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Posted 5/21/09 , edited 7/28/09
Things I learned from watching El Cazador de la Bruja:

• Putting out fire can induce orgasm

• Two forks are better than one

• Sucking blood from finger is delicious

• If you fall off a cliff, your head will be covered with tomato sauce

• Ripping up your child's favorite doll is the best way to test if she has psychic power

• Maracas are deadly

• Slipping on ice is the best way to dodge bullet

• You can find hot springs in the middle of a desert

• Garrote wire can slice giant stone statues in half

• It's not a bad idea to leave your 5-year-old loli in some random hotel lobby while you go to work... because she'll surely meet two nice young ladies who'll give her chocolate and entertain her in the swimming pool for a fun-filled day

• Do not wear a dog-suit in an airplane if you don't want to get beat up by irate passengers and left for dead in the airplane toilet

• Mexican cops take order from psychotic stalkers with creepy voice

• Real bounty hunters aren't afraid of taking on a young, skinny Rambo

• Real bounty hunters aren't embarrassed about dressing up as sissies

Would you like to share what you've learned as well?
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