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Post Reply How did you know Super Junior?
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29 / F / ♥Choi Shiwon's he...
Posted 6/24/09 , edited 6/24/09
my turn,, nayhaha.,
......i was watching shinee mv dt tym,
then i saw a performance of them with Suju H.,
i was like,," err, who r they"
i saw Sungmin and he's really cute...
i continue searching then "pajama party"
showed up, i clicked on dt...
and i loved it!! next song was "goodluck"
dt ws really a good song.,
i continue searching for Suju
and found out that they are actually 13.,
"i thought of,, lots HOT GUYS in one group, dts too much, LoL"
i fund out that they r really funny,
and gosh!! i love all their songs.,
i can sing along with them even though i am not korean.,
i changed favorites... from Sungmin to Heechul and now Shiwon!!
but i think ds will be d last,, ahaha.,

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25 / F / somewhere out the...
Posted 7/6/09 , edited 7/6/09
i saw U's MV in MTV Asia before i left home(going to school).
at school, i asked my friend whose really addicted to Kpop who Super Junior
is. She told me that they are really awesome. she recommended some songs
and there. became addicted to them.
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25 / F / malaysia
Posted 9/9/09 , edited 9/9/09
i know them by accidentally-sorry for intrusion-
i watch mv U 4 the first time & i was move with the melody
and their dance.along time ago..
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23 / F / Bigbang's and Suj...
Posted 11/16/09 , edited 11/16/09
Okay the first time that I saw them was not really a good impression.
I was [take note: WAS] their super cold hater before :)))))))
I was sooooo cold to them, I hate super junior soo much BEFORE :))
The reason is because I was like, "why do they sell their albums here and in china [i'm from philippines and I went to china] while japanese bands don't?"
I'm actually a super bigfan of j-pop specifically J.E. [Johnny's]
2nd encounter is when i saw this kpop girl group f(x). U know amber? Alot of people. [lee teuk actually said :))] That She looked like donghae, but I didn't care hahah! Still cold :))
3rd is when I ask my friend if she knows suju, she was like "Yeah, I liked Hee Chul" Still didn't care about it! :)) I was like "Ahhh, okay." :))))
4th When my friend ask If I know suju, I said "yeah okay, what about them?" and then my friend ask: "Do you know any members?" "Yeah, I know some" I said. "Who do like the most?" "Uhmmm, donghae and heechul" HAHAHAH! I kept telling my friends donghae and heechul, even though I havent seen their faces before nyahahah!
5th with these asking things, I became curious about suju, and my coldness goes down hehehhe :)
I saw their vid on our TV, I saw "sorry, sorry" and it took me 5 vids to make myself realize that the video and the song is not bad :)))))))
So I downloaded their song and stuff, and then I spread the word to my friends that: "Okay, i give up, super junior is pretty cool :)" So this friend of mine showed me "Neorago [its u]" So yeah I saw it, I was like...."IT"S NOT BAD! hahah! IT'S ACTUALLY PRETTY GOOD!!!" hahaha! The first member I got attracted too is Kyuhyun. Because of this Charice Pempengco guesting, I heard his voice I was like "sigh, soooo soothing" hahah, and he's really cute to, and I like his personality because of him being the magnae The 2nd one is Hee Chul, omfg hahah he's sooo pretty, and I also like his personality and his funny jokes and stuff :))) 3rd one is DONGHAE! I fell inlove with hiiiiimmmmmm! I like his voice in the song "Happiness" and he's is really cute <3 I'll stop to him for awhile, after that I was like searchin' and stuff, and I got to hear their songs and then I fell inlove with Sungmin's cutenesss!!! and the last guy [well I love em all!!! :D] is lee teuk, goshhh the dimpless! and he's really cute too! :D
So yeah, the rest is historyyyyy! :D

Pretty long ey? :))))) I took time for to like them, but yeah, I REALLY LOVE THEMMMMM NOW! :D
suju <3
Posted 3/30/10 , edited 3/30/10
From my friend ..
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22 / F / malaysia
Posted 7/18/10 , edited 7/18/10
i think from my friend. i love lee teuk. i also have his twitter and others twitter

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