Post Reply Who is ur favourite main charecter ? Why?
Posted 5/20/09
I love Kaito becuz he handsome.. n like ice creams ^0^
Posted 7/17/09
i love Len!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes so cute and his songs are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted 7/25/09
Posted 12/14/09
rin totaly
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Posted 1/18/10 , edited 1/18/10
totally super in to miku !!!!!!!!!!!! but i like rin and len too
Posted 12/26/11
poor meiko! XD
Posted 12/26/11
oh i forgot.....MIKU!!! cause her voice is cute ~ i sing her songs dairy
Posted 7/13/12
Aoki Lapis is my favorite vocaloid if ya don't believe look at my profile
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