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Posted 5/21/09 , edited 5/22/09
Everyone some guy out there opened my eyes with this intriguing information
it seems the japanese are running our boat it seems they didn't just make up some fantasy.
they based gundam 00 in real scientific fact that maybe they have even proven after u read this if youre not satisfied with this info google the terms
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Posted 8/23/09
i know that GN Particles can become real. I've heard that when a neutrino starts to decay, it releases a type of energy that travels close to the speed of light. since we dont have the technology to harness this type of energy, we cant make any GN Drives or what ever sort of technology we've seen in Gundam 00
Posted 10/23/10 , edited 10/23/10
when i first read this
something weird just pops into my head and here's what i though
" is this another step to the age of the monster robot wars?
if so, japan is gonna dominated america."
so ya. everyone, you should know it is impossible to make it
what was i thinking. crazy bastard.

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