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Post Reply Memories of a Tomorrow, Memories Are With You, Memories of Snowfall
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what went wrong wiff the chaps of this story... Dx
like the weird random sybols & numbers before dialogue and stuff??
UGH. well whateverrrr...
I got halfwayish there to fixing all of it...

Characters to be added in future chapters ::

ember1116 - "random bumbling idiot that keeps getting in trouble =w="

anne117 - *Arrancar*

AwesomeARTZByanne117 1st (Asima) 2nd (Takken) 3rd (Ember) 4th (Kinnie)

Featured Charas:

< Grimmjow

< Kokoro

Chapter 1 > I'm Not Ugly! Am I!?

Kokoro sat up right on her bed and wrapped her hands around her knees. Laying her chin there. Something didn�&#128;&#153;t feel quite right. She concentrated to the window for some reason. Suddenly beaming at it so intensely, as if someone was going to break right in... And then her beaming turned into full-fledged bewildering when just that happened. She hid under her covers right away. She couldn�&#128;&#153;t believe a man had just broken into her room, using her window. Glass from the window scattered all around her floor and the sound of the window breaking made her scream.

It had been the strange mans�&#128;&#153; entry way, and he possessed a look of ignorance and coldness. Not caring for stepping on the glass, he moved fast toward her, as if already knowing his intent on coming here. Grimmjow growled and snapped, �&#128;&#156;Damn it all, why me!? Sending me here like this... And for WHAT!? Some human girl who-�&#128;� He continued babbling on and on to himself. Getting quite irritated with his so called, "Superior."

Grimmjow uncovered the bed sheet and tossed it onto the floor. Uncovering Kokoro�&#128;&#153;s innocent face. There was a moment of silence. And then he said, �&#128;&#156;You�&#128;&#153;re ugly.�&#128;� He grinned, and seized her elbow with brute strength, "helping" her on her feet. Kokoro froze in place, as if trying to catch this mystery mans�&#128;&#153; words, understand them...

U-UGLY!? Kokoro thought hideously to herself. Okay, so maybe she DID have bed hair...stinky breath in the middle of the night...baggy eyes. BUT C�&#128;&#153;MON! UGLY!? She wanted to run from him, but he still held a tight unbreakable grip on her elbow. Only pulling her closer to him when she'd tried to make a run for it.

�&#128;&#156;W-what do you want...!?�&#128;� She demanded. He just smiled viciously and made Kokoro whimper like a dog. She tried to suppress a few screams, but, this guy was scary-looking!

He took her -forcefully of course- to the balcony she really shouldn�&#128;&#153;t of had in her room. Her elbow was already throbbing with pain! His eyes were overtaken by cruel intentions, and he looked down on her threw a set of cold eyes. The wind blew both their hair harshly, the moon was out. And Kokoro was looking down upon traffic passing on by. And the height almost made her fall over herself without the man doing anything.

�&#128;&#156;I want to test you, see if you have any special abilities!�&#128;� He smirked and released her elbow, pushing her back forward and making her stomach hit the rail and lean against it. She was speechless, as if he�&#128;&#153;d taken her speech right at that moment.

�&#128;&#156;Let�&#128;&#153;s see if you can fly,�&#128;� He smiled again, bigger this time. She tried closing her eyes and wishing herself away. But it was impossible. Her first thought was that she was going to die right here, right now. And within a fleeting second, she felt the push against her back that sent her flying down.

She screamed and screamed, and felt the harsh impact of the wind. And the tears not coming down from her cheeks, but up! She tried taking her hands and covering her eyes. Not wanting to be meet the street on impact. When it was pretty damn obvious she COULDN�&#128;&#153;T fly, Grimmjow flew down and caught her before she hit the surface, holding her over his shoulder. �&#128;&#156;Guess not.�&#128;� He was a bit disappointed and pissed off at the same time. Oh and look, she's ugly AND heavy!

End to Chapter 1

Chapter 2 > Just WHO The Hell Do They Think They Are!?

Kokoro fainted and didn�&#128;&#153;t awake for some time. Her eyes refused to open and her mind only knew she was being carried somewhere... because she felt the wind push against her. Grimmjow made sure she wouldn't escape his grasp. Kokoro didn�&#128;&#153;t try to escape anyway.

To Grimmjow, this was all a drag. Why�&#128;&#153;d it have to be HIM traveling to the human world and no other Espada?

He used Garganta to disappear out of the Human world and back to Heuco Mundo, where *insert bad guy name here* stay waiting patiently. Or whatever he called "patient."

It was different in Heuco Mundo and Las Noches now that Aizen was gone. There was a new leader in Las Noches now, stronger. Way stronger. Grimmjow clenched his teeth and scowled at people who thought they were tougher than him, he hated people who looked down on him.

He carried Kokoro inside the massive Fortress Las Noches. Once inside, he tossed her near the Fortress walls of Las Noches like a pile of trash, next to someone�&#128;&#153;s feet. The man blinked, �&#128;&#156;Ughh, Grimmjow. Another stray cat you�&#128;&#153;re bringing in I see?�&#128;� Asima narrowed his eyes and looked down on the girl. She was human. He blinked and moved the hair from her face, to reveal her humanly features.

�&#128;&#156;She�&#128;&#153;s human, dumb ass. Why bring her here? Did you-know-who command you?�&#128;� Asima almost let out one of his legendary evil laughs. But decided against it because the-name-that-cannot-be-spoken must have good reasons for doing so. More Espada began crowding Kokoro, as if she were some circus animal. They were fascinated.

Grimmjow ignored Asima�&#128;&#153;s words and walked away. Leaving Kokoro for show. He knew Asima will have to bite his tongue when you-know-who hears of his uncertain reasoning. Whatever the leader says, it�&#128;&#153;s ALWAYS right. He�&#128;&#153;ll pay and wish he never questioned you-know-who�&#128;&#153;s authority.

Kokoro awoke with a start with a foot against her cheek. It kept her still down to the floor. �&#128;&#156;G-get your FOOT off of me...!�&#128;� Kokoro shouted with a cry. This person with the foot on her face didn�&#128;&#153;t look at scary as that guy with the blue hair and scary smile.

Asima speared glares at the the on-lookers and that�&#128;&#153;s all it took for the them to disappear and go back to their posts. �&#128;&#156;You speak!�&#128;� He took his foot of her face and crouched down next to her head. Wondering what she�&#128;&#153;ll have to say next.

�&#128;&#156;I AM NOT A SHOW ANIMAL! I-I�&#128;&#153;M HUMAN!�&#128;� She struggled getting up and used her fists more of the time. Just finding herself propping back to the floor face first. Asima laughed. Another foot struck Kokoro�&#128;&#153;s back head. It wasn�&#128;&#153;t Asima this time. He looked up to find that it was one of the scariest Espada out of all of them. With the looks only, though. Asima didn�&#128;&#153;t know much of his powers. Only because he�&#128;&#153;d been so lucky to never see them.

He bowed, knowing his place. He was ranked number #5. And this man was ranked with a #2 just right of his bare chest. He shuddered to think what would happen if the #1 showed up.

�&#128;&#156;Exactly who the hell is this?�&#128;� He didn�&#128;&#153;t bother releasing his foot from her head. In fact, he increased more pressure on it. �&#128;&#156;U-Uhh...�&#128;� Asima hesitated and that was to his downfall- he found himself doubled over clutching his stomach and taking giant steps back. Pained. He clutched where his heart was, it felt like it was about to explode from his chest!

The foot from Kokoro�&#128;&#153;s head was gladly gone, she winced and rubbed her head. She lifted her chin up only slightly, her eyes widened and she gaped at what the man was doing to Asima. And he said one word only. The man hadn�&#128;&#153;t even touched him! That�&#128;&#153;s how powerful he must be...if she�&#128;&#153;d make a run for it right now she might have a chance not being in Asima�&#128;&#153;s shoes right now. But she didn�&#128;&#153;t even know where the hell Grimmjow had brought her. This whole place gave her the creeps!

Asima was down on the ground, breathing choppy breaths. �&#128;&#156;G-Grimmjow brought her in...the Lord wanted her for some reason...�&#128;� With each word his heart throbbed with pain, Asima lay staring up at the ceiling, and the #2 ranked standing pleasantly over him.

�&#128;&#156;I know that. And I know why this girl is here. Don�&#128;&#153;t question the Lords actions again, or next time I�&#128;&#153;ll bring a worse punishment upon you.�&#128;� With that smile and threat, he disappeared walking up a winding staircase. Asima pounded the floor. That bastard! He was just playing with me the whole time! At that second, he immediately threw up blood. He held his chest still, the pain was un-real. No way the Human girl could withstand it for a second.

Kokoro was so confused on what happened. That she didn�&#128;&#153;t run for it after all. She was frozen and shaking. Her heart was telling her to go to the man and aid him, but HE wasn�&#128;&#153;t so nice to her either! Still, she couldn�&#128;&#153;t help but to run to him.

She kneeled down next to Asima, giving him most worried expression she�&#128;&#153;d given since her coming here.

�&#128;&#156;A-are you okay!? Who was that guy just then? What did he do-?�&#128;� Asima shut her up with his hand. �&#128;&#156;SHUT UP! I don�&#128;&#153;t need your pity, human! You saw nothing here okay? NOTHING.�&#128;� Asima raged, his pride was bruised greatly.

Kokoro didn�&#128;&#153;t understand. She felt so weak and vulnerable right now. She fainted on Asima�&#128;&#153;s lap, next to the puddle of blood on the floor. Neither of them said anything after that.

End to Chapter 2

Chapter 3 > There Are No Words To Explain My Confusion

A man walked down the winding staircase, he wore a white jacket, black sash, and a white hakama. Like everyone else here did. He found the unconscious Kokoro and Asima �&#128;&#147; who stared deeply at her sleeping face. The man landed his foot against Asima�&#128;&#153;s cheek. �&#128;&#156;ASIMAAAAAAA! WAKE UPPPP!�&#128;� The man roared, not in the least surprised about the puddle of blood. Must have been just the doing of #2.

Asima didn�&#128;&#153;t move even with the foot against his face, he moved a strand of hair from Kokoro�&#128;&#153;s eyes. �&#128;&#156;What do you want, Takken?�&#128;� Asima�&#128;&#153;s voice was faint and quite.

Takken cupped his hands around his mouth, and shouted, �&#128;&#156;WHAT DID YOU SAAAYY!? I CAN'T HEAR YOUUU!�&#128;� Takken wasn�&#128;&#153;t the kind of person to comfort other people, he spoke what he thought.

Asima growled under breath. �&#128;&#156;Can you do me a favor?�&#128;� Asima asked, staring at the puddle of blood and wiping his mouth off with his wrist from when he threw up blood. Takken sighed and rubbed his forehead. �&#128;&#156;What?�&#128;� He asked, trying to match Asima�&#128;&#153;s depressed sounding voice. He also liked to mock people.

Asima ignored it. And looked at him finally. �&#128;&#156;Take this girl �&#128;�to a room or something. I don�&#128;&#153;t want to see her face anymore.�&#128;�
Takken kicked him again. �&#128;&#156;YOU FREAKIN IDIOT! Stop acting so emo! What are you, Ulquiorra? And are you sure I shouldn�&#128;&#153;t get the consent of the Lord before we do anything with the girl�&#128;�?�&#128;�

Asima shook his head and got up, leaving Kokoro there. �&#128;&#156; When the Lord wants to see her face-to-face, he�&#128;&#153;ll see her face-to face... I�&#128;&#153;m out.�&#128;� With that being said and done, Asima disappeared through one of the huge doors within Las Noches.

Takken sighed annoyingly and picked up the girl by her waist, lifting her up over one of his shoulders. She was light. �&#128;&#156;What have you gotten yourself into here...? Do you hear me, girl?�&#128;� Kokoro moaned quietly awake, and found herself being carried too much in one day. First by Grimmjow, then this�&#128;�person. But all she did was nod, and the man put her down on her two feet, letting her walk.

�&#128;&#156;You�&#128;&#153;ve gotten yourself into a situation here, you�&#128;&#153;re going to have to learn to fight if you want to be respected here. I�&#128;&#153;m Takken, happy to help train you.�&#128;� He bowed and smiled. Kokoro noticed he was fairly muscular, and his uniform collar or whatever looked rather high. And he had messy red hair. People must like messing with his hair. Does he ever comb it?

Kokoro couldn�&#128;&#153;t look anymore confused. Where was that bastard with the blue hair anyway?

End to Chapter 3


Kokoro walked behind Takken until he lead her to her room. It was big, and had a long couch she noticed with a first look. �&#128;&#156;Why am I here? What does this...�&#128;&#152;Lord�&#128;&#153; want with me...?�&#128;� Kokoro asked, staring down. She didn�&#128;&#153;t feel like she could get away with staring someone in the eye for more than 5 seconds without getting in some sort of fight.

Takken sighed and rubbed the back of his head. �&#128;&#156;So you heard that part didn�&#128;&#153;t you?�&#128;� He chuckled awkwardly and pulled a strand of hair from his head, playing with it. �&#128;&#156;Well, I don�&#128;&#153;t really know the whole story. Grimmjow brought you here. So he must know.�&#128;� Guess the Lord doesn�&#128;&#153;t want ME to know. Nice trust, there.

Kokoro�&#128;&#153;s face was sharp with confusion. �&#128;&#156;G-Grimmjow...? Who�&#128;&#153;s that?�&#128;� She asked, her voice edging to cracks. This was too much to take in one day. Being Kidnapped. Something about a Lord. Training?!

�&#128;&#156;The freak with the blue hair...?�&#128;�

Kokoro almost laughed. Almost. If this wasn�&#128;&#153;t such a scary looking situation, she would. She already missed home. �&#128;&#156;Oh...�&#128;� She sighed and before she could even look up at the man, his palm came hard into contact with her forehead.

Kokoro screamed and shut her eyes tight.

�&#128;&#156;What�&#128;&#153;s with the sad look!? HONESTLY, You�&#128;&#153;re just like Asima-! Jeez.�&#128;� He withdrew his palm and set both his hands on his hips, glaring at her.

Kokoro frowned, opening her eyes slowly. But knowing Takken would not like to see her sad, she tried to smile. But it was a scary looking smile. A fail smile. �&#128;&#156;I-I�&#128;&#153;m sorry!�&#128;� She squeaked.

Takken put his hands in his pockets, and sighed. �&#128;&#156;Don�&#128;&#153;t apologize. Just try to look more tough than such a baby.�&#128;� He said, eyes half closed.

Kokoro nodded and knew the conversation was over, she stepped into her room but turned to find Takken�&#128;&#153;s foot in the door, forbidding it to close.

�&#128;&#156;You�&#128;&#153;re awful at the rules of etiquette. Aren�&#128;&#153;t you? I gave you my name. So...? Where�&#128;&#153;s yours?�&#128;� He leaned against the wall.

Kokoro smiled, a worried smile but a smile. �&#128;&#156;I-It�&#128;&#153;s...Kokoro.�&#128;�

Takken turned around and the door began closing when his foot was gone, he waved his hand behind him. �&#128;&#156;See ya later than, Kokoro! Oh, and you scream like a girl!�&#128;� Kokoro swore she heard a laugh when the door closed. And she was all alone in the room now.

She sat herself on the couch and sighed. Just noticing the Middle-Eastern rug that was under her feet.

She thought about her life...if it would ever get back to normal. If she would ever lay eyes on her parents again. And then there was Takken�&#128;&#153;s words; �&#128;&#156;What�&#128;&#153;s with the sad look!? HONESTLY, You�&#128;&#153;re just like Asima-! Jeez.�&#128;�

Kokoro twiddled with her thumbs on her lap. �&#128;&#156;Why would...Asima be sad?�&#128;�

End to Chapter 4

Chapter 5 > I'm Kinnie! And You've Just Been Wet-Willied!

Kokoro found herself sleeping on the couch, pacing around. Doing nothing. She could really die of boredom. How long was she to be kept prisoner in this room anyway?

She got up, and walked up to the only window in the room. Which hung high, and Kokoro looked up a long ways. From where she stood, she could only tell it was complete blackness outside. She could see the crescent moon. But what she couldn�&#128;&#153;t see outside that it was a desert-covered place. Sparse, and never-ending.

She sighed, and sat back on the couch. There was really nothing else she could do.
Before she knew it, she was knocked out on the couch again. Sleeping was another thing she could do while here. But she found herself a rude awakening.

Something�&#128;�wet against her ear.
The little girl grinned, and chanted, �&#128;&#156;WET WILLYYYY! WEEEET WILLYYYY! WET WILLYYY! HAHAH!�&#128;� She clapped her hands.

Kokoro screamed and rolled off the couch. The girl pointed and held her sides, dying of laughter.

Kokoro was down on the floor. Tending to her wet willied ear. She looked up at the little girl with the small uniform, but it was the same uniform as everyone she�&#128;&#153;d seen wear so far. �&#128;&#156;W-who are you!? What are you doing in here�&#128;�?�&#128;� She asked, she was still to her knees, and held herself up with her palms to the floor.

The girl with short pink hair waved and laughed happily. �&#128;&#156;I�&#128;&#153;m Kinnie! You have just been wet-willied! Hehehhehe.�&#128;�

Kokoro sighed and got up from the floor, this girl didn�&#128;&#153;t seem to be a threat anyway�&#128;� �&#128;&#156;I can see that�&#128;� why did you do that?�&#128;� Kokoro asked, now that she was standing up she could see how short Kinnie really was.

�&#128;&#156;Uuuhhh�&#128;� I was bored?�&#128;� She put her small hands behind her back, grinning like a child.
Kokoro fell back onto the couch behind her at hearing that lame reason. Wait, maybe she can give me some answers�&#128;�? She looked back up at Kinnie, who still grinned.

�&#128;&#156;Can you answer me a few questions, Kinnie?�&#128;� She murmured, she was desperate for answers really.

Kinnie jumped onto the couch next to Kokoro.
She nodded. �&#128;&#156;Mhmm�&#128;�? You probably have like a million, so I�&#128;&#153;m all years, I mean ears!�&#128;� She grinned and kicked her legs up.
Why�&#128;&#153;d she have to mention EARS? �&#128;�Hate wet-willies�&#128;� Kokoro thought to herself, shuddering when she remembered the suprise attack.

Kokoro didn�&#128;&#153;t even know where to start with her questions, though. There was so much she wanted to know. But she couldn�&#128;&#153;t let the opportunity slip. �&#128;&#156;Where am I? What is this place? Why am I here? Who�&#128;&#153;s this Lord? Why am I being kept here? Why does Grimmjow have blue ha-�&#128;�

Kokoro couldn�&#128;&#153;t finish because of the palm slap against her mouth. �&#128;&#156;TOO.MANY.QUESTIONS. Um, well. You�&#128;&#153;re in Las Noches. Big white palace. Yay! You�&#128;&#153;re here because�&#128;�The Lord wants you�&#128;&#153;re power that you don�&#128;&#153;t even know about! Good luck with that�&#128;�The Lord is the person who rules all of us Espada. We�&#128;&#153;re like, his army. This be his Headquarters! Tee-hee. And�&#128;� and�&#128;� well. �&#128;&#147;Oh! And I don�&#128;&#153;t know, I tried asking him about his odd hair color but all he did was pound a fist into my face. So mean�&#128;��&#128;� She shook her head and frowned, rubbing her cheek as if reliving the punch.

Kokoro stared at Kinnie and tried not to drop her jaw. Powers? What powers...? I have NO powers... She tried to take in her load of information nevertheless. �&#128;&#156;E...s...p...a...d...a? What are they�&#128;�?�&#128;� She asked, and Kinnie layed back against the couch. She sensed these never-ending questions will go on and on.

�&#128;&#156;Espada are top ranked Arrancar in Boss' army of Hollow-Shinigami hybrids. We are assigned to numbers, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 is being the strongest.�&#128;� Kinnie stopped kicking her feet all of a sudden, and sighed. She pulled her sleeve up and pointed at some tatooed number on her arm that Kokoro didn�&#128;&#153;t understand. What the-!? She�&#128;&#153;s a little kid and she has a tatoo!?

�&#128;&#156;I am Espada number 10, Kinnie Something. The weakest.�&#128;� Kinnie�&#128;&#153;s face fell grave, and Kokoro didn�&#128;&#153;t know why she felt she should lament. Interesting last name though...

Everything was so confusing. All of Kinnie�&#128;&#153;s answers buzzed around her mind like bees. She couldn�&#128;&#153;t possibly understand so quick. Kinnie jumped off the couch and stretched her short arms in the air. �&#128;&#156;Boy-! That was toooo much information I had to give! I�&#128;&#153;ll give you time to take all that in, I�&#128;&#153;m too lazy to tell you more. By the way, What�&#128;&#153;s your name?�&#128;� She remembered to ask.

It was the least Kokoro could give after all the information she�&#128;&#153;d received today. �&#128;&#156;I�&#128;&#153;m Kokoro. Thanks for telling me all that. It makes sense�&#128;� sort of.�&#128;� She still wore a lost look, but she needed to understand. For her own good.

Kinnie grinned and waved while walking backwards toward the door, only half-way to the door, someone entered with a loud kick to the door. Kinnie spun around and gasped. �&#128;&#156;=w= Why, hello there Espada number 4, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques.�&#128;�

End to Chapter 5

Chapter 6 > . . . Can a King be Gay!?!?

Kinnie waved at Grimmjow, who looked pissed off. As usual.

Kokoro just stared wide-eyed. This would be the second time she'd seen him face-to-face. The first time, it brought shivers down her spine. But now that she could take a good look at him, her heart skipped beats. She didn't understand why. It could be adrenaline. Or just by his mere presence alone leaves her speechless and petrified. She'd never felt such a feeling. Maybe because she';d never been pushed off a balcony!?

She took a good look at Grimmjow, and took in his features. Light-blue spiky hair and eyes, strange green lines below them. He had the same attire as everyone else, but his jacket was ragged with an upturned collar. The inner lining is black, the sleeves are rolled up, and he wears it open, leaving a muscular chest revealed. There was a strange mask to the right of his jawbone.

Kokoro didn't know what it meant. Or that hole located on his abdomen. For she was clueless.

But one thing Kinnie said registered to her. He was the 4th Espada. Stronger than she was. She shook her head, for she was thinking too much. About him.

Grimmjow took a step closer, kicking Kinnie in the gut and flying away into a wall when she'd try to hug him. "Piss off, kid!" He stomped his foot to the ground, and grabbed Kokoro's wrist, forcing her up off the couch. "Come on, Ugly. Boss wants to see you," He grinned. Calling her that name and seeing that look on her face never got old.

Kinnie pouted and got up off the ground, doubled over. "NOT nice kicking short people, Grimmie! T_T" She whined, but didn't try to do anything, and let Grimmjow take Kokoro with him.

Kokoro reached her hand out to Kinnie, maybe hoping she'd save her. But she knew Kinnie wouldn't. She would defy the boss' orders that way, wouldn't she?

When they were out of the room, and speed walking toward somewhere. The hallway was large and all white. There was a big door high and mighty looking up ahead.

It looked fit for a King.

"Enjoy yourself, Ugly." Grimmjow kicked open the door, and pushed her in without a second thought. He really was so unpleasant when it came to doors and windows... Kokoro don't think the Boss'll respect the way he handled things at all.

She had kept her eyes shut when she was pushed in, thrown in like a cat for the feeding of vicious dogs. But she straightened up though, carrying herself accordingly. Or trying to.

The King sat at his throne, motioning her closer with a finger.

Some freaks with the same type of clothing leered at her as she walked up to him on his majestic looking carpet that lead all the way to the door.

One, no, two of them she knew.

W-why are they here. . .?

Asima and Takken were there. She didn't know if she should be mad at them, or if she should expect this from people who didn't even care to interest her on why she was kidnapped. But she had to learn from that cheerful pink girl.

When she got closer to them, she could distinguish that Asima had no expression on his face. And Takken looked almost distressed.
She knew she shouldn't be expecting a rescue, but she liked to think defying they're Boss was in their agenda but she knew it wasn't.

Some people only acted on only serving their King. it was just like the saying goes; 'Your wish is my command.'

There were other freaks lined up, in two separate lines. Asima stood at one, and Takken on the other. Did the lines have something to do with ranks? Or what number Espada they were?

Kokoro didn't think of it anymore, the Kings voice shattered her thoughts and welcomed her with his smile. His long blonde hair reminded Kokoro's of a girls. And his eyes were of of a golden color.

Kokoro never known a guy with blonde hair and eyes, was he...Gay? She'd never met a gay before.

A Gay King.


"Welcome to my fortress. I hope you have enjoyed your time here thus far."

"Yeah. I love the fact Grimmjow kidnapped me and brought me here... wherever this place is. Thanks. . ."

Did that just come out of MY mouth!?

Maybe she was able to voice her opinions easier toward gay men?

End to Chapter 6

Chapter 7 > Does Getting Punched In The Face Signify I Really Just Fail And Have No Powers At All!?

Kokoro looked around trying not to make eye contact with the gay king.

Takken looked ready to laugh.

And Asima just looked constipated.

Maybe I should speak my mind more often�&#128;�?

"Well, at least you have sarcasm. . ." The gay king stated, his hair looking awesome with the lighting of the room and all.

" . . I-I don't normally speak my mind like that. . . what do you want with me?" She hesitated at first, but got straight to the point.

She heard a trying-to-hold-in-a-laugh from one of the lines. The girl had red hair and orange eyes. She didn't look as short as Kinnie. But a little taller-ish.

"Hasn't anyone told you yet?" He almost sounded disappointed at Asima and Takken for their failness.

"Sort of... I'm still confused... Can I leave now?" She asked rashly.

The Gay King laughed.

His laugh sounded through the whole room, and the faces on the Espada's differed. They were no longer of amusement on behalf of Kokoro's funny words. But some just wore expressions of un-interest. It was those serious types who followed direct orders and such! Booooring.

"No. You cannot." He stood up from his kingly chair.

"B-But I don't have any p-powers.." She took a step back, only finding the steps the king had been taking big and before she knew it, he was all up in her face son.

"But you do. I want to recruit you in my army of Espada. I think that Kinnie Something person we can just get rid of her and demote her to a Privaron Espada."


"Privaron Espada are Arrancar that were once Espada yet were demoted out of either being a disgrace to the group or replaced." The gay kings yellow eyes were downcast, looking like his eyes were half-closed.

Kokoro barely had any time to think.

"Let's put them to the test then, shall we?"

Persistent GAY!!

"W-" Kokoro's words...or LETTER had seemed to have been cut off by some girls's laugh in the lines.

Someone from one of the lines stuck a foot out, giving a peace sign and introducing herself. "Greetings! I be Ember! 6th. 'Nuff said. It's a pleasure, I think." Ember announced in her too pleased with herself tone, Asima sighed in his line.


Kokoro beamed at the Ember girl, and just as fast was punched in the face and flying through the palace wall. A hole appeared. Fairly large.

Ember laughed out loud. "Guess we're done here?" She walked back in her line. Still chuckling.

End to Chapter 7

Chapter 8 > How Did This Lazy Bum Become Primero Espada!?!

Nobody seemed to give a damn that Kokoro was PUNCHED through a freaking wall. And outside of it looked like a wasteland. Kokoro rubbed where she got punched, having it been a lucky shot and she so wasn't ready for!

But she found the outside quite... creepy and... creepy.

"W-where I?!" It seemed like a completely different world!

Takken faltered and it was clear when the King saw him. "Something you would like to say, Takken?"
He looked half ready to punch Ember in the face and half ready to run to Kokoro's side and help her up.

"...No... nothing at all." And he looked away somewhere, Asima's eyebrows furrowed.

And Kinnie randomly bursted into the room with a chainsaw.

"HII EVERYBODYYYYYY! SORRY IM LATE~ WAS BEING HARASSED BY A CERTAIN PHYCO BLUE-HAIRED MAN!" Kinnie yelled and it reached EVERYONE'S annoyed ears, they all stared at her like they were going to kill her.

Ember blinked and pointed at Kinnie accusingly. "WHY YOU GOTTA CHAIN-SAW WITH YOU!?" Ember blurted out, arguing with Kinnie like it was an okay thing to do.
Bicker. Bicker. Bicker...

Kokoro overheard something about protecting herself from Grimmjow... but a chainsaw...? And something about a... Mr, Chainsaw?

Kokoro stayed down. Not knowing when she'll be punched in the face again. The king walked over to her not minding the hole in the wall.

He'll get some irrelevant servant to clean up the mess.

"never-ending white desert, Hueco Mundo is located between the Human world and Soul Society."

"Huh....?" Kokoro gazed confusingly, all of this seemed like a new generation of information she didn't want to acquire yet. But it kept coming and coming...

And then some dude walked down the white staircase... slow footsteps, and everyone seemed to wonder who it might be.

Why were people always coming late...? FAIL KING!

The person yawned prolong, and finally his feet were seen and slowly his whole body was. "Here I am trying to take a nap, and your all being sooo loud... what gives?" He yawned again and rubbed his eyes, walking around unsteadily.

Ember chuckled, hehe- ing and said, "Hi there Espada Lazy Numero Uno. Always... late on time~" Ember giggled again. Poofing over to Takken when the King wasn't looking.

"Heeeeeeeey, Pstttttt~ If you like that girl you should go to her! And... for me... I would LOVE you forever! ....Call the King gey for being so mean?"

Takken looked as if he was thinking about it.

Kokoro's eyes widened. Number One?! BUT HE JUST FELL ASLEEP ON THE FLOOR!

He just fell asleep on the floor. "*Mumble mumble* ...Cupcakes and...and sleeping..."

End to Chapter 8

Chapter 9 > Helpless and Alone

The moment the sudden Espada fell asleep on the floor the whole atmosphere changed, it was quite and the only sound were the crickets and Embers giggling laugh. A random haystack blew over across the room.

Ember tilted her head in question. "Exactly how can there be crickets and haystacks in Hueco Mundo again?"
Though her question seemed to have gone on deaf ears, for no one bothered to answer.

Before Kokoro could take in everything, the Kings hand was in front of her face, welcoming her take it and stand up.

Hesitation showed in her eyes, but despite herself she took his hand and stood on her own two feet. "Since I'm such a nice man, I'll give you more time to prove your abilities to me. Though I know you have them, and I won't be disappointed, will I?"

It seemed like a trick question.

Kokoro pondered it while hearing Ember laugh again. Her laugh made the room alive again, but hearing her laugh was just as worse as utter silence.

"But-" She thought about what she was going to say next, and the past proved it was pointless to deny it in front of him.

"Okay..." She mumbled, looking down from the king. But when she looked up at him again he looked happy at her answer.

"Good. You may go now."

Kokoro froze though, her feet wouldn't proceed through the door.

The king looked about. "Oh, that's right. Grimmjow will escort you back to your room; you'll find him waiting beyond the door."

The name of the man that treated her so lowly made a nervous and scared feeling surface at the pit of her stomach.
But she did as the King asked and avoided giving eye contact to anyone in the room.

Kinnie was in her own world, spacing out.

Takken's eyes followed Kokoro until she was no longer present, feeling like he could have done something to make his never before felt feelings disappear.

The king lied, Grimmjow wasn't there waiting for her.

Should I... Her thoughts were cut short as a hand touched her shoulder from behind, she gasped and turned around.

"Make a run for it? That's funny. And how would you even get back to your world? You won't last a second outside the walls of this fortress."

His hand clutched harder with more pressure added onto her shoulder, making her wonder why he was such an aggressive person to begin with. "That hurts...!" she whimpered hopelessly.

But two people happened to cross her mind... Takken and Kinnie. They were her friends, weren't they?

Although in the current situation she was in while being escorted forcefully back to her room, she didn't think anyone would save her and go back to her normal life. Such arduous thoughts gave a permanent wound in her heart, but she'll have to wait until her escort lead her to her room, there was no way she'll shed a tear in front of the likes of him.

Somewhere deep in her heart of hope, she waited for her prince to come and save her, but that only happened in those stupid fairy tales.

End to Chapter 9

Chapter 10 > The Lucky Charm

Kokoro awoke in the morning- or what she thought- on the couch in her room. The moon was always out. Staring at her, mocking her.

She found herself looking up at it most of the hours that seemed to have dragged on.

She'd been cooped in her room like a hen, imprisoned. Inevitably, she buried her head in her hands and began to weep.
Just at that moment, a knockless door opened up before her, the light ran across her face, shining on her tears. She forcefully wiped them with her wrists, not bothering to see who was at her door.

But the voice made her gasp lightly and look up. She hadn't heard that voice in what seemed a while.

"You look pathetic with tears, a piece of advice? Don't show any tears. They only mean weakness." He lectured her. Which wasn't exactly the time for a lecture.

Kokoro nodded her head weakly and hung her head down, the sudden flashback of Takken's words entered her mind. Why would Asima be sad?

Could he feel sorry for her?

She wanted to ask him, but at the same time didn't want to utter a sound, because she was sure it would be a sobbing cry. So she stayed silent until Asima made his way to her unexpectedly, a closed fist presented near her shocked expression. "Take it..." He said a bit rushed, leaving for the door again.

"What is-" She stopped herself and stared down at the item that was placed in her palm, a mix between a smile and frown on her lips.

She heard the door close and stared at it in disbelief, seeing a different side of Asima was nice. But she needed more than luck to survive, though it was the thought that counted after all.

End to Chapter 10

Chapter 11 > Grew a Liking To

Kokoro was summoned again to the Kings Room. Well... by clear force again.

As if the photo-genetic memory of him wasn't enough... now she had to see him face to face again. But possibly Asima's good luck charm would do her good; maybe she wouldn't get punched into a wall like last time? The thoughts of Ember made her cringe again.

When she'd finally stepped foot into his lighted, godly like throne room, he was gone. A man there walked up to her, spoke to her into her ear, and escorted her elsewhere...

The Kings private quarters.

Just what was he planning...?

Kokoro opened the gold knob with the escort staring behind her, and walked in with a good frown.

There he was...

On his bed.

Laying his hand up against his chin on his pillow, blanket slanting and half covering his belly button and below, but openly showing all of his chest area.


Kokoro flusteringly began to turn, but found the sound of a key turn on the other side.

"I-I... This must be a wrong time-"

"No. Just the right time. Actually."

Kokoro looked down at her feet, embarrassment showing.

"Why don't you turn around and look at me? The doors locket, so why pointlessly stare, hm?" He was right. The door wouldn't magically open if she stared... But still...
She slowly spun back around, held her breath, and said, "I-If you think I'm that kind of girl... I'M NOT!"

He flipped his golden locks, staring at her seductively. "Here's the fun part, either you cooperate with me or Grimmjow will deal with you... in any way he wants. And I'm sure you hate his aggressiveness, am I right?"

Kokoro was at a loss, for words, for everything.

"You'll become my Queen tonight."


"Not even Asima, or Takken, will stop this. They deeply approve. Because my dear, I've honestly grew a liking to you."

That's not true!

What a perv.

Something in her mind went off, something out of control unleashed that night, and that had been her powers.

End to Chapter 11 o_o
yeah. HE DIDDDDDD just use his pervypowers to make Kokoro unleash hers xD

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