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Scary Manga
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22 / F / Tiphares
Posted 12/14/12 , edited 12/14/12

KrimsonGray wrote:

Hands down Ibitsu is the creepiest thing I have read. Go read it down. Its most fun at about 2am with most of the lights out, which is how I read it.

It was beautiful. There should be a sequel. I want to delve into the Lolita's mind and see what made her what she is. I mean, an urban legend that kills people yes, but what formed that urban legend. Also the other ones, the dolls that took people's skin and paraded around in them, and the manga artist killer...

Zashiki Onna is similar.
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22 / M / America
Posted 12/14/12
Gantz is by far a really scary one if you were to put yourself in the character's shoes, as for H.O.T.D it's not that scary compared to this one, besides both have boobies and such, but Gantz is more serious in a way :d
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25 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 12/15/12
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Posted 12/15/12
and titties.
Posted 12/15/12 , edited 12/20/12

HirakuNoShadow wrote:

Pretty much none of them are for under 18 though, reading them at 2am or at the age of 8 or something will scar your mind.

But in terms of extreme paranoia and spine-chilling fuel, there's nothing better than Fuan No Tane.

1:20 am here, challenge accepted. Gonna check out Fuan no Tane now~ ^^

.... Eh, wasn't that scary. Uzumaki was 1,000 times creepier~
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21 / F / UK
Posted 12/21/12
Corpse Party Blood Covered
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22 / M / Anywhere in the w...
Posted 12/21/12
higanbana, corpse party ?
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25 / F / Missouri
Posted 12/21/12
Uzumaki was creepy but lots of Junji Ito's smaller stories are way more terrifying imo.
The tall lady from Mimi's Ghost Stories gives me the ultimate creeps, the enigma story made me so claustrophobic feeling, the long dream is a terrifying concept, army of one is so uncomfortable, the various monster ladies with creepy eyes and needle teeth.....

Also, Glyceride is the most disgusting story I've ever read, so cringe-wise, that's the winner. Had me gagging at one panel.
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26 / M / Denmark
Posted 12/21/12
Well, i yet have to find any scary manga LOL

But i guess from reading the responses so far : Shigurui, Gantz, Berserk ?

Atleast those 3 are the "scariest" among those i've read
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24 / F / Queens, NY
Posted 12/23/12
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26 / M / australia
Posted 1/1/13
Corpse Party Blood Covered was scary though haven't read it in awhile so might read it again later on this year
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Posted 1/26/13 , edited 1/26/13
Shiki, the only manga that made me freaked out by chapter 6
Higurashi (from Oni to Matsuri) was just epic and gorey!! <3 Kyaa~ Rika-chama
Another -- the anime was freaky, but... manga..not that much
Corpse Party was good...
I think Musume had that weird part where the crossdresser died though, cant remember, but not that scary
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26 / M / Sweden
Posted 1/29/13
"I am a hero" is alittle scary and the Blame series
ohh!!! Uzumaki is creepy -.- fking spirals man..
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Posted 3/7/13
1. Itou Junji (check out this mangaka's works they are amazingly horrifying)
2. Mahou shoujo of the end
3. Apocalypse no toride
4. Ibitsu
5. Gantz
6. Orochi Manga
7. Parasyte
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Posted 3/8/13
Uzumaki...I swear every time I see a spiral...Shivers...

Oh, and Ibitsu was pretty chilling. Take into account it was, I COULD say, a retake on Zashiki Onna. Demon, urban legend, horror manga material. The endings of Ibitsu and Uzumaki had me torn.

Never read Gantz. Isn't that where the WHY U NO?! meme came from? I remember reading a few chapters I think. If anything, Gantz can be considered GORE not SCARY. But, I haven't read the manga, so at this point I'm kind of speaking alone.

Any of Junji Itou's works will cripple you for weeks. His shit is fucked up scary. Also look into Furuya Usamaru. Did Litchi Light Club, prequel and sequel, and a manga adaptation of Suicide Girls. Usamaru's more on the gory side though, in my opinion. Junji's shit really gives you nightmares.

Two words: Glyceride, Uzumaki. Try not to puke.

I've heard Higurashi is scary as Hell, but I've never been able to get into it. And for the love of God if there ever was one, Highschool of the Dead is not scary. Fanservice out the ass paired with slicing zombies does NOT make a good horror manga. No, that's what yields something like Lollipop Chainsaw.

I did read into Fuan no Tane. Pretty decent. Not much for urban legends, more of a creepypasta guy. Hell, that's contradictory. I always want to believe that there is a chance that there are evils out there like that in this world we call Earth.

Take what I said about Usamaru back. Just read Plastic Girl, and he is certified for horror.
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