excitedly. “I always wanted to be one when I was little!”

“Me too!” Sakura replied. “Too bad we aren’t the mermaids.”

“Mermaids seem to have trouble swimming then,” Yuto stated as he tried to hold back his laugh. Yamada and Lyn both looked quite dorky as they both tried to swim, to the best of their ability, without legs. Both had decided to move their legs like mermaids in shows but it wasn’t getting them very far.

It was embarrassing both for Lyn and Yamada to look like a complete fool as they tried their best to swim but to win was more important. Both sure didn’t want to end up in the ice bath. It was a race between speed and stamina. That was bad for Lyn since she didn’t have such a high stamina in the first place.

“Oh, it looks like Yamada-kun got the ball before Lyn, ahh Lyn we can’t have her lose now,” Mari got anxious watching her teammate.

“No! Lyn has to win!” Koshiba stated. “We have to cheer her on too as much as we want to laugh.”

“Ganbatte Lyn!” Megumi called. The rest of the girls echoed after. The boys also cheered on Yamada.
Maybe it was by luck, or maybe it was because of the cheering but Lyn suddenly managed to catch up with Yamada. They were on a neck and neck race, the ball and the disability wasn’t making it any better. Lyn looked more tired than Yamada that was for sure, but she didn’t seem to let up that easily too.

“Who will win now?” A single voice echoed across the hushed people.

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Chapter 8

Little Troubles That Cannot Hide

Mayuko looked at her alarm clock. It was still 5a.m. much too early for her to wake up and get ready for school. She tried to close her eyes and go to sleep, but her eyes still felt too light. Mayuko sighed and opened her eyes once more. She looked at the ceiling where the window lights reflected into random arrays.

“A polar bear?” Mayuko whispered to herself as she looked at the ceiling. The light had reflected into way that it reminded Mayuko of a bear. And since the light was white, it became a polar bear.

The “polar bear” shifted around on the ceiling as it stretched and squished together. Forming interesting array of patterns. Mayuko amused herself with the shapes.

“Snake, dog, sun, moon, cloud, and rabbit?” Mayuko stated to herself. Then she sighed. This wasn’t going to help her go to sleep. She could try counting sheep.
One…two…three…four…five…and Mayuko gave up. It was too boring to pretend to count sheep when sheep weren’t even forming her head. There was just some, white and black blob. Mayuko didn’t know why they weren’t sheep but blobs. Sheep weren’t that hard to imagine were they? Was her brain playing tricks on her?

Maybe thinking happy thoughts would help Mayuko to sleep. Mayuko tried to think about all the fun time she had. But instead of going to sleep, Mayuko started giggling like a little senseless girl. She sighed; this wasn’t going to work to her liking either. As Mayuko tried to think, another idea popped into her head. Maybe if she thought of today’s daily events Mayuko could go to sleep. Now what was there…?

School was normal, there wasn’t much funny. Other than the part where her friend had fallen into the garbage can after being run over by boys during track and fields. But that wasn’t going to help her sleep, Mayuko immediately started giggling. She thought of how she had won the 100 meter dash. But that didn’t help her sleep. Mayuko turned to after school where she had got to her house and suddenly remembering her science textbook, gone back running. And that was how she met Ryutaro.

“Baka, baka, Ryutaro,” Mayuko whispered as she snuggled tightly into her covers. She had forgotten to ask why he was there. Who knows, maybe Mayuko could sleep more easily guessing up random reasons like she liked to do.

Waiting for parents, after school help, detention, Mayuko giggled at the thought of detention. What news it would be for an idol to go into detention. It would be so embarrassing. But it would be a nice scope. Who knows she could get money for it? But then yet again, it would be rude to Ryutaro. He never exactly did anything to her but look when she told him not to. This was pretty embarrassing since Mayuko had hit her head. But he cared, that was another nice point. Until she had left the room.

“Ahhh baka Mayuko,” Mayuko turned around and hit her hands onto her pillow in a tantrum like way. She looked at her pillow a few seconds later.

“Gomen,” Mayuko spoke to the pillow. Mayuko had no clue why she just did that. She stared at her pillow. She was having trouble sleeping and it was twisting her brain, Mayuko tried to convince herself. Mayuko didn’t talk to the pillow at all. No she didn’t. She had just…

There was a sudden silence as Mayuko fell asleep. It seemed that panicking was another new tactic.
Nakito was walking to school. It was a grey cloudy day today but it was hard to tell. Nakito was the total opposite of the weather as she was happy and quite content. After the chaotic day yesterday she felt that today would be a much brighter day. Many of Nakito’s female classmate looked at her huge smile she had plastered over her face. They knew Nakito always managed to stay happy, but not this happy. Good thing the boys always took separate routes when coming to school. A smile like that would immediately get boys to try to ruin Nakito’s day.

“Ohayou sensei! (Good morning teacher)” Nakito bowed as she walked into the school grounds. The teacher looked at her surprised. Nakito did say hello, as it was proper, but never did she seem to sound so excited for school.

“Kuchiki-san did something exciting happen today?” The teacher asked her. Nakito looked at him and shook her head.

“Not at all sensei, I just feel that today will be a happy day,” The teacher looked at the grey cloudy sky. So cloud sky meant a happy day? He never thought of that concept.

“Well good thing you feel happy! Do well in school while you are at it!” The teacher called to Nakito as she walked towards the entrance door. If she was going to be happy he might as well just smile along with her.

“Hai sensei! Sou shimasu! (Yes teacher I will do that)” Nakito spoke as she entered. She went to switch her shoes from the shoe lockers before getting ready to go to the classroom. Before going to her classroom, Nakito looked at the place where Azami had dragged her. It was the place that had a huge calligraphy poster stating the school rules.

Azami was usually over there under the poster pestering Yuto about something. At least that was what Nakito saw her do every morning. Azami always arrived earlier than Nakito. So it was strange this morning when Nakito did not see Azami over there. There was another place Nakito could look at and that was the classroom. However, when Nakito got to the door, the door was closed and locked. The inside was also dark signalling to Nakito that nobody could be inside there. Where could Azami be then, unless she was still at home? She could be but Azami wasn’t the type to stop following her usual schedule. Nakito saw two of her classmates talking in the hallway. Nakito didn’t talk much to these two as they were huge fans of Hey!Say!JUMP and she wasn’t.

“Ano, have you seen Azami anywhere?” Nakito asked. The two girls looked at her, probably trying to figure out who she was. It was great to know that half your classmate didn’t know who you were.

“Imamura-san? We saw her going upstairs right?” The first girl said to the second. The second girl nodded. Nakito couldn’t help but feel the distaste they had for Azami through they way they talked.

“Ah thanks,” Nakito gave a slight bow. Heading upstairs from this floor would most certainly be the roof of the school. The girls looked at her strangely as she ran of but they didn’t stop her. Nakito ran towards the stairs, she climbed up and Nakito swung open the door that led to the roof. True enough, there was Azami with a far away look in her eyes. She had her arms crossed on top of the fence; her head was raised and was looking at something in the distance. It had been a while since she saw Azami look so calm, it was almost frightening. Nakito didn’t know if she should go up to Azami or not. Her happy mood just didn’t seem to suit this place.

“Ami?” Nakito softly and slowly spoke as she came up to Azami. Azami turned with a surprised look at Nakito. Her gentle calm face immediately changed into a happy, go lucky, hyper and smiling face.

“Uwa! Nakito! What time is it for you to be here?” Azami immediately exclaimed as she checked her watch. “Chikoku suru (I’m going to be late)!

“Eh?” A poor confused Nakito stared at her friend. Azami didn’t say anything as she grabbed her friend’s wrist and started running back to the rooftop entrance. Nakito had to run after Azami as she was dragged down huge sets of stairs before the girls reached the main floor. Then Azami started running again until they were near the science laboratory. Azami took a sharp turn and entered the science lab with Nakito who was still tripping over her own feet. There was nobody inside the lab as Azami slid the door shut.

“Ah houtoni chikoku suru to omota, (Ah I really thought we will be late)” Azami sighed in relief as she sat down on one of the stools.

“How? We don’t have science next and we still have twenty minutes until the bell,” Nakito stated all confused. “Azami daijoubu (Azami are you alright)?”

“Hmm yes, not really,” Azami stated once more confusing Nakito.

“Huh?” Nakito replied.

“I met Yuto-kun’s little brother yesterday,” Azami begun. Nakito was immediately surprised.

“Eh! Nakajima-kun no otouto? (Nakajima-kun’s little brother)” Nakito echoed as Azami nodded.

“Soshite ne Naki-chan, ano otouto maigo data. (And then Naki-chan, the little brother was lost) I didn’t know it was Yuto-kun’s little brother so when Yuto-kun came to pick up his brother, I was very surprised. I think I mad a fool of myself,” Azami spoke. At that point Nakito didn’t want to point that Azami and her hyper mode did usually make a fool of herself. No, her friend was in a somewhat distressed state right now. Nakito was guessing Azami had somehow made Yuto’s otouto be scared of her.

“I think that’s why he didn’t come to school today. His parents probably think I’m a girl who stalks Yuto, and although this is Horikoshi they are probably transferring him somewhere else,” Azami drawled on. Nakito was still trying to put pieces together in her head. So Yuto wasn’t here today, Azami thought it was her fault. Azami was with Yuto’s otouto and Yuto had come with his parents to pick her up. Azami had made a fool of herself when Yuto had come along.

“Wait, but Yamada-kun isn’t here either?” Nakito stated confused. “I didn’t see Chinen-kun too.”

Azami spun to face Nakito from where she was looking out the window. She zoomed over to Nakito and started shaking her.

“Are you sure?” She demanded as Nakito nodded. When she was first friends with Azami, it had been scary since Azami frequently shook or hugged her with Azami’s random mood changes. After seeing Nakito’s nod Azami immediately hugged Nakito just like Nakito guessed she was going to do.

“I can’t breath Ami,” Nakito managed to choke out as Azami let go. From the calm mood that Azami had it immediately changed to a happy mood. Nakito on the other hand had changed from her happy mood to a calmer mood. The two had their mood switched. Nakito watched as her friend skipped out of the science lab. She gave a smile before running after.

There was a crashing sound in the hallway.
“Ohayou Nana,” Rin bowed as she saw Nana. Nana bowed back. Their locker was right beside each other making it very convenient to talk. Nana rummaged into her bag and handed Rin a rectangular shaped thing wrapped with white wrapper that was always used to package food. Rin took it. It felt cool in her hand and she immediately realized what it was.

“Thanks Nana,” Rin stated. She opened the wrapper and immediately started eating the ice cream sandwich. Nana gave a slight smile as she opened her locker to grab her stuff.

“As always,” Nana replied. She gave a small smile as Rin happily ate the ice cream. It was the only time that Rin actually looked happy instead of cold and calm.

“Rin, if you haven’t noticed there are lots of people staring at us,” Nana stated. She had a mirror in her locker that her parents made her bring. Nana never used it but this time she couldn’t help but notice girls peeking from behind the hallway corridors and a few rooms. They were staring at her. That wasn’t comfortable at all. She was never popular so it didn’t pass Nana why they were all girls and why they were all suddenly staring at her. Rin didn’t say much she just turned around and glared. The girls immediately dispersed.

“Better?” Rin asked Nana. Rin also opened her locker to grab her stuff.

“Fine with me,” Nana replied. “I always thought we were the least noticed people. I wonder why today is different.”

“Did you by any chance annoy someone yesterday that was very popular?” Rin suggested as she reached for her binder. Nana paused for a second as a single name popped into her head. Takaki Yuya.

“If you say it that way then yes,” Nana replied. Rin smirked at what Nana stated. Nana was always falling into trouble being honest and cool at the same time. But with a popular person, the outcome would be different. Rina wouldn’t be able to help that much, which was to her disappointment seeing how Nana was a reliable source for ice cream.

“I would enjoy finding out how you would solve this problem,” Rin politely stated. In a way it had a slight mocking tone to it but that was Rin’s way of being nice.

“You wouldn’t help me with a bribe of ice cream by any chance would you?” Nana asked. Rin paused for a second.

“I think it will depend,” Rin replied. “When the time comes I assume both of us will see.”

“I personally think it’s best not for the time to come,” Nana replied. Rin was silent to that answer. The two were silent as they grabbed all their final belongs. Rin finished before Nana and waited for Nana.

“Well shall we head to class?” Nana asked as she closed her locker. Rin nodded and the two girls walked down the hallway. Most of the people stayed clear of the two girls. Rin’s glare was doing quite a fine job. When they entered the classroom, Nana’s friends immediately ran up to her. Rin mysteriously disappeared from Nana’s side. She didn’t like talking to anyone but Nana so it would make sense to move away from Nana’s friends.

“Nana is it true?” Nana looked at her friends. Just saying that wouldn’t help. She sighed and walked towards her desk, her friends trailed after like ducklings after a mother duck. Nana threw her bag onto her desk and sat down on her chair.

“What is true?” Nana’s calm voice asked.

“That you called Takaki-kun annoying!” One of her friend immediately exclaimed.

“It is true,” Nana replied. “How do you know?”

“Lots of people heard you,” Nana’s friend replied.

“Nana! Do you know how bad that is? He’s an idol!” Another girl spoke.

“And idols are annoying,” Nana replied.

“Nana, I know you may think so but telling one that isn’t the best idea,” The first girl spoke.

“Just because they are idols I find no need to see them so specially. I have people who would agree with me on that,” Nana stated as she decided to ignore whatever that was coming at her next. Rin was watching from her desk. She had a sudden thought that it would be amusing to join Nana.

Rin walked over with a cold glare that made the girls shrink a little she stated, “I agree with Nana. Sure idols are idols but that doesn’t mean they have to be treated like royalty. Then those people at Horikoshi will have to treat so many people specially. Who would do that?”

That was indeed a good point that Rin had stated. But nobody had actually met a Horikoshi student before. So what Rin stated could be an assumption or the truth. The room was filled with a sudden silence.

“Then prove it. Prove it to us that students that go to Horikoshi treat idols normally,” One of the girls immediately stated. Nana ignored the girl. Rin followed Nana’s steps. The girl noticed them ignoring her and she got even more mad.

“Listen to me!” The girl yelled. “Whoever managed to get a Horikoshi person here first will get the other group as slaves! Whether you like it or not it’s a deal!”

“Nana, I say that sounds fun. Do you want to try?” Rin asked Nana. Nana gave a slight smile.

“Sure, why not?”
Haruki was glad that there was no school today. It meant more time to relax and do stuff she wanted to do without anyone being in her way. It had been a while since she had gone around Tokyo to go shopping and such. Her daily life had consisted of school, homework, juku, annoying people which Hikaru was a great example, and staying at home. Her mom really wanted her to have a good education and Haruki wasn’t getting much out of sports. Today, maybe she could.
Haruki stayed in her room for a short while as she tried to find a way to waste time today. She could go to the amusement park, but it would be boring by herself. Her friends she knew were probably of with their boyfriends. She could go shopping by herself but Haruki didn’t have enough money and her parents weren’t home.

As Haruki looked at the wall she saw her board where she pasted notes. There was one where her friend had indicated a sports club to go swimming at all. Haruki crawled onto her bed to grab the post on the board.

“Libertyhill Bldg., 3-17-1, Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo,” Haruki stated the exact address that she had scrawled on the post. “Go swimming some times.”

An idea hit Haruki, why not go swimming today the. Instead of only having around two hours to swim, she could swim at the club for a whole day. It was a nice idea and Haruki immediately jumped of her bed to make preperations.

Haruki took the subway past Shibuya all the way to Jiyugaoka. As she stepped of she felt a slight wind that ruffled her hair. The sky, Haruki did not notice until now, was grey and cloudy. She suddenly hoped it wouldn’t rain while she was inside the club. That would mean two showers in one day.

A surprise greeted Haruki as she found the club. The door was closed and a huge crowd of teens were screaming about something while a whole lot of security guards were blocking them from entering. Haruki looked at the scene questionably. What was going on? She hadn’t been told that there would be such a riot right in front of the door. Does that mean Haruki wasn’t allowed to enter?

“Ano,” Haruki tried to find someone who would pay attention. Nobody did so she poked a girl on the shoulder. The harajuku styled girl turned around still screaming but she quieted down once she saw Haruki’s confused look.

“Nani you? (What is it)” The girl asked as she stopped moving to stare at Haruki.

“What’s going on?” Haruki asked. The girl looked at Haruki with an are-you-stupid look. Haruki looked away from that stare. She wanted the answer not the stare that was being given right now.

“Ma~ you must not be a fan then. Hey!Say!JUMP no minna to Tenshi Maiden ga naka ni haite ru yo. Kyyaaa~! (Everyone in Hey!Say!JUMP and Tenshi Maiden are inside)” The girl immediately screamed. Haruki moved back a little suddenly worried if that was a suitable question to ask. So two idol groups were in there, and both genders explaining why there were also screaming boys.

“Now if you excuse me. You’re wasting my time,” The girl replied and went back to cheering.

“Gomen (sorry),” Haruki quietly stated. Then she looked towards the door. So the annoying Hikaru had once more ruined her day.

“So not only does he ruin juku but he ruins the day when I don’t have school?” Haruki’s voice raised each time she said a word and many people turned to look at her. There was a sudden silence.

“Gomen,” Haruki turned away from the door. This obviously wasn’t a place she belonged. Next time he appears at juku to bug her, she was definitely going to punch him whether his fans were there or not.
“Miyu!” Miyuki turned around as her friend Raina came running up. She stopped walking in the hallway for Raina to catch up. Raina was panting, her uniform, her hair was all messy.

“Ah, Raina did you not get ready in time?” Miyuki asked her friend.

“I was phoning around yesterday night and I…slept in. Let’s go to the washroom,” Raina finished. Miyuki just nodded. She didn’t want to ask any further thinking it would insult Raina. As the entered the room Raina talked again. “My alarm didn’t wake me up! I swear it was on too.”

“May Raina slept so deeply that she slept through the alarm?” Miyuki suggested but she immediately looked shock. “Ah gomen! I didn’t mean it that way!”

“What way?” Raina asked curious as she looked away from the mirror where she was desperately trying to calm her hair. Miyuki would randomly just say sorry a lot and half the time, Raina didn’t understand the reason. But it was Miyuki after all and she was much more sensitive than usual girls.

“Ah, never mind,” Miyuki replied. She just stood their like an obedient child while watching Raina flatten her hair.

“Miyu, ne, how was yesterday? I want to hear more details. Good thing there are no girls here right now,” Raina spoke, “or else we wouldn’t be able to talk much.”

“Eh? Demo, (but)” Miyuki went silent as Raina looked at Miyuki.

“Miyu, daijoubu (it’s alright)! To make you feel better lets use O for every time we mention Okamoto-kun?” Raina looked at Miyuki sincerely. Miyuki gave a slight smile in reply but it was a weak smile.

“O…” Miyuki tried it in her mouth. It placed in much better than saying Okamoto in her mouth. Raina looked expectantly at Miyuki. Miyuki shook her head.

“Gomen Raina, not right now,” Miyuki spoke quietly a little bit embarrassed at herself. Raina nodded in an understanding way at Miyuki.

“Daijoubu Miyu. Whenever you want to talk to me about it just shout out!” Raina replied. She went back to fixing her hair

“Raina…” Miyuki begun not knowing whether what she was going to say next would harm Raina or not. Raina stopped once more to look at Miyuki.

“Hai Miyu?” Raina spoke.

“How close is Raina with Arioka-kun?” Miyuki asked. Raina looked surprised at Miyuki’s question but immediately it relaxed to the usual smile.

“Miyu, what do you think? We are osanajimi (childhood friends) after all,” Raina replied to Miyuki’s question indirectly.

“Osanajimi…then…very close?” Miyuki guessed. Raina gave a smile; trust Miyuki to be careful about her wording. That was the thing about her that was opposite of Miyuki. While Miyuki was careful, Raina blabbed on nonsense. Of course she had to be more careful around Miyuki.

“He’s my closest boy friend. However,” Raina replied as she looked back at the mirror. Miyuki suddenly felt embarrassed.

“I got the wrong thing…” Miyuki spoke as she interrupted Raina accidently.

“Daijoubu (It’s alright),” Raina replied. “I just want to state that as close as we may be, our gender and life will still pull us apart. Don’t you think? An idol and a commoner. To be close, it’s just forbidden.”

“I don’t think so!” Miyuki loudly spoke. Raina turned to Miyuki surprised. When did Miyuki talk that loud?
“I don’t think we should treat famous people like that! It doesn’t matter if it is forbidden! I think Raina should keep with her close friends,” Miyuki let out all her energy. Then feeling embarrassed she covered her mouth with her hand as she whispered, “gomen. (Sorry)”

“Not at all Miyu. I think what you said was just true. Let’s just hope that what you say will happen. After all you said to keep with my close friends. Ne Miyu, that would mean you too!” Raina replied as she finally finished fixing her hair. Miyuki was embarrassed. She never thought Raina would say something like that. Miyuki wanted to say more but people started going into the washroom and the conversation ended. As the two left the washroom Raina spoke two words that surprised Miyuki. She never thought those words would come out of Raina’s mouth.

“Kinshi Ai (Forbidden love).”

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Chapter 9

What! No More Please!

“…” Silence filled the whole swimming pool as Hey!Say!JUMP and Tenshi Maiden watched what seemed like a tie as both Lyn and Yamada reached the end. Yamada was flopping around like a fish as he tried to keep his balance and Lyn had immediately sunk down while coming up every few seconds to get a gulp of air. Many people rushed over to help unknot their legs while dragging the two tired people out at the same time.

“Ne, if Arioka-kun looks that tired then what about those two?” Sakura went to the oldest of Tenshi Maiden, Megumi to ask the question.

“…Dead. I think they would look dead,” Megumi replied. Sakura nodded her head stretching the oh that she was stating at the same time.

“But it’s a tie right? At least that’s what it looked like to me,” Yuto spoke. There was a chorus of agreement. “So would both go in or none go in?”

The MC coughed as if he was trying to get their attention which he was. They all looked at him.

“We have a slow motion camera that will now tell us who actually won,” He spoke.

“Ehh!” The girls immediately exclaimed. “You are going all that way just to find out who won?”

“Well, this is to see which team is superior. Ties aren’t going to help,” The MC stated with a matter of fact tone. “It seems I have gotten the reports. And the winner is-“

“Chotto matte! (Wait a moment)” Tori shouted. The MC didn’t look happy that Tori had interrupted. Tenshi Maiden wasn’t all that pleased since it was rude to interrupt. Also, they were on television. But once again, it was Tori and there was not much choice. “What if the two managed to touch the wall exactly at the same time?”

“Tori I don’t think that’s possible,” Nanako stated. “Nobody can be exact all the way to the nanoseconds. Even twins cannot do that.”

“Fine,” Tori replied in annoyance.

“She sure stated the obvious,” Tori glared in the direction of Ryutaro who had tried to whisper it to Chinen. However, his voice still managed to be loud enough for Tori to hear.

“Well…before I was interrupted…as I was stating the winner is Yamada Ryosuke!” The girls shot pity looks at Lyn but it would do her no good.

“At least she’s brave enough to walk over there herself,” Mari stated as they watched Lyn walk herself towards the water.

“Don’t we all require that,” Kaoru replied before everyone once more plunged their head into the water. Unlike Daiki, there was no sound so it was hard trying to guess when Lyn was let out. They just held their breath until the limit before rising.

Lyn was wrapped in a towel right beside Daiki. She looked tired but it was hard to tell whether because of the water or because of all the swimming she had to do. Her face was emotionless like a dead person. It was exactly like how Megumi had guessed.

“I don’t think we should bother her anymore,” Michie whispered to Nori.

Nori nodded and whispered back, “I think Lyn dislikes Yamada-kun. Does this mean she’d hate him even more?”
The two gulped. Lyn in hate mode wasn’t a very good thing. They decided to focus their attention from Lyn to Yamada. Yamada looked very relieved as he talked to Yuto and Chinen. Yamada was probably talking about his experience since Yuto and Chinen looked amused.

“If he says anything bad about Lyn I might kill him?” Michie stated.

“Well I don’t think he’s that type. Hopefully,” Mari appeared beside Michie and Nori.

“Killing someone more popular than you isn’t good Michie!” Nori spoke. “And if you drift of halfway it could be your doom!”

“Settle down everyone! Girls I know you are pretty shocked when your friend lost but you made too much or a racket. The boys didn’t make that much!” There was sudden silence before someone, most likely part of Tenshi Maiden, threw some water at the MC. He got splashed and the MC’s pants became wet with water. An irritated look showed on his face but the MC held his anger back.

“Should we get onto the next activity now? Ok, great to know everyone is pumped up!” He was answered with a few people, mix of boys and girls trying their best to cheer excitedly. But they sounded very bored.

“Nakajima Yuto and Miyake Tori,” The MC looked around. Yuto was standing alone in the water looking very confused. The rest of the people looked around. There was no sign of Tori at all.

“Where did Tori go?” Nanako asked as she looked around.
“Maybe to the washroom?” Mari suggested. Tenshi Maiden immediately separated from where they were and swam around. Koshiba and Megumi had come out of the pool to check in the woman change room.

“Michie help too!” Sakura gave a nudge. Her friend must’ve drifted off again. Michie blinked before following after the eight other girls. The boys watched her actions finding it very amusing. Whoever was her partner would win very easily.

“Kinchou suru, (I’m nervous)” Yuto spoke; it was easy to tell as he paced around in the water.

“Daijoubu, (it’s alright)” Yamada tried his best to cheer Yuto up.

“Tori!” The boys turned towards where Sakura had suddenly yelled. She came out of the locker room with Koshiba and Megumi with a very disappointed face behind her.

“Gomen! (Sorry) I went to the washroom. I didn’t expect that I would be called next!” Tori apologized. The MC sighed.

“Well now that we have everyone once more, I will explain the new competition. This time it is underwater diving. We will drop objects of different mass in the pool and you have to pick it up. It’ just likes a treasure hunt except there are some items in the pool that aren’t needed. Those who pick up the wrong item will lose points. Also there is only one of each item so whoever gets it first gets the item. Sounds fun? Of course we all know the punishment,” The MC stated.

“Well this is Tori…I think she would have enough energy to go all the way down and find it,” Mari stated.

“And pick up everything ne?” Nori added in.

“But it’s also like her to pick up the wrong item,” Kaoru added in.

“So who do you think will win this challenge?” Sakura asked.

“I really hope Tori will. To see her in the cold water…that would be very different,” Koshiba replied.

“Hmm would she still stay hyper?” Megumi asked. The girls looked at each other and Michie shrugged. Who knew? The possibility was too big.

“Instead of mumbling to yourself maybe you should give me encouragement like the other times?” Tori yelled out to her bandmates.

“We don’t need to cheer you on! You can do fine by yourself because you are Tori!” Nanako yelled back. Tori pouted but she immediately returned to normal as the MC started counting.

“Go!” Tori immediately dived into the water.

“Ne, shouldn’t Tori find out what to get first?” Sakura asked Megumi.

“Yes, I think so,” Megumi replied. “We’ll let Tori do it her way.”

Just as Megumi spoke that Tori immediately came back up to look at the board where the items she needed were stated. Without saying anything Tori immediately went back under the water.

“What’s Yuto looking for?” Chinen asked Daiki. It was hard to tell as the non-competitors had been forced to one side of the pool.

“Something red,” Daiki replied.

“Is Tori looking for the rings or the bricks?” Kaoru asked Nanako who happened to be right beside her.

“None. She’s looking for the toys,” Michie answered instead of Nanako. Kaoru looked at Michie. She looked deeply concentrated that Kaoru was surprised that Michie had heard her. “You know the huge rubber ducks?”

“Trust Tori to grab the most playful things first!” Nori nodded as Tori grabbed the rubber duck like a baby and threw it out of the pool before starting to find the toy boats.

“Nakajima-kun has quite a few things too ne?” Sakura said. “Look he has that weird tube thing and that block.”

“So they are tied so far,” Yabu who was nearby observed. “There are seven things on the board. I wonder who will win?”

“Yappari Tori! (Obviously Tori)” Koshiba stated as she cheered on Tori. Tori didn’t hear as she was underwater but it was just for the effect. The other girls, who still could, cheered Tori on. The boys also cheered on Yuto. Both got one more thing before they reached the last item which was a metal ball.

Tori and Yuto both reached the last item. They tried to grab it but both of their head crashed together.

“Itai! (It hurts)” Tori spoke as she reeled back and got out of the water.

“Gomen! Are you ok?” Yuto asked temporarily forgetting about the metal ball as he also got out looking at Tori who was clutching her forehead.

“Hai!” Tori replied as she immediately went under the water again to grab the ball.

“Uwa, it’s heavy!” Tori jerked herself back up.

“You can’t lift it?” Yuto asked looking down at the metal ball. Well it was metal and it was in the water, also she was a girl.

“Don’t think that just because I am a girl I can’t lift it!” Tori spoke loudly to Yuto as if she was reading his mind. Yuto looked at her weirdly. Wow this girl was strange.

“I’m not strange either!” Yuto suddenly got scared. Was she reading her mind or did Tori manage to guess right on the dot twice in a row? She was starting to creep Yuto out.

“How am I creeping you out? I’m trying to get a metal ball,” Tori stated. Yuto suddenly moved away from Tori as fast as he could. Which wasn’t very fast seeing how the water wasn’t easy to move through.

“I think Tori is getting the item then? Nakajima-kun just moved away,” Kaoru noted as she asked Michie.

“Eh really?” Michie cringed forward trying to peer over Takaki’s head. She jumped a little to see but failed at the end and gave up.

“Why did Yuto move away?” Hikaru asked Inoo. Inoo shrugged.

“Geez you sure are rude! Why are you moving away from me?” Tori didn’t understand Yuto at all. “Fine if you are letting me have the ball go ahead!”

Tori dived down once more to reach for the ball. It was heavy and she dropped it before going all the way up.

“I don’t need help!” Tori told Yuto. He looked scared again, how did she know he was going to ask to help? Tori struggled once more with the ball. She tried lifting it with her foot but was as unsuccessful as before. As annoyed as Tori was at the ball, she was surprised that Yuto hadn’t tried to steal it from her. Tori was sure Yuto could grab the ball much more easily than her. So why was he making sure to stay far away from her and the ball.

“Why are you trying to get the ball?” Tori asked Yuto confused. “While I’m having trouble you could easily grab it.”

“You touched it first, even if we both reached for it,” Yuto replied. In truth he just didn’t want to be near someone who could read his mind. At least that was what Yuto thought Tori was doing. Tori on the other hand didn’t know that.

Kakkoi na (He’s so cool) ~ to be so polite was the first thing that popped into Tori’s head. Soshite yasahii na (And nice) ~. She looked at him. Maybe it would be alright for Yuto to help her after all. Although at the same time she could never be too cautious of this boy.

“Will you help me lift it up then?” Tori asked. That should be fine, if they both lift it up then she could still have a hold on it. Yuto didn’t look so pleased with the idea but he did want this to finish. The farther away from Tori the better. It was ok if he lost, he just wanted to be away from her. Reading minds was just too creepy. Yuto nodded and went under water. Tori followed after and the two brought out the metal ball.

“So now how am I supposed to carry this very heavy thing all the way to shore? We are in the middle of the pool right now. I think the exact middle too,” Tori looked around. Tenshi Maiden and Hey!Say!JUMP stared from where they were. Why were Yuto and Tori both holding the metal ball and looking around like gophers just coming out of their hole?

“Nani shiteru no? (What are they doing)” Chinen asked.

“Shiranai, (I don’t know)” Hikaru replied.

“Achi! Achi! (Over there! Over there!)” Tori randomly yelled and started moving. Yuto not knowing what was going on let go of the ball. It stayed in Tori’s hand for a few seconds before falling down once more. Instead of catching the ball, Yuto caught the falling Tori as she let the ball roll away from her hand.

“Hey you alright?” Yuto asked. Tori looked down at where his hand was on her stomach. He put his hand away.

“Hai,” Tori replied suddenly quiet for a few seconds. “Now let’s get the ball again?”

This time with directions the two managed to get the ball onto shore just in time. Instantly the rest of the band other than Daiki and Lyn rushed as fast as they could, which wasn’t very fast, towards the two.

“Who won?” Sakura peered at Tori. The MC was also looking at them strangely.

“Who did win? If you were both holding the metal ball, who touched it first?” The two looked at each other. Neither wanted to go into the ice water. Tori was fine around Yuto and Yuto was still scared of her.

“She touched it first,” Tori looked at Yuto who had stated that. True she had, but he had helped her and she felt that couldn’t be overlooked.

“No he did,” Tori replied. Yuto looked at her strangely. He thought that they had agreed on saying she did. Well not agreed but Yuto thought he had persuaded her that he had lost.

“No I saw you touch it first,” Yuto pushed on.

“You mean I saw you,” Tori added in. They started a huge argument about who got it first as the audience a.k.a. Tenshi Maiden and Hey!Say!JUMP looked along.

“If you two continue fighting we will make it a tie,” The MC threatened.

“Fine be that way!” Yuto and Tori both replied as they glared at the MC before glaring at each other. Then Tori walked back to Tenshi Maiden and Yuto walked back to Hey!Say!JUMP. Both groups noticed a deadly aura lurking and they just stayed silent.

“Well…we have something special next,” The MC began but he was interrupted by Tori.

“I touched it first!” Tori suddenly yelled out. The MC looked at Tori strangely. Wasn’t she just contradicting that a few seconds ago?

“Ok…” The MC spoke. Yuto sighed and walked over to the cold water by himself. He acted exactly like Lyn and everyone else acted the usual too. The MC sighed and waited for them to surface.

Tori was the first, usually she was the last but this time she was the first. It was like she was worried for Yuto as she looked around. There was Yuto sitting beside the dead Daiki and Lyn. At least he was chattering but other than that, the dead look was still on Yuto’s face.

“As I was saying before Tori-chan decided to blurt out that she won, I have a special line up now. With the seven remaining people who haven’t done anything, we will play water polo! Water polo needs exactly seven people. So obviously the team will be the left over Tenshi Maiden members and Hey!Say!JUMP members. Water polo is basically like any other games where you have to throw the ball into the opponents net. No violent body contact of any kind or splashing,” The MC recited everything as if it was a speech.

“Does that mean I just sit out?” Nanako asked.

“If you kindly will,” The MC replied. “The rest of you girls get to the other end of the pool. Boys stay here for a while.”

“Why do we have to swim there?” Sakura complained as the girls all groaned and started moving.

“To show girl have more power!” Mari stated.

“We do have more power. Tori already proved it well enough,” Megumi turned back to watch where Nanako was sleeping in the whirlpool and Tori was swimming inside the whilrpool. She didn’t see Yamada anywhere.

“If we win we could end up like those two…but if we lose,” There was a sudden silence among Tenshi Maiden as Koshiba said that.

“Of course we will win,” Kaoru spoke. “This would really suck if we lost.”

“Yep! Now another thing is to get Michie here to focus,” Michie glared at Nori.

“Shush Nori! I will focus!” Michie replied although her face was angry she was smiling. The girls quickly swam to where there was already a net waiting for them.

“Ok girls ready?” The MC called. Tenshi Maiden all yelled back randomly. The MC took it as a yes. He had managed to get the boys to come closer towards the middle to take half the swimming pool instead of the full. The net was anchored and floated on top of the water.

“You!” The MC pointed at Koshiba. She pointed at herself in reply and he nodded and motioned her forward. Then the MC pointed at Takaki. He came forward right in front of Koshiba.

“Go!” The MC immediately disappeared after he threw the ball. Koshiba tried to jump for it but Takaki was taller and he immediately took the ball. He easily started swimming with the ball before Sakura jumped at him. Because she was smaller than him, Sakura easily grabbed the ball from his clutches. Then she threw it towards Nori who had somehow managed to get past all the Hey!Say!JUMP members before it was snatched from her by Chinen who had used a similar tactic to Sakura.

“So being small has its pros,” Mari swam over to a disappointed Nori and patted her back.

“Mari instead of comforting Nori get to the ball!” Kaoru yelled from somewhere inside the crowd. Nori gave a quick smile at Mari before diving into the water. Mari followed after. The girls had a sudden feeling they were too short. Megumi on the other hand was being goalie felt very nervous, she wasn’t the best goalie in the world and Hey!Say!JUMP members along with Tenshi Maiden were rushing at her with pretty fast speed. She could barely make out where the ball was in the squirming crowd. Megumi just hoped that she would be able to catch the ball.
The ball passed Megumi and went into the goal. She spun around confused; Megumi had barely seen the ball. The girls all looked a little bit let down as they stared at Megumi.

“Gomen!” Megumi apologized to her teammates.

“Nani iteru no? (What are you saying?)” Sakura asked. Megumi looked at her confused.

“I thought we agreed boys were better at sports!” Nori spoke encouragingly.

“So we have to work harder to Megumi!” Mari replied. “Ganbatte! (Work hard)”

“I’m actually focusing for a reason!” Michie spoke. “Please don’t ruin it!”

“I’m putting all my pressure on you,” Kaoru teased.

“Girls get over here!” The MC interrupted their conversation. “Nori you are next!”

“Ahh so I’m going against Okamoto-kun,” Nori smiled at him. Okamoto just stared back with a slight smile. Nori frowned at his expression but smiled once more as she got ready to grab the ball.

The MC threw the ball and Nori got it first this time. She threw the ball towards Michie who caught it. Michie started swimming with the ball, as Ryutaro stole it from her. Michie was about to push Ryutaro but she remembered the rule of no pushing. Michie sighed and tried to steal it from Ryutaro. He kept moving it away from her.

“Arigatou! (Thank you)” Kaoru randomly jumped up from behind Ryutaro and grabbed it.

“Michie, awesome distraction!” Mari yelled from somewhere. Michie didn’t know what to say. She wasn’t distracting him; she was trying to get the ball. Well at least Michie had helped her group somehow. Now, where was the ball? Kaoru was empty handed.

Mari started swimming towards the goal with the ball. Yabu was the goalie of their team. It seemed both had chosen the tallest person as their goalie. Now was Yabu as good of a goalie as Megumi? That sounded a little bit sarcastic of a thought but now that Mari was close enough, she assumed that Tenshi Maiden was blocking the rest of the boys, Mari threw the ball at the open hole.

Sadly or happily depending on the point of view, Yabu caught the ball. He threw it towards Hikaru who caught it much to Kaoru’s blocking.

“At least try to block better! Even a dog could do better!” Hikaru teased Kaoru. Kaoru glared at Hikaru and tried to snatch the ball from Hikaru. Hikaru moved it away with one hand and threw it to Chinen who caught it. Chinen was blocked by Mari. Mari gave a slight smile at Chinen as she grabbed the ball from him. He quickly took it back and the two started having a light battle.

“Won’t you just give it to me?” Mari asked trying to be as kind as possible. Chinen looked at Mari as she grabbed the ball once more.

“Uwa! What’s Takaki doing to your goalie?” Mari spun around alarmed at what Chinen said. Chinen quickly took the ball and stuck his tounge out. “Uso des you! (It’s a lie)”

“Uso tsuke! (Liar) Kaeshite! (Give it back)” Mari complained as she tried to grab it but Chinen had already thrown it to Inoo who had just scored another point.

“Ok Tenshi Maiden! Warm up is over!” Kaoru tried to joke. The game started once more with Kaoru going against Hikaru. As the game started to progress it was easier to see that Hey!Say!JUMP and Tenshi Maiden were becoming more comfortable with each other. Instead of competition, it had become a game of friendship and fun.

“Yabai (uh oh) we lost,” Koshiba stated as she looked at the score board. Ten to four with Tenshi Maiden’s lost.

“It was a good game,” Inoo stated to Tenshi Maiden members who were each feeling down.

“You just got unlucky this time,” Chinen remarked smiling.

“Of to the water girls and please do not complain too much,” The MC stated in a monotone voice. Michie looked at him. Were those ear plugs in his ear? The other girls around her had already started to go out and Michie followed.

The boys had quickly rushed into the change room the instance the girls had gone out of the washroom. They had a feeling there would be loud complaint and screaming. The boys were right. They could here a huge complaint coming from the pool. A few winced as they showered.

Eight energetic boys, two dead boys, two energetic girls and eight dead girls got into the same bus. It seemed one was enough for two to a seat. Even though the boys weren’t supposed to, they did feel little guilt. Nanako and Tori were trying to check for “survivors” as they had stated earlier among the eight other members. Daiki had already revived and Yuto was still in a somewhat temporary shock state.

“Tomorrow everyone can go back to school!” Tenshi Maiden’s manager spoke. She had started to realize that nobody would answer her. After all, this wasn’t good news.

“After a week we are taking you somewhere new for a different reason! Of course there are other plans,” Hey!Say!JUMP’s manager spoke.

"Lyn, Tori, Michie, Nori and Nanako will go to Horikoshi Gakuen tomorrow just for one day before going to their special girl school," Tenshi Maiden's manager added in. "The reasons will be given tomorrow."

Both managers were answered with silence as all the members had fallen asleep.

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some Tenshi Maiden girls are gonna go to Horikoshi too~

I think that's gotta be something to look forward to...
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Posted 6/5/09 , edited 6/5/09
i found something wrong
i think its

cuz 一生 means like ur whole life.
ur saying issho as in together/have to be with you rite?

if i were them, i woodnt say だめよ!
i wood say like
空を飛んでも、君と一緒じゃないと飛べないよ。= even if i fly in the sky, i wont be able to fly without you.
空を飛んでも、君と一緒じゃないとできないよ。=even if i fly in the sky, i cant do it without you.

that is like a much more natural way of saying
cuz now days, girls in japan dont say dameyo
they say like
yeaa i know cuz im one of them xD

but i love ur story!!
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