.:Rakugosha Girl:.
Posted 5/25/09

The silent ringing that seemed to prolong till I could have felt my head would burst..... The light that seemed to blind me, I never seen something so bright..... I was new to this world, it was different from the dark, isolated home I was brought from. "Check her blood pressure! Brain waves! ...." Unfamiliar voices, so loud..... "Here Tsmiko, come here" That was the first voice I knew and it was dark again...finally.....

4 Years Later

"She's stable... She's ready to be tested." I was back, the blinding lights and sounds..... It was Her again. I could feel myself being picked up... Ahh! What were they doing to me, my guts felt as they were being pulled out. The blood rushing though my body, though my head.....

Tsmiko Tachiagari stared at the ceiling at the public hospital. She had no idea no clue on why she was here, where she was or who she was..... "You're awake, you're ready to go home," A female voice whispered Home? The voice is so familiar.... who.... Tsmiko thought as she drifted back to sleep as the sedations began to take effect.
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.::. The beginning .::.

Tsmiko awoke to the blaring sound of the hourly alarm. She didn’t try to go back to sleep, the alarm wouldn’t stop till this hour had passed. She quickly got dressed, she was already running a bit late. She had to be early, she stepped outside and stood in front of her tenement. The monoator opened and Tsmiko stepped inside.
”Hello little girl!” It said. “Thank you for riding Mono. 1264.”
Just take me to area 73, lot 265,”” She said irritated and waited for the response.
“Sure thing little girl,”
“Good...” Why couldn’t they have installed the latest tech. from Virastem like the ones they have at the Square... But of course she knew why, they didn’t acknowledge the existences of the residence in sectors 90 or lower. They were useless to them and they only continue living because of the United Front that was formed centuries ago.
Tsmiko took in a breath of the musty underground air, it was artificially raining above. The monoator stopped and opened... she took a step forward and hesitated. She was early and no one was in the area, what a relief… It was extremely embarrassing to come from sectors 90 or below. They even had an entrance for them and that made it worse, it was like a label we’re lowly citizens you might just as well kill us. Hallway 12, room 6, class begins in 40 minutes, gates will close in 60 minutes…” The announcements continue on but Tsmiko wasn’t listening. It was the same old announcement everyday, then again was it? “Tomorrow is your physically examinations, prepare and hope for the be-” Tsmiko instantly stopped listening... The exams… the exams… were tomorrow… She entered her classroom, number 895 and took the seat in the farthest corner of the room.
She buried her head under her hands and let the rest of the day drift away. Gossip and make-up were the general discussion with the other girls but no amount of make-up or botox or plastic surgery could improve her looks. She was told long ago that she was a hopeless, helpless, ugly creation. The day seemed to past so fast, Tsmiko was sleeping for the whole day. The domed roof of the town square seemed to keep out a secret instead of dangers, she wondered why she never noticed that.
She was back at her tenement a bit earlier than she expected. She checked her mail, it wasn’t something her did often but she was expecting something. The letters and forms to make her an official resident, as expected. She threw away the letter for the physical exam, she had enough of those already.
The next day at the 8 o clock, Tsmiko laid in bed and planned how the day would go. She would get up, go to the examination area or whatever it was called, then she’ll do whatever they say, they’ll let her go and she will be an official resident when she comes back. It was almost perfect but for some reason she felt it’ll all go wrong….
Sector 99, area 2, lot 1…. High quality place, not a place for me. She stared out of the monoator and looked at the giant metal structure that was the center of production in the world.
The room was vast, it amazed Tsmiko that there were very few patients, wasn’t this a hospital? “Room 6,” She mumbled to a nurse. Without glancing down the nurse pointed to a room not far from here. The room smelled of blood and sweat, it was a small room. Slightly smaller that her tenement, but anyone would have know it was a high class room, there was the latest equipment form HeelexMeds and it was clean. The doctor was a female, she looked so kind and respectful. She was also beautiful, Tsmiko found herself falling under her enchanting spell, so beautiful. “Hello there,” She said, Tsmiko was surprised that she was actually talking to her “Um-ah I-I’m… nice to m-meet you.” Tsmiko stammered. “You’re Tsmiko Tachiagari, female, age 15 correct?” She said it with such a kind voice “I’m Dr. Takahashi, but you can call me Miss Toshiko.” “Miss Toshiko…thank you…” Tsmiko muttered. “It’ll be over very quick,” She said smiling. “It’s not that bad, it’s pretty good in fact.” Tsmiko followed the doctor, did what she said. For the first time since never she felt she belonged… “Well you’re done,” Miss Toshiko said “You are very good…” “I’m done?” Tsmiko stood at the doorway, he didn’t want to do, she didn’t want to be cast out of the only place she belonged. “We’ll meet again, don’t worry,” Miss Toshiko led her to the hallway “Good-bye.”
Tsmiko was running though the lot, she was crying and she couldn’t stop. “What’s wrong with me….?” She asked herself, she was having an emotional breakdown for some reason. She curled up in a ball and cried. The world started fading into darkness, a tingling pain shot though her from arm and consumed the rest of her. “The injection worked quiet well,” A sinister female voice vibrated though Tsmiko’s head, help… “Load her up along with him and send them out of the city…” No, no, noo! Please someone, help me…..

To be continued in... The Encounter
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