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CR has gone to....
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26 / F / in my cave
Posted 5/26/09

SaitoForte wrote:

holy_may wrote:
Truth is, Downloading is the best solution ;O

Proof, currently got 4500Gb of anime in my hard drive

4.5 terabytes? How big is your hard drive?

3 externals 1Tb
5 externals 500Gb
desktop 250Gb
Laptop 250Gb
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Posted 5/26/09

darkoff wrote:

The first thing you did when you see this thread is that you watch the picture/gif first and then you read the thread or that you read the big red letters first..

Seriously what the hell is wrong with CR and Shinji? now they've made the forums completely fucked up, this aint an ANIME site anymore like it was before it's almost like Facebook but with abit of ANIME videos/shows.

Who shall i go and complain at?

Also i don't give a fuck that I'm making this topic at the ANIME section since the ANIME section is dead anyway, but with most people on it that posts now and then.

So what shall we do, yes I'm asking you people here at the ANIME Section.

inb4: Troll,Fail,Gtfo,Etc Etc Etc Etc

Gif Unrelated To The Thread.

Edit: if you just want the Anime section you can use this link -_-

Hello mister. Did you know that nothing will happen even if you post that a hundred times? Or are you just bored?
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Posted 5/26/09
i can't care anymore
they can kill this site if they want too
Posted 5/26/09 , edited 5/26/09

1. No one gives a shit what you have to say.
2. Yes, this is the wrong section, dumbass.
3. Tell that to the other hundreds of people that have complained about the same thing. Has it changed anything, not really.

Go take this bullshit somewhere else. I agree that this isn't the best website, but what else can we do but wait? If you don't like it, either delete your account like the others or deal with it like the rest of us.
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22 / M / baguio city phili...
Posted 5/26/09
Yeah...your right
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Posted 5/26/09
Sorry, I failed to see a point to this thread.

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