the ex girlfriends :]
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Posted 5/24/09
Let's start from another pics of Hero Youngwoong (Kim) Jaejoong ex-girlfriend.

g-dragon's ex girlfriends
the girl by the initial "J" in "This Love"

and this is Kim Dong Hwa.

i dont have much information about it
but i know that shes 6 years older than him (26) which i find kind of...blink.gif
and shes the owner of the bar at the restaurant seungri worked at during his Manwon Happiness challange
...this makes me so sad

seung ri ex girlfriend

T.O.P ex girlfriend

"Park Ga hee" Micky (Park) Yoochun's ex-girlfriend.

lee min ho ex girlfriend

si won choi ex girlfriend

kim ki bum ex girlfriend
apparently a ex-girlfriend of Kibum sweatingbullets.gif
here is her profile
I don't know if it is true ... we don't have any recent news, so I just wanted to share it

Donghae ex-girlfriend??
why jessica??

Junsu's ex- girlfriend

Hyun Bin ex girlfriend

Leeteuk ex girlfriends

sungmin ex girlfriend

Posted 5/24/09
lee min ho and top ex gf are hot but the other r not
Posted 5/24/09
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Posted 5/24/09
Jesus, what's wrong? I guess they have good personalities ;]
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Posted 5/24/09 , edited 5/24/09
That girl, Lee Min Ho's ex is so, so lucky..
Girls must envy her..
Posted 5/24/09
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