Help me find out this song!!!
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Posted 12/25/07 , edited 12/25/07
I just came back from Japan a few days ago, and I heard this particular song in Japan. The first time I watched the video on TV, I immediately fell in love with the song. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to catch the title of the song and the name of the band! Ever since, I've heard that song a few times while I was shopping around, and I searched for the song ever since I came back, but there was no luck. I was hoping someone out there could tell me an answer and I'll be forever grateful!

It's a japanese song with a christmas base. It's definitely a boy band (cause the vocalist was a guy's voice). And the video was about this guy, who got dragged along by his customer (or boss) to this bar, filled with hot sexy girls to have a drink. He was feeling uncomfortable being surrounded by all those girls (he's like those kinda serious type), while his customer (or boss) got heavily drunk.

In that bar, he met this waitress who served them. They got to know each other and started going out. She and her friends were excited when he mailed her. They decided to meet up a place on Christmas day.

On Christmas day, the guy was waiting for her at some place lighted with christmas decorations. However, the girl couldn't turn up. She was still in the bar serving her customers, pouring beer and getting scolded by her employer due to her absent mindedness while working. She eagerly wanted to meet up with her boyfriend and felt bad for keeping him waiting for her.

On the other hand, the guy kept waiting for her patiently in the cold while holding a bouquet of flowers (if i wasn't mistaken) and a christmas cake. Couples were passing him by in a lovey dovey mood, but he never gave up waiting for his girlfriend. As time passes, the Christmas lighting and the Christmas tree were turned off. But he stayed there and waited.

When she finally finished her work, she was way late for their date. She ran to theirr meeting place and found him waiting for her. When he turned around, he found himself facing his tear-stained girlfriend. The guard who was incharge of the christmas lighting, on the switch and the Christmas tree was back on light~ *aww*

Sorry for the vague description of the song. I couldn't really catch the lyrics of the song, and even if I did, I've forgotten by now. But I do know the chorus had the word 'Christmas Day' in it.

If anyone of you happen to know this song, could you please let me know the title and the name of the band? And if you do happen to HAVE the song, please send it to me too, if it's not much of a trouble!! thanks a bunch!
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Posted 12/25/07
Sorry, personal threads aren't allowed. Try using this thread:
The Music HELP Thread
Hope you can find you're answer there and Merry Christmas!
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Posted 12/25/07
use that thread

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