Anime Search :D // HelP !!
Posted 5/25/09
[b]I searched for sooo long one anime but I don´t know whats the name is of this anime...

Do you know it :?

A little girl played football with other boys,but then a boy with silver//grey//white hair came and I think he played football with all and win alone^^

I watched the first 3 minutes or so and then I went to sleep and i forget the Name...

...Sorry for my English I´m from German ... :)

This is really important for me !!! Please write if you know something even if it is just a lil bit !

Posted 5/25/09
I made a thread similar to this a few weeks ago,and it got me in trouble.
These threads aren't allowed.
Posted 5/25/09
ohh are you sure?!...I´m sorrieh I didn´t know that !
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Posted 5/25/09
Posted 5/25/09
Use above threads instead please

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