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Why I Hate the New Star Trek Movie
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27 / M / The City!
Posted 5/27/09
Ok so I just watched the new Star Trek, and I Hated it!

Most people seem to like it a lot, to each's own, but here's my top 5 reasons why it was not a good movie, in my opinion.

Please tell me what you think!

1. Evil guy travels back in time, then decides to wait 25 years (not doing anything in the meantime)
Ok, like wtf, wait 25 years? Why not go back home to Romulus, give his future tech to his home planet?
Or what about go pwn3d rest of Universe with uber ship?

(let me wait 25 years doing nothing before taking my revenge)

2. Kirk gets technology to teleport pretty much anywhere from Future Spock, wastes it by not teleporting anywhere
Theres some things I would do with the ability to teleport anywhere: teleport a bomb on enemy ship, teleport my friends out of enemy ship, teleport enemy crew into the sun, teleport myself into girls locker room.. okay maybe not the second one =D

(we can now teleport anywhere... lets not be creative with it!)

3. one drop of red matter destroys planets, a bucket of red matter destroys nothing?
Apparently having more explosives does not mean bigger explosion

4. Oh Hai I can fly faster than light but I'm still fighting with a sword
I'm amazed people didn't fight with clubs and rocks

(i haz mastered space travel but the most effective way to fight is by stabbing you with a blunt metal object)

5. Promoted to 2nd in command of most power ship in Earth's history after graduating from Star Fleet Academy in one day?
Seems kinda irresponsible... don't you think?

(i need someone to be captain... i'll hire the first person i see.... hey you Kirk you are promoted)
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24 / M / Australia
Posted 5/27/09 , edited 5/27/09
1 = Wasn't he waiting for spock (how do u spell it? lol) although he could have spent those years looking for him instead of waiting lol.

2 = well with teleporting the captain off the ship. Maybe the bad guys made it so he couldn't be tracked? maybe they need something inside of them to be activated or near someone else that has it to teleport them? (btw i have no idea if it is true or not. just stating a theory)

3 = didn't red matter just start a black hole? so wouldn't more start a black hole just like what a small amount would? maybe it might start a bigger one lol. i didn't think the red matter itself actually exploded.

4 = Cutting ropes connecting parachute. Gun blast blast blast blast blast blast. oh all the ropes are cut now. took 15 seconds. he also wasn't in a position to see the rope to aim a gun properly.
Sword. swing. bunch of ropes cut. done. without looking.

5 = Last one is true. irresponsible.
But he has to be captain sooner or later :P

me and my friends watched this twice on the last couple of weekends at the movies lol

I don't know eveything about star trek (hardly any really. only watched the first 2 seasons of next generation). I was just stating what i thought MIGHT be the case.
Posted 5/27/09
Well I didn't like it that much either.
I fucking hated Kirk.
Needz moar William Shatner btw.
Posted 5/27/09
i kind of felt like throwing up after watching it. :P
it was worse then the banned pokemon episode. D:
i could have gotten a seizure.
but i thought the movie was okay. (:
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29 / F / Austin, Texas
Posted 6/6/09
I haven't seen it, and I never wanted to either.
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24 / F / demon world/spiri...
Posted 6/10/09
coz i don't like it..
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Posted 6/14/09
Can't change it now -_- so stop you ranting about how this movie sucks and lets see you try....
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23 / F
Posted 6/14/09
1: you dont know if he wasnt doing anything in those 25 years! he could have playing poker with his buddies or blowing up other stuff! see we dont know! and it would have been a waste of film and money if they were to show what he did in those 25 years!!!
2: what??? your mad because they were doing there job and not being pervy (teleporting themselves into the girls locker room)??????
they have a job to do and they're doing that! besides this is a sci-fi adventure movies not a c grade college comedy!!
3: and what are you talking about they obviously kept the bigger red matter some where were it was contained so it would react and create a black hole!!1
4: he said that he was trained in FENCING!!!! so wouldnt make more sense if he fought with a sword and not a gun!!!
5: its because of who his father was and how much he knew after only just graduating!

in my opinion these are stupid reasons to hate a movie and i agree with Shohee!
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31 / F / sand and rock fal...
Posted 6/14/09
I think its a very funny and action-filled movie for a non-Star Trek fan.
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28 / F / Pittsburgh
Posted 7/2/09
I liked it and the boy I was with liked it even more, but I have to agree with Dookie, es[ecially # 5, seems very unbelievable
Posted 7/5/09
Well, I actually liked Star Trek (:
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39 / M
Posted 7/8/09
I agree with Powshii, and we have guns today and some of us still fight with swards for fun, and if it is fun you can use it to protect your self. I also except this movie because it is an alternate chain of events. Witch could give us other alternate movies inspired by the original TV show.
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23 / F
Posted 7/10/09
if you watch it im sure yous like it! depending on your pref anyway!
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Posted 7/14/09
Chris Pine is totally hot.
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32 / M
Posted 7/17/09 , edited 7/17/09
It was a good movie! I am not a very big fan of sci-fi but I still liked this one :)

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