Which F4 Boy is meant for you?
Posted 5/27/09 , edited 5/27/09
What's the sweetest thing a guy can do for you?
A. Surprise you with an all expenses paid trip to a private island
B. Bake pancakes for you and wipes away your tears when you're sad
C.Dinner at a resto, then being saved from dangerous alley thugs
D.Club hopping and your date gets on the stage and plays/dedicates a song for you

2.Which best describes you?
A.The cool chick, confident and classy
B.The silent, brooding type
C.The uber - artistic gal
D.Popular, vain and utterly self absorbed

3.Pick the color of your ride
B.Sleek Black
C.White, Black topdown
D.Bright Orange with black accents

4.Where would you rather go?
A.Ice skating, and a picnic by the beach!
B.Anyplace where we can sing or dance. Karaoke?
C.An expensive resto, club hopping after
D.Just around town, visiting temples, helping out at a clinic

5.Pick a gift, any gift
A.One of a kind engraved necklace
B.Warm Coffee and comforting hugs
C.Pancakes and a ride home
D.A Handmade artpiece

6.To get your attention
A.He hires goons to pretend to attack you so he can save you
B.He shows up at your house unannounced to do chores for your family.
C.He knows exactly when to show up and will do anything for you in a heartbeat
D.He forgets his first love and confesses he found his soulmate in you

7.What matters most?
A.My future and the love of my life
B.My music and the people i care for
C.The ladies and my craft
D.My friends and my family

How to know which F4 boy is for you:

1) Quote This Post
2) Write Your answers
3) I will tell you who. ;)
4) HAVE FUN!!!!! :D
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