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Posted 5/20/09
I wanted to create a section for displaying creative things

model number: XM-X1 (F97)
Code Name: Crossbone Gundam X-1 Kai Kai Kai "Shinkirou"
Unit type: prototype general purpose mobile suit
Head height: 15.9 meters
Base weight: 9.9 metric tons
Full weight: 24.8 metric tons
Power generator output: 5280 kW
Maximum thrust: 100000 - 120000 kg
Armor: gundarium alloy/ceramic hybrid
Optional equipment: worker mobile suit disguise, metal cape x 1, cloaking device
Armament: 60mm vulcan gun x 2, mega machine cannon x 2, beam saber x 2, heat dagger x 2, foot heat dagger x 2, scissor anchor x 4, screw whip x 2, brand marker/beam shield x 2, beam zanber x 2, peacock smasher (beam crossbow w/9 beam gun) x 1
Shinkirou means Mirage in Japanese
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26 / M / Vault 15, New Cal...
Posted 5/23/09
I'm in. But can I just post the linkies?
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Posted 5/15/10 , edited 5/15/10
Model Number: L1-Z3
Code Name: Gundam Libra
Unit Type: Long Range Infantry Mobile Suit
Manufactures: NW ( New Wave Pilots)
Operators: Hikaru Shiro- New Wave Pilot 02
First Deployment: Oct.18, AC 333
Accomidations: Pilot Only, in standard cockpit in Torso
Head Height: 16.4 meters
Empty Weight: 7.7 metric tons
Max Weight: 27.3 metric tons
Power Plant: Ultra-compact fusion reactor, power output rating unknown
Max Thrust- 50,000-70,000
Performance ability levels: Fighting-110, Weapons-140, Speed-80, Power-170, Armor-200
Equipment and Design Features: Alloy- Gundairium, Sensory Equipment- Long Range Targeting System (Maximum Range- 1000 Km), Self Destruct System- Yes, 15x planet Defenser ( generates defensive energy sheild), Cloaking Sonar ( Creates a reversed sensor to hide the presence of the mobile suit.), SG3-Sniper Rifle ( Long Range Rifle for long distance targets), Beam Saber
Optional Equipment- Beam Rifle, Shield

Hope this is about right. This is a gundam I came up with along with a pilot and story if wanted. Its not the most mobile for sure but its more for getting a single target like an assassin and the rest of the team is the close combat fighters. my range may be off but hey I try.
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