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Chapter 2 ~ The most idiot person I’ve ever met…
In the morning it’s holiday!
Mitsuki: erm I’m going out…
Ann-san(Ken’s mom): Okay! But come back early for dinner ne?
Mitsuki: Ok *smile and leave*
Ken: where is Mitsuki going to?
Ann-san: she said something about going out with her friends…
Ken: +__+ *thinks* Mitsuki’s friends = ANN-CHAN and crossdresser Kyo!
Ann-san: what are you thinking?
Ken: Betsuni… err I’m going out!!!
Ann-san: Wait your bodyguard must follow you!
Ken: Mitsuki is with me
Ann-san: But she just gone out…
Ken: I’m going to chase her now bye!!
Ann-san: *sweat dropped* …
A few meters away from Touko residence
Mitsuki: why did I feel a sudden chill?
Mitsuki: -___- I should know this…
Ken: Can I follow you!?
Mitsuki: *sigh* whatever….
At the meeting place
Kyo: eh? *he is wearing a dress…*
Nana: erm… hi ken-kun…
Ken: HI!!! *sparkle eyes*
Mitsuki: *sweat dropped* So I’ll go and buy a ticket for the concert FOR THE OTHER PEOPLE HERE!
Ken: T-T don’t be angry Mitsuki….
Mitsuki: *smiles* I’m not…
Ken: then why are you stomping my feet?
Mitsuki: *evil glare* Cause of the interference
Ken: T-T nooooo
So the group is going to watch a concert! The super cute singer Kei is singing and Nana is his fan girl so she drags Mitsuki and Kyo along and Ken… well… he just popped out there…
Concert time!
Fan girls were screaming! Yes including Nana… Mitsuki is not a fan so she just sit there looking at Ken that was busy looking at Nana…
Mitsuki: *sigh and thinks* You really like Nana do you…
While Kyo is glaring daggers at Ken!
Kyo: *thinks* Stop looking at Nana grr!!!
Mitsuki who was looking at Kyo reaction chuckled…
Mitsuki: *mumble* Baka…
Ken: What did you say Mitsuki…? O.o
Mitsuki: Nothing…
Kei: Thank you for coming to my concert nya! X3
Fan girls: *faint and nosebleed… Nana is excluded*
Mitsuki: … something is not right… *looking at two suspicious man* heh…
After the concert
Ken: Mitsuki… I want to go to the toilet!!!
Mitsuki: Okay….
Outside of the toilet
Ken: Okay! I’m ready to go home!!!
Man #1: Not so fast!
Ken: huh!? O_O
Man #2: This guy going to give us a big sums of money!
Man #1: Yeah…
Ken: SO you want to kidnap me!?
Man #2: Yeah and threaten your father to give us ransom money
Ken: -__- duh
Man #1: You acting so big huh!!!?
Ken: Nope I’m not scared!! *points at a corner*
Both of the man look at the place pointed and see Mitsuki leaning at the wall…
Man #1: So what is this girl going to do huh?
Man #2: Break our bones? *laugh*
Suddenly a sharp knife flies across one of the man and stuck on the wall near him…
Mitsuki: *evil aura* I’m going to MAKE YOU TWO DIE IN A MISERABLE WAY!!!
Both of the man: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP *runs away*
Mitsuki: coward….
Ken: Mitsuki you’re SO COOOL! *sparkle eyes*
Mitsuki: *sweat dropped* You have to take care of yourself to you know…
Ken: NO WORRIES! I got Mitsuki here! *smiles*
Mitsuki: *blush* Baka!
Ken: Eh what did I do?
Mitsuki: Never… mind…
Somewhat… somewhere in the corner… someone is watching them…
???: So cool nya!
At Touko residence
Jinno-san: *laugh* So they going to kidnap you?
Ken: yeah! But Mitsuki safe me again…
Ann-san: *hugs Mitsuki* thank you!!!
Mitsuki: *blush* n-no p-problem
Everyone: *thinks* SO CUTE!!! >__<
In her bed
Mitsuki: *blush* I love this kind of family soo much…
Ken(suddenly pop out): Really!?
Mitsuki: O_O AAAAAAAAAAAAAH what are you doing here!!!
Ken: I can’t sleep! Sleep with me ne!?
Mitsuki: *blush* NO WAY!!!
Ken: I sleep on the floor?
Mitsuki: -__- no
Ken: please!!!
Mitsuki: *sigh in defeat* okay
Ken: YAY! *hug Mitsuki*
Mitsuki: *blush* HEY WHO SAID YOU CAN HUG ME!!
Ken: I just want to!!
Mitsuki: So… when did you want to confess to Nana?
Ken: Don’t know… HELP MEEEEE????
Mitsuki: You’re an idiot! *sigh* I will see….
Ken: yay!!!
Mitsuki: *thinks* My… I have to move on now!

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gosh!!!Ken get a clue~~~!!!!lol hopes he starts to like Mitsuki soon~~I know its too fast but I like when the guy gets jeleouse asspecially with that knew charecter ^_- (Rei)
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lol Ken can be stupid no? haha
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